Unified Field, Inertia, Observer and Consciousness


The following is my answer to the question asked on Quora.com:

If energy/mass and space/time are all observer-dependent ways of construing the unified field, what is the observer? Is consciousness a property of the unified field?



The theoretical ground state for this universe is inertia-less primordial field. It may be referred to as the unified field. This field, when disturbed, gives rise to the electromagnetic radiation that possesses inertia. The inertia of electromagnetic radiation then condenses into mass within an atom.



Inertia is primarily associated with mass. However, inertia is part of all phenomena. Motion is not infinite because motion is defined by inertia. There is a speed-limit to light because of inertia. The universe is kept together only because of inertia.

Inertia is analogous to friction. We can walk because there is friction. Similarly, a phenomenon exists because there is inertia. Inertia is ubiquitous just like motion. Inertia and motion are intimately related.

Energy may be looked upon as a form in which motion may be stored. Mass may be looked upon as a condensation of energy. We see inertia transitioning from wave-frequency to particle-mas within the atom.

Inertia may be plotted on a scale as described in INERTIA: A Summary

At the extreme left of this scale where inertia is approaching zero, we have the inertia-less unified field as “space.” At the extreme right of this scale, where inertia is approaching infinite, we have the extreme concentration of mass as “black hole.”



In the broadest sense there is no observer separate from what is being observed. Both observer and observed are part of reality. Ultimately, it is reality observing itself. Science is observing the universe from the viewpoint of the universe.

The net velocity of the universe relative to itself is zero. So, the velocity of a scientific observer relative to the universe is zero.



Motion and awareness seem to be aspects of each other. The properties of animated organisms and inanimate objects are an expression of the motion and awareness that they are composed of. The universe is imbued with motion, and thus, it is imbued with awareness.

These ideas are expanded upon in What is Awareness, Scientifically?

The investigation to bring consistency to various concepts continues.


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