Universe: Spiritual to Physical


Reference: The Logical Structure of the Universe

As the state of static is reached at the end of a cycle, it is disturbed immediately with the start of the next cycle. The point that immediately follows static is very important to consider from the viewpoint of consistency.

This is the infinitesimal beginning of the change or the harmonic disturbance. It is the appearance of beingness that develops to answer the questions: where, when, who and what?

At the first instance of change, the wavelength of the disturbance is infinite, the period is really broad, and the frequency is practically zero. Here we have the formation of the background of what comes later.

Following the state of static there is instant appearance of spacetime everywhere.

This beginning spacetime has within it the potential of what is yet to come. As the change proceeds, the frequency increases, the wavelength lessens, and the period shrinks.

Since there is no other beingness, there is no separate observer either, and this spacetime is also imbibed with an all-pervading awareness.

The point immediately following the state of static is the birth of a conscious universe.

Therefore, this beingness has an external form of spacetime and an internal essence of awareness. This is referred to as the physical form and the spiritual essence.

Religion looks at the spiritual essence as something completely separate from the physical form in its concept of a soul and the body. It dreams up a spiritual universe that is a law unto itself and which creates the physical universe “in its image.”

Science looks at the spiritual essence as an integral part of the physical universe, and considers the spiritual essence to obey the laws of the physical universe.

Both religion and science use the physical universe as their reference point to define the spiritual essence in different ways.

But as a duality the physical and the spiritual elements must form extreme states of some continuously varying characteristic. This characteristic would be beingness, which would have an outer form and an inner essence at every point on the physical-spiritual scale. The outer form at a point shall act as the inner essence at the next point on that scale.

This universe is both physical and spiritual in nature, as the beginning spacetime is an outer expression of an inner awareness.

This fundamental beingness of the universe then develops from this point on.


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