Project: Hubbard 1954: The Phoenix Lectures

This paper presents Glossary from the book THE PHOENIX LECTURES by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book by The Church of Scientology (1954).



ACCEPTANCE LEVEL: The degree of a person’s actual willingness to accept people or things, monitored and determined by his consideration of the state or condition that those people or things must be in for him to be able to do so.

ANATEN: An abbreviation of “analytical attenuation”, meaning a diminution or weakening of the analytical awareness of an individual for a brief or extensive period of time. If sufficiently great, it can result in unconsciousness. It stems from the restimulation of an engram, which contains pain and unconsciousness.

A-R-C, PRINCIPLE OF: The “A-R-C triangle” is Affinity, Reality and Communication. The basic principle here is that as one raises or lowers any of the three corners of this triangle, the others are raised or lowered, and that the key entrance point to these is Communication. Understanding is composed of A-R-C.

AUDITING: The application of Scientology processes and procedures to someone by a trained auditor. The exact definition of auditing is: The action of asking a preclear a question (which he can understand and answer), getting an answer to that question and acknowledging him for that answer.

AUDITOR: Trained Scientologist. Means “one who listens” and is a person who applies Scientology auditing technology to individuals for their betterment.

THE AUDITOR’S HANDBOOK: This was the manual current at the time of the Phoenix Lectures which contained the Axioms and the Route One and Route Two processes of Intensive Procedure. It forms the basis of and is wholly included in The Creation of Human Ability by L. Ron Hubbard, with a great deal of additional material. The Creation of Human Ability is a major text and is available from all Hubbard Scientology Organization bookstores. See book list and organization address list in back of this book.

BANK: A colloquial name for the Reactive Mind.

BETWEEN-LIVES AREA: The experiences of a thetan during the period of time between the loss of a body and assumption of another. Given in A History of Man by L. Ron Hubbard (see book list).

“BLACK V”: A heavily occluded case characterized by mental pictures consisting of masses of blackness. This is a “Step V” in early procedures much as Standard Operating Procedure 8.

CHART OF ATTITUDES: A chart on which in 1951 L. Ron Hubbard plotted with the numerical values of the Emotional Tone Scale the gradient of attitudes that fall between the highest and lowest states of consideration about life. Example: top — CAUSE: bottom — FULL EFFECT. CIRCUIT: A part of an individual’s bank that behaves as though it were someone or something separate from him and either dictates or takes over his actions. Circuits are the result of engramic commands.

COMMUNICATION FORMULA: Communication is the interchange of ideas or objects between two people or terminals. The Formula of Communication and its precise definition is: Cause, Distance, Effect with Intention and Attention and a duplication at Effect of what emanates from Cause. (The ability to communicate is the key to success in life; therefore, this definition should be studied thoroughly and understood. Read Dianetics 55! by L. Ron Hubbard for a full practical treatise of communication. See Scientology Book List following.)

COMM LAG, AND “COMM LAG IS FLAT”: Comm Lag is Communication Lag: The time it takes for a preclear to give an answer to the exact auditing question or to carry out the exact auditing command. “Flat Comm Lag” is the point at which the auditing question or command is no longer producing change of communication lag.

CYCLE OF ACTION: The creation, growth, conservation, decay and death or destruction of energy and matter in a space. Cycles of Action produce time.

DIANETICS: Means through thought, or mind. Dianetics is Man’s most advanced school of the mind and is that branch of Scientology which treats of mental anatomy.

DIANETIC RELEASE: One who in Dianetic auditing has attained good case gains and stability and can enjoy life. Such a person is “keyed-out” or in other words released from the stimulus-response mechanisms of the reactive mind.

DRAMATIZATION: Thinking or acting in a manner that is dictated by masses or significances contained in the Reactive Mind. When dramatizing, the individual is like an actor playing his dictated part and going through a whole series of irrational actions.

DYNAMIC: The urge, thrust and purpose of life — SURVIVE! — in its eight manifestations.

THE FIRST DYNAMIC is the urge toward survival of self.

