Christianity Today

The following is my view on the Christianity of today.

Christianity is a wonderful religion only when it is practiced correctly.

Christianity of Dark Ages was a perversion. It was not real Christianity. Specious arguments were made that it was Christianity, but it was evil under the cloak of “Christianity”. Christianity is not just some mental system. It needs to be practiced in the real world.

It is called Christianity because a Christian is supposed to follow the example of Christ without hesitation.

If he is not following the example of Christ, then he has not really accepted Christ in his heart. He is still as sinful as he was before.

The heart of Christianity is expressed, as closely as Christ would have said it himself, in the Sermon on the Mount. If there is disagreement with it elsewhere in the Bible, then it is an inconsistency that needs to be sorted out.

Those who are trying to force Christianity on others should be judged in their understanding of Christianity by their actual behavior. Those who cannot practice Christianity have no right to preach it to others.

Again, I see true Christianity as a practical religion expressed in one’s practice of it, and not as a mental religion based on quotations from the Bible.

There is no need to deflect what I have said above by talking about other religions. I hold other religions also to the same high standard.


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