Scientology Processes (Part 1)

PROJECT: Research into Scientology Processes

REFERENCE: Unedited original edition of the book SELF ANALYSIS by L. Ron Hubbard.

The processes in Scientology have a lot of do’s and don’ts attached to them. Such instructions are necessary for the trained specialist, who is applying the process to a client, he is not intimately familiar with. But when you are applying the process to yourself, the problem of intimate familiarity is resolved. You can easily figure out if a process is suitable or not, and if it should be continued or not at any point during the session. So, a lot of these complex Scientology instructions can be set aside. All you need to follow is the much simpler discipline of mindfulness. See A Scientific Approach to Meditation, Section II.

An E-meter is used in Scientology to confirm the reaction to a command or to significances during a session. When running the process on yourself, you can recognize such reaction in your mind after some practice. When you are using the mindfulness approach, you can easily do without the E-meter.

As an example, run through the following list using the discipline of mindfulness. Simply read an item from this list and meditate on it briefly. Do not interfere with the mind. Do not make any conscious effort to recall. Let the mind carry out its functions in the most natural fashion.

You will know very soon if there is a reaction to that item, or not, in the mind. A memory of that type will come up almost instantly if it is there and easily accessible. In this process you are interested only in easily accessible memories. If no memory comes up on an item, move to the next item. You may go over this list more than one time and find new reactions.

Go ahead and start on this process.  If a memory is triggered, acknowledge that fact to yourself. You might find this process to be a lot of fun.

Stay relaxed, and keep the effort to a minimum.



General Incidents

[Read an item and meditate on it briefly. Acknowledge any visualization, or memory that comes up…]

1. You were happy.

2. You had just finished constructing something.

3. Life was cheerful.

4. Somebody had given you something.

5. You ate something good.

6. You had a friend.

7. You felt energetic.

8. Somebody was waiting for you.

9. You drove fast.

10. You saw something you liked.

11. You acquired something good.

12. You threw away something bad.

13. You kissed somebody you liked.

14. You laughed at a joke.

15. You received money.

16. You felt young.

17. You liked life.

18. You played a game.

19. You bested something dangerous.

20. You acquired an animal.

21. Somebody thought you were important.

22. You enjoyed a good loaf.

23. You chased something bad.

24. You were enthusiastic.

25. You enjoyed life.

26. You went fast.

27. You owned something.

28. You felt strong.

29. Somebody departed.

30. Somebody helped you.

31. You gathered something good.

32. You measured something.

33. You took a pleasant journey.

34. You turned on a light.

35. You heard some good music.

36. You controlled something.

37. You destroyed something.

38. You mastered something.

39. You were lucky.

40. You felt peaceful.

41. You saw a pretty scene.

42. You poured something good.

43. You acquired something that was scarce.

44. You made an enemy scream.

45. You had a pleasant seat.

46. You handled something well. (actual physical handling)

47. You moved something.

48. You watched something fast.

49. You were together with friends.

50. You occupied a good space.

51. Somebody loved you.

 52. You enjoyed somebody.

53. You invented something.

54. You harnessed some energy.

55. You killed a bug.

56. You pocketed something.

57. You made progress.

58. You walked.

59. You saved something.

60. You stopped a machine.

61. You started a machine.

62. You had a good sleep.

63.​You stopped a thief.

64. You stood under something.

65. You started a fire.

66. You went upstairs.

67. You were warm.

68. You went riding.

69. You were adroit.

70. You swam.

71. You stood your ground.

72. You lived well.

73. You were respected.

74. You won a race.

75. You ate well.


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