THE SECOND DYNAMIC is the urge toward survival through sex, or children. This dynamic actually has two divisions. Second Dynamic (a) is the sexual act itself and Second Dynamic (b) is the family unit, including the rearing of children.

THE THIRD DYNAMIC is the urge toward survival through a group of individuals or as a group. Any group or part of an entire class could be considered to be a part of the Third Dynamic. The school, the club, the team, the town, the nation are examples of groups.

THE FOURTH DYNAMIC is the urge toward survival through all mankind as all mankind.

THE FIFTH DYNAMIC is the urge toward survival through life forms such as animals, birds, insects, fish and vegetation, and is the urge to survive as these.

THE SIXTH DYNAMIC is the urge toward survival as the physical universe and has as its components Matter, Energy, Space and Time, from which we derive the word MEST.

THE SEVENTH DYNAMIC is the urge toward survival through spirits or as a spirit. Anything spiritual, with or without identity, would come under the Seventh Dynamic. A sub- heading of this Dynamic is ideas and concepts such as beauty, and the desire to survive through these.

THE EIGHTH DYNAMIC is the urge toward survival through a Supreme Being, or more exactly, Infinity. This is called the Eighth Dynamic because the symbol of Infinity stood upright makes the numeral “8”.

8D: Standard Operating Procedure 8D (1954). Primarily for heavy cases, the goal of this procedure was “to bring the preclear to tolerate any viewpoint”. See The Creation of Human Ability by L. Ron Hubbard.


ENGRAM: A mental image picture of an experience containing pain, unconsciousness, and a real or fancied threat to survival; it is a recording in the reactive mind of something which actually happened to an individual in the past and which contained pain and unconsciousness, both of which are recorded in the mental image picture called an engram.

ENGRAM BANK: A colloquial name for the reactive mind. That portion of a person’s mind which works on a stimulus-response basis.

EXTERIORIZATION: The state of the thetan being outside his body. When this is done, the person achieves a certainty that he is himself and not his body.

FACSIMILE: A mental image picture.

FACSIMILE BANK: Mental image pictures; the contents of reactive mind; colloquially, “bank”.

FEAR MERCHANTS: The aberrative personality. This was an early description of what is known as a Suppressive Person, or the Anti-Social Personality.

FILE CLERK: Dianetic auditor’s slang for the mechanism of the mind which acts as a data monitor. Auditors could get instant or “flash” answers direct from the “file clerk” to aid in contacting incidents.

G.E. (GENETIC ENTITY): A composite of all the cellular experience recorded along the genetic line of the organism to the present body. It has the manifestation of a single identity. It is not the theta being or “I”.

“GLEE OF INSANITY”: Also called the “glee of irresponsibility”. Manifestation which takes the form of an actual wave emanation resulting basically from an individual dramatizing the condition of “Must Reach — Can’t Reach, Must Withdraw — Can’t Withdraw”.

GRAND TOUR: The process R1-9 in The Creation of Human Ability by L. Ron Hubbard.

GROUP AUDITOR’S HANDBOOK: This was a 1954 compilation of group auditing sessions resulting from the Advanced Clinical Courses of that year.

INTENSIVE PROCEDURE: The Standard Operating Procedure, 1954, given in THE CREATION OF HUMAN ABILITY by L. Ron Hubbard.

KEY IN (verb): An earlier moment of upset or painful experience is activated, restimulated, by the similarity of a later situation, action or environment to the earlier one.

KEY-OUT: Release or separation from one’s reactive mind or some portion of it.

KNOW-TO-MYSTERY SCALE: The scale of Affinity from KNOWINGNESS down through LOOKINGNESS, EMOTINGNESS, EFFORTINGNESS, THINKINGNESS, SYMBOLIZINGNESS, EATINGNESS, SEXINGNESS, and so through to not- Knowingness — MYSTERY. The KNOW-TO-SEX SCALE was the earlier version of this scale.

