TR0 and Mindfulness

Mindfulness TR0

Reference: Exercises based on Scientology

TR0 is the very first exercise in Scientology. “TR” stands for training routine. “0” stands for a reference point on a scale. Thus, TR0 serves as the fundamental reference point for all other training in Scientology.

People get wonderful results on TR0, when they naturally apply the principles of mindfulness. The purpose of mindfulness is, “To be there with total attention so you can see things as they are.”

In the context of assisting another person, one should be able to see exactly what is going on with the other person. This requires that the person learn to be totally comfortable in the presence of another person. But before he can do that, he should learn to be comfortable with himself.

The first part of TR0 is OT TR0 as quoted below.



Here the student is not really confronting the other person because his eyes are closed. But he could be confronting his fear of being in the presence of another person. However, the student must also confront his other fears to be comfortable with himself.

Hence, the missing gradient in Scientology TR0 is that the student needs to learn to confront himself before he can learn to confront another person.


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  • vinaire  On October 24, 2018 at 8:12 PM

    Every person has skeletons hidden in their closet. These are the things (even when trivial) the person does not want others to find out about. Until the person cleans up this baggage he can never be comfortable with himself.

    He must be comfortable with himself before he can be comfortable with others.

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