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The mind is a matrix of perceptual nodes. It is structured such that it is continuous, harmonious and consistent throughout. The fundamental activity of the mind is free association. Mind is freely associating when we are observing without thinking consciously.

On top of free association is the layer of conscious thinking in the mind, where the mind is knowingly associating various relationships. Such conscious thinking is optimum when it is in line with the underlying free association.

The fundamental activity of the mind is free association.

As perceptions from the environment enter the mind they break down into patterns of perceptual elements. These elements associate freely with the nodes of the matrix and get assimilated into its orderly structure. Any chaotic pattern from the environment is converted into orderly patterns. This is the mechanics of natural logic at work.

The mind naturally converts chaos into order in conceptual form.

This assimilation either generates new relationships, or confirms existing relationships in a new unit of time. For example, when a person eats the same breakfast day after day then the pattern of that breakfast exists only once in the mind but it is indexed for different times.

A relatively small number of nodes in the mental matrix assimilate an incredibly large number of perceptions.

Based on the conceptualization of order, the mind sends impulses to the body. The impulses regulate the system in the body to keep it healthy. They also direct body’s actions to implement order in the environment.

The mind implements its concept of order into the environment by directing the body.

When the mind is unable to break the perceptions down into finer elements and assimilate them into its orderly matrix, it becomes infested with unassimilated nodes, and its impulses become crude reactions.

The mental logic suffers as the metal matrix becomes less refined due to unassimilated nodes.

The reactive impulses generated by the mind create havoc with systems making the body sick. They also manifest as dramatizations of rage and anger, insane behavior, wrong decisions and destructive ideas.

Reactive impulses from the mind generate psychosomatic illnesses and irrational conduct.

Given a proper approach the unassimilated nodes within the mental matrix may be refined making the mind function logically and resulting in a healthy body and rational conduct.

Any correction of the error shall then target unassimilated nodes in the mental matrix. Such method shall consist of.

  1. Recognition of free association as the fundamental activity of the mind.

  2. Bringing conscious thinking in line with free association.

  3. Resolving losses and painful experiences into finer elements as a priority.

  4. Resolving all misunderstandings into finer elements on a continuous basis.

Conscious thinking is out of line with free association, whenever there is avoidance, resistance, suppression and denial of thoughts, emotions, and sensations. So, just by recognizing this fact, and letting free association take thoughts to their conclusion, will go a long way in reducing stresses in the mind and make it function better.

Conscious thinking is brought in line with free association by not avoiding, resisting, suppressing or denying any thoughts, emotions, and sensations.

Unassimilated nodes of painful experiences, losses and misunderstandings, are resolved by carefully observing sensations, emotions and thoughts in the order that they come up naturally. They will appear dissociated with surrounding context. As one holds these sensations, emotions and thoughts closely in one’s mind, and lets the free association occur, the dissociations start to resolve and ultimately vanish.

It is to be noted that the pain, uncomfortable feelings and confusion may at first increase because attention is now being paid to them, but as one willingly experiences them; they start to resolve into finer elements and assimilate into the mental matrix.

Unassimilated nodes of painful experience, loss and misunderstanding resolve quickly when they are re-experienced willingly.

During this process, by all means, consult a dictionary, encyclopedia or Wikipedia to handle confusion. This applies especially to meaning of words, symbols and concepts.

It is important not to interfere with free association. One may get lost in thoughts, become oblivious and even doze off during this process but the free association continues. One does not interrupt these manifestations. One will wake up sooner or later feeling quite refreshed.


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  • NAM / Wonderlink  On January 25, 2017 at 3:07 AM

    Hi Vinay,Seems the link is broken….takes me to a “not found” page.Mindfulness is becoming more popular, and getting some good press.Your book should be “right on time!”/Nehru

    Mindfulness meditation lowers stress hormone and decreases inflammation in body, scientists find

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    Mindfulness meditation lowers stress hormone and decreases inflammation in … Mindfulness meditation, the practice of paying more attention to the present moment, helps lower stress hormones…


  • vinaire  On January 25, 2017 at 6:32 AM

    Hi Nehru, This essay is currently being rewritten. I am very aware that mindfulness is a hot topic these days.


  • vinaire  On January 25, 2017 at 9:55 PM

    This essay is rewritten and published under the title, “The Correction of Error”


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