Subjects that do not Make Sense (old)

Please see Course on Subject Clearing

Self-Learning speeds up as one clears up the subjects that do not make sense to the person. These are the subjects that the person struggled with and then gave up. He still has many confusions and unanswered questions in those subjects. These confusions and questions are buried deep in his mind and they influence him in ways that he is not aware of. They are part of his mental tumor, and the earlier is a subject the more central position it has in the tumor. Tremendous gains come about when these subjects are finally cleared up.

Your first step is to make a list of all the subjects that you struggled with. Usually, these are the subjects that you encountered in school, such as, language, grammar and mathematics, but there are practical subjects also, such as, money, adulthood, and life itself, in which your questions were rebuffed and you were left wondering. In addition, there could be subjects of health, illness, depression, etc., that concerned you when you were growing up.

The list of subjects does not have to be exhaustive. Just make sure the main subjects are there. You can always add more subjects to this list at any time.


Clearing up the Titles

The purpose of this step is to get you an overview of the subjects you had trouble with. The title of a subject usually gives you a clue to what that subject is about; so, you may clear a subject title by looking up its origin or etymology. You just want to get a broad sense of the subject in order to have an idea of its purpose.

For example, you may clear the subject title MATHEMATICS by searching the origin or etymology of this word on Internet. We get the following results:

From Wikipedia: The word mathematics comes from Ancient Greek máthēma (μάθημα), meaning “that which is learnt,” “what one gets to know,” hence also “study” and “science”. 

From Webster dictionary 1828: MATHEMAT’ICSnoun [Latin mathematica, from Gr. to learn.] 

If you meditate on this etymology a bit, you may find that the purpose of mathematics is to learn systematically.

You clear up all the subject titles on the list. This will familiarize you with what each subject is basically about. Now arrange these subjects in a list from earliest to latest. This will provide you with the order in which to clear these subjects fully until you have no attention fixed on them. 



Subject Clearing is done starting with the earliest subject that you had difficulty with in your life and then coming up to the present. But if your attention is fixed on a later subject then that should be taken up first. As you start clearing up a later subject, it will eventually lead you to the earliest subject that you had difficulty with.

As you fully clear up a subject your attention is no longer fixed on it, and you can make better sense out of it. You are now able to evaluate its actual importance in your life.


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