SCN 8-8008: Sacrifices

This paper presents Section 59 from the book SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008 by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book by The Church of Scientology (1952).

The paragraphs of the original material (in black) are accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.  Feedback on these comments is appreciated.

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The latest news from the research front has to do with the fact that the GE demands and requires and has to have, evidently, sacrifices. The GE does not run on an overt act-motivator sequence, which makes one suspect he is not a thetan. A GE runs exclusively on being sacrificed to. If you have the preclear mockup sacrifices to the GE, you will find these become very readily assimilated.

The Genetic entity is the system of considerations that run the body. It complements the thetan. These considerations require sacrifice. In other words, GE requires deep convictions.

On a lower level the body accepts motivators; as soon as it is through this motivator band, it accepts sacrifices and finally comes up to a point where it will accept live bodies. When one considers that eating is entirely a matter of absorbing death, one sees this death hunger in processing by running Sacrifices. A person who has had bad legs should have a sacrifice of legs run on him and so forth.

Demand for sacrifice means demand for having total conviction that makes some condition appear okay.

This is astonishing material. It is almost unbelievable that the GE will not be sacrificed to anything, but will only be sacrificed to, and this phenomenon that the GE is thereby demanding death tells us at once that the Atomic Bomb will be used and that there are people in the world who will actually crave this sacrifice of cities and even nations.

The GE is a programming that has no awareness. Demand for sacrifice a demand for complete acceptance of the programmed pattern.

Aside from being a fantastically workable process, more of which anon, this matter of sacrifices tells us at once a great deal about the future. There will be no moral restraint where the Atomic Bomb is concerned. For about the highest level in some areas of the world is, to case, “operating GE.” This tells us, too, why soldiers will go to war. This explains a great deal of conduct. The GE evidently operates on the postulate that as long as anything else is alive it can’t live. However, it is becoming more and more doubtful that there is any more life in the body than the thetan puts there, and that the body is a single machine operating on some implanted postulate contained in the energy masses which are activated by the thetan somewhat on the order of the old “pole” theta trap.

According to Hubbard, “The GE evidently operates on the postulate that as long as anything else is alive it can’t live.” Actually GE is more solidified considerations in the mental matrix that imposes agreement with itself.

Many of these considerations can be changed around rather easily. Nothing changes them quite so fast as these sacrifice processes. In mocking up sacrifices the auditor should use all the skills of creative processing and ensure that the preclear is actually mocking up and is not dragging in old facsimiles from the bank and restimulating genetic line incidents. This can be obviated by having the persons in the mockups dressed in modern clothing; mocking up the incident as happening tomorrow; altering the mockup in some manner, such as turning the face green or something of this nature. Any reasonable way in which you can ensure that you are dealing with mockups and not past track facsimiles.

This gives auditors another tool with which to handle chronic somatics.

In sacrifice processes, one mocks up agreement with the GE programming on a gradient using creative processing. One sacrifices body parts that are having trouble.

There is another process which has a great deal of workability with chronic somatics. I know that some months ago and earlier than that it seemed rather fatal to us to continue to fixate the preclear’s attention on the chronic somatic. But that is not a problem with us right now. It ceased to be a problem the moment I invented an auditing command exactly as follows: “Invent a problem that (leg, arm, nose, eye, body) could be to you.” Running this command, which is in itself a sort of remedy of havingness, and repairing and remedying the havingness of the preclear as we go, we will discover that practically any and all phenomena associated with the service facsimile will come away and clear up and the limb, nose or eye will get well.

A helpful auditing command is, “Invent a problem that (leg, arm, nose, eye, body) could be to you.”

This can be used as a word of warning: ONLY ON ACTUAL TERMINALS. Never use this command, and I mean NEVER, on actual conditions. Never ask him to invent problems lameness could be to him. Never ask him what problem blindness could be to him. Lameness and blindness are conditions. We want to know what problems legs or eyes can be to him, since legs and eyes are terminals. In running this command, we reduce havingness too rapidly whenever we are stressing conditions. Therefore, we run it only on terminals. In running it use only terminals. Handled in this way we do have the answer as of this moment, to chronic somatics. With these processes in SLP and the adequate repair and remedy of havingness we can push our preclears right up through the top.

In this command one uses terminals, such as, leg and eye. One does not use conditions, such as, lameness and blindness.

Key words: Sacrifice, GE (genetic entity), postulate, terminals, conditions.



Body parts with somatics needs to be sacrificed to the GE before they get better. One invents problems these body parts can be.


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