LOCK, SECONDARY, ENGRAM: A lock is a mental image picture of a non-painful but disturbing experience the person has experienced, and which depends for its force on an earlier secondary and engram which the experience has restimulated. A secondary is a mental image picture containing misemotion — encysted grief, anger, apathy, etc., and a real or imagined loss. These contain no physical pain — they are moments of shock and stress depending for their force on earlier engrams which have been restimulated by the circumstances of the secondary. An engram is a mental image picture of an experience containing pain, unconsciousness, and a real or fancied threat to survival.

MEST UNIVERSE: The physical universe, from the initial letters of matter, energy, space, time.

MOCK-UP: A mental model, construction or picture created by a thetan. A mock-up is distinct from a facsimile in that it is created volitionally, does not necessarily copy any previous experience, and is under the control of the thetan. “1.5”: Numerical equivalent on the CHART OF HUMAN EVALUATION for the person who is in Overt Hostility. Anger is his standard state. He is capable of taking destructive action and is characteristically trying to stop things.

OVERT ACT: A harmful or contra-survival action against one or more dynamics.

OVERT ACT-MOTIVATOR SEQUENCE: Overt-motivator sequence: The sequence wherein someone who has committed an overt has to claim the existence of “motivators”. The motivators are then likely to be used to justify committing further overt acts.

PRECLEAR: A person who through Scientology processing is finding out more about himself and life.

PROCEDURE 30: The special auditing procedure of which Opening Procedure by Duplication (R2-17 Creation of Human Ability is the first step.

PROCESS: A set of questions asked by an auditor to help a person find out things about himself or life. More fully, a process is a patterned action, done by the auditor and preclear under the auditor’s direction, which is invariable and unchanging, composed of certain steps or actions calculated to release or free a thetan. There are many processes, and these are aligned with the levels taught to students and with grades as applied to preclears, all of which lead the student or the preclear gradiently to higher understanding and awareness. Any single process is run only so long as it produces change and no longer.

PROCESSING: That action or actions of an auditor, governed by the technical disciplines and codes of Scientology, of administering a process to a preclear in order to release or free him.

“PROCESS IS FLAT”: A process is continued as long as it produces change and no longer, at which time the process is “flat”.

Q AND A: From “Question and Answer”. This term originally referred to the fact that the answer to the question is the question. Q and A has been used as the term for “changing when the preclear changes”, and refers in Chapter Twenty-four to the preclear duplicating the beingness of the auditor.

REACTIVE MIND: That portion of a person’s mind which works on a stimulus-response basis, is not under his volitional control and exerts force and the power of command over his awareness, purposes, thoughts, body and actions.

REPEATER TECHNIQUE: This refers to the Dianetic technique using repetition by the preclear of a word or phrase in order to produce movement on the time track into an engram containing that word or phrase.

RIDGES: Solid accumulations of old, inactive mental energy suspended in space and time.

R2-40: Route Two, Process Number 40, Conceive A Static. See THE CREATION OF HUMAN ABILITY by L. Ron Hubbard.

SOMATICS: Perceptions, stemming from the Reactive Bank, of past physical pain or discomfort, restimulated in present time.

SONIC: The ability to recall a sound so that one can hear it again as he originally heard it — in full tone and volume.

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure.

STRAIGHT WIRE: Direct memory processes, or a class of processes found in both Dianetic and Scientology auditing procedures.

THETA CLEAR: An individual who, as a being, is certain of his identity apart from that of the body, and who habitually operates the body from outside, or exteriorized.

THETAN: From Theta, the Static. Word taken from Greek letter (-), theta, traditional symbol for thought or spirit. The thetan is the individual himself — not body, mind or anything else; that which is aware of being aware; the identity that IS the individual.

TONE SCALE: A scale measuring and relating the various factors of behavior, emotion and thought to levcls on the scale. (The book, Science of Survival, by L. Ron Hubbard contains a full description of the tone scale and its applications in life.)

VALENCE: The assumption by an individual of a beingness other than his own.

VISIO: The ability to see in facsimile form something one has seen earlier so that one sees it again in the same color, dimension scale, brightness and detail as it was originally viewed.


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