ARC – Affinity, Reality and Communication


References: Affinity / Reality The Theistic Viewpoint of God

ARC stands for affinity, reality and communication.  ARC forms the core concepts in Scientology. These concepts sound so very simple, deep and meaningful that they attract a lot of people. However, there are hidden curves thrown into these concepts that trap people in the nightmare called the Church of Scientology.

People who believe in the pseudo-scientific definitions of affinity, reality and communication provided by Hubbard continue to be trapped in a mental quagmire even after leaving the Church of Scientology. It is not easy to get back to normal while still believing in Scientology concepts. One must thoroughly examine the concepts learned in Scientology to be free of the “Scientology trap.”

Hubbard defines affinity in terms of reaching. One reaches for something in order to have it close to one. Lack of affinity would be expressed in withdrawal. “Affinity is a phenomenon of space in that it expresses the willingness to occupy the same place as the thing which is loved or liked. The reverse of it would be antipathy (. . .) which would