The Theoretical Static


Reference: A Critique of Scientology Philosophy

From Scientology 8-8008, section THETA-MEST THEORY:

“One of the most valuable contributions of Scientology to knowledge is the definition of a true static… Formerly a static was defined only as a motionless object which definition is not adequate, since an object—or a state of rest for an object—is attained only by an equilibrium of forces and all objects have in themselves, if only on a molecular level, motion, and exist in space which is itself an integral portion of motion. Hence we see we are dealing with a higher level static.”

This is a very good observation. A deeper level of static shall be zero energy. According to Einstein, matter is condensed energy. Therefore, even when still, none of the objects are truly static as they contain motion at atomic level.

We observe matter converting back to electromagnetic energy in atomic or nuclear explosions. The electromagnetic energy is disturbance in space. This disturbance has a frequency spectrum. On this spectrum, the theoretical frequency of zero may be the true static. This shall denote undisturbed space. 

POSTULATE 5: The theoretical static is undisturbed space where space represents the overall scope of physical dimensions.

Space provides the extent in which we find the dimensions of energy and matter.


From Scientology 8-8008, section THETA-MEST THEORY:

“In Scientology, the static is represented by the mathematical symbol theta… Theta can be the property or beingness of any individual and is, for our purposes, considered to be individualistic for each individual… The capabilities of the static are not limited.”

Static is no motion but it is associated with unlimited potential in Scientology. This is inconsistent because true static shall be complete absense of energy whether it is kinetic or potential. It is not only a static in physical dimensions but also in spiritual dimensions.

Scientology Filter #3: It is an arbitrary assumption in Scientology that static condition in the spirtual dimenion is unlimited capabilities.

The overall scope of spiritual dimensions is represented by awareness. Therefore, the true static shall denote undisturbed awareness.

POSTULATE 6: The theoretical static is undisturbed awareness where awareness represents the overall scope of spiritual dimensions.

Awareness provides the scope in which we find the dimensions of consciousness and identity.

COROLLARY 7: The physical concept of space extends into metaphysics as the concept of awareness.


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