The Guru Complex

Reference: Inconsistency in KHTK

When a person is moving through his life as if hypnotized, the entrance point to resolving his case is attention. Maybe his attention was free when he was a child, but now he adheres to irrational beliefs and strange rituals to get by in life. This is because he has a lot of unresolved inconsistencies stacked on top of each other.

He does not recognize the inconsistency that is so obvious to you because he has probably explained it to himself as life. Such earlier inconsistencies are somehow taken for granted by him because his attention is now on inconsistencies stacked on top of them.

The inconsistency available to be resolved in any case is the one where the person’s attention now rests.


An inconsistency becomes obvious to you only after you have resolved it for yourself. There may be other inconsistencies in you that you are not yet aware of. As you see in others those inconsistencies that you have resolved for yourself, you want others to resolve them too. But you do not know how inconsistencies are stacked up in the other person. He may need to resolve some other inconsistency first.

But if you feel compelled that the other person should be resolving some inconsistency that is so very obvious to you, then there is something wrong with your effort. You are trying to bypass the order in which inconsistencies are stacked up in his case. This compulsion points to some inconsistency in you that you are not aware of.

If a person feels compelled to rid another person of some aberration, with no regard to whether it is accessible, then it is an inconsistency.


The Guru complex refers to this compulsion to help a person. One tries to resolve the case of the other person in the same sequence that one resolved it for oneself. It ignores the fact that some other sequence may be more helpful to the other person.

You cannot assume that the other person needs to resolve the inconsistency that is obvious to you. All you can do is carefully observe his attention and assist him in resolving the inconsistency that he is struggling with. This may even help you resolve some inconsistency that you are not aware of. This is how Application of Mindful Discussion works.

This Guru Complex (compulsion to help randomly) may be resolved through Mindful Discussion.


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