SCN 8-8008: Universes

This paper presents Section 12 from the book SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008 by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book by The Church of Scientology (1952).

The paragraphs of the original material (in black) are accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.  Feedback on these comments is appreciated.

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A universe is defined as a “whole system of created things.” There could be, and are, many universes, and there could be many kinds of universes: we are for our purposes here interested in two particular universes. The first of these is the Mest universe that agreed upon reality of matter, energy, space and time which we use as anchor points and through which we communicate. The other is our personal universe which is no less a matter of energy and space.

These two universes are entirely distinct and it could be said that the principal confusion and aberration of the individual stems from his having confused one for the other. Where these two universes have crossed, in the mind of the individual, we find a confusion of control and ownership for the reason that the two universes do not behave alike.

Whereas each one of these universes was apparently founded on the same modus operandi as any other universe, which is to say, the creation of space by putting out anchor points, the formation of forms by combinations of dimension points, the Mest universe and one’s own universe do not behave similarly for him.

In my opinion a universe is “the whole system of inter-connected things”. All that we observe can be expressed as a single inter-connected universe. We observe “change” and not “creation”. The classification of “MEST” and “personal” universes is a subjective consideration of Hubbard. No such division of the universe exists objectively. The concepts of “observed” and the “observer” are not separate and independent either.

The universe may be broken down into dimension and anchor points. Things are made up by the combining of dimension points. The laws underlying the combining of dimension points are provided by anchor points.

A clear understanding of these anchor points produces the objective viewpoint. When this understanding is substituted by assumptions, opinions and speculations, we have subjective viewpoints. The “observer” dimension of the universe spans from objectivity to subjectivity.

One’s own universe is amenable to instantaneous creation and destruction, by himself and without argument. He can create space and bring it into a “permanent status.” He can create and combine forms in that space and cause those forms to go into motion and he can make that motion continuously automatic or he can regulate it sporadically or he can regulate it totally, and all by postulate. One’s envisionment of one’s own universe is intensely clear. The reality of one’s own universe is sharper and brighter, if anything, than his reality on the Mest universe. We call one’s attitude towards his own universe “actuality,” and his attitude towards the Mest universe, since it is based upon agreement, “reality.”

Hubbard’s personal universe is made of subjective viewpoints. It is purely imaginary. It is in conflict with the logic of the MEST universe. Hubbard calls personal universe “actuality”, and the MEST universe, “reality”.

Unless an individual is at a very high operating level, he conceives it necessary to use physical force and to apply MEST universe forces to MEST universe forces in order to get action, motion and new forms. His activity in the MEST universe is an activity of handling energy and his ability to exist in the Mest universe is conditional upon his ability to use force. The MEST universe is essentially a force universe, a fact which is, incidentally, antipathetic to most thetans. One’s ability to handle the MEST universe is conditional upon his not abdicating from his right to use force, right to give orders, his right to punish, his right to administer personal justice, and so forth. We are presented in the MEST universe with a crude and brutal scene wherein gigantic forces are in pressure against gigantic forces and where the end of all seems but destruction. Paradoxically, in the MEST universe, destruction of form only is possible, since by the law of the conservation of energy, the destruction of actual material objects is impossible, only conversion being attainable.

A person and the surrounding MEST are not two separate universes. Both are manifestations of the same universe. The physical force of MEST has a parallel in spiritual desire of the person. The desire motivates force to bring about action, motion and new forms. There are gigantic desires and forces against gigantic desires and forces. That is the way it is in the pursuit of evolution.

In the MEST universe ethics seem to be a liability, honesty is all but impossible save when armed with force of vast magnitude. Only the strong can afford to be ethical, and yet the use of strength begets but the use of strength. In the MEST universe we are confronted with paradoxes upon paradoxes where behaviour is concerned, for behaviour in the MEST universe is regulated by stimulus-response and not by analytical thought or reason. The MEST universe demands of us complete and utter obedience and agreement on the penalty of extermination, yet when one has agreed entirely with the MEST universe he finds himself unable to perceive it with clarity.

In one’s own universe, on the other hand, honesty, ethics, happiness, good behaviour, justice, all become possible.

Hubbard derides the MEST universe as being crude, brutal and destructive, but MEST is manifested according to its physical laws. It simply reflects some inner tension, which operates according to its spiritual laws. That inner tension evolves into personal desire. Ultimately, the personal desire directs the forces toward evolution of fine life forms.

The harmony or disharmony of forces simply reflects the harmony and disharmony of the inner tension and desire. Forces in nature are neither good nor evil. The universe operates on precise physical and spiritual laws. Hubbard is making the MEST universe a scapegoat for his lack of knowledge of the spiritual laws.

It is one of the operations of the MEST universe that it is a jealous universe and those who are thoroughly imbued with the principles of the MEST universe have even as their best efforts the goal of eradicating one’s own universe. A control operation begins early in the life of almost every man, whereby his imagination is condemned. His own universe is not imaginary, but it may be said to be so and if his imagination is condemned, then he loses his ability to garnish the hardness and brutality of the MEST universe with hopes and dreams. When he loses this he becomes a slave of the MEST universe, and as a slave he perishes. His road to immortality lies, then, in another direction than in the complete subservient agreement with the MEST universe and the handling and conversion of its forces. This is a matter which has been subjected continuously to test and it is intensely surprising to people to discover that the rehabilitation of their creative ability, their own space, their own images, rehabilitates as well their ability to confront the MEST universe with a strong and ethical face.

An uncontrolled MEST universe means some uncontrolled inner tension and desire that is overwhelming one’s personal desires and efforts. This appears as one’s imagination is being condemned. But it is simply a lack of knowledge of the spiritual laws that need to be applied to control the overwhelming MEST forces. Hubbard was upset at this time about his Dianetics theory being criticized. The Dianetics theory was brilliant but it was not enough.

Creative processing, especially where it divorces all thought from thought of the MEST universe and follows out along a line of the rehabilitation of one’s own universe without attention to the MEST universe, is one level of processing which produces magnificent results and which is a standby in any case, no matter how difficult.

Creative processing (described later) helps a person examine how the mind thinks. It handles past suppression of the person’s thinking. It, therefore, restores the person’s ability to think, and improves his understanding of the spiritual laws.

On the other hand, the rehabilitation of the MEST universe itself, in the concept of the individual, accomplishes a very great deal in processing, and could be said to compare with the rehabilitation of one’s own universe; but the rehabilitation of one’s ability to perceive the MEST universe is dependent upon his ability to perceive present time and the rehabilitation of that ability. Dwelling upon the MEST universe past or its future is fruitless, thinking about the MEST universe, attempting to predict the MEST universe, planning to reorganize and handle the MEST universe; all defeat one’s ability to handle the MEST universe. When he simply begins to perceive the MEST universe in present time and to examine that which he sees, with the idea that he can be what he sees, he loses all fear of the MEST universe.

“A rehabilitation of the MEST universe in the concept of the individual” means better understanding of the physical laws. These laws are operating in the present moment. To understand these laws requires the ability to perceive the MEST universe in the present moment and examine it for what it is.

There is a differentiation process in one’s own universe, a differentiation process exclusively for the MEST universe and a differentiation process which pulls apart one’s own universe and the MEST universe.

There are physical perceptions entering the mind. There are also mental perceptions resulting from the assimilation of these physical perceptions. One must be able to recognize these different perceptions for what they are.

The first of these processes simply goes about reconstructing one’s own universe with no attention to the MEST universe. The second causes the individual to contact the MEST universe present time and to observe that present time continuously. The third differentiates between the MEST universe and one’s own universe and consists of “mocking-up” one’s own universe duplicate of every MEST universe object he can perceive, and then actually comparing these one against the other.

One needs to examine one’s desires, purposes and goals to have a better understanding of where one is coming from. This is what a philosopher does. One must also perceive the present moment continuously to examine how the laws of the MEST universe operate. This is what a scientist does. One must then examine the perception itself to see how one is duplicating the MEST objects. The last is what an artist does.

Creating space and mocking-up items in it is the rehabilitation of one’s own universe and is a primary process.

In this universe everything is connected. All reality is continuous, harmonious and consistent. The filters can be spotted by following discontinuities, disharmonies and inconsistencies. The whole idea is to remove the filters that are distorting one’s mental perception created out of physical perceptions. 

Differentiating between two similar objects in the MEST universe such as two books, two chairs, two spaces, with one’s MEST eyesight, accomplishes much in being able to face and handle the MEST universe.

The first step to handle mental perception is to differentiate between two similar physical perceptions, such as, two books, two chairs, and two spaces.

The mocking-up of MEST universe duplicates, which is to say constructing a universe parallel to the MEST universe, is the mechanism by which facsimiles (following) are made and this process brings under control the mechanisms which make facsimiles.

“The mocking-up of MEST universe duplicates” means closely examining the perceptions of a MEST universe object as artists do. This helps us understand how perceptions break down into perceptual elements inside the mental matrix. Later these perceptual elements are brought together to generate copies of past experiences in real time (facsimiles).

The original definition of Scientology 8-8008 was the attainment of infinity by the reduction of the apparent infinity and power of the MEST universe to a zero for himself, and the increase of the apparent zero of one’s own universe to an infinity for oneself. This is an ideal and theoretical process, it is not necessarily attainable in actuality or reality but it very well may be. It can be seen that infinity stood upright makes the number eight: thus, Scientology 8-8008 is not just another number, but serves to fix into the mind of the individual a route by which he can rehabilitate himself, his abilities, his ethics and his goals.

The whole idea of Scientology 8-8008 approach is to overcome overwhelm in life through better understanding and application of the spiritual and physical laws.



The universe is the whole system of inter-connected physical and spiritual elements like in a matrix. A person is an extension of the universe and is composed of physical and spiritual elements. These elements combine per physical and spiritual laws.

Objectivity lies in the clear understanding of these laws. As this understanding is replaced by assumptions, opinions and speculations, we have increasing subjectivity. The objectivity-subjectivity is the dimension of “observer” that exists in addition to the dimensions of the “observed”.

The reality of the universe consists of both “observed” and “observer” dimensions. The universe changes within these dimensions, according to the physical and spiritual laws, as motivated by the force of desire. There are gigantic desires and forces to be tamed and harmonized with the knowledge of physical and spiritual laws.

The physical perceptions assimilate to form mental perceptions. The accuracy of mental perception depends on the accuracy of physical perceptions. Therefore, observation, duplication and differentiation of perceptions become the keys.

The perceptions break down into perceptual elements that reside in the mental matrix of the person. These elements then recombine as needed to reproduce experiences that are required to resolve anomalies being encountered.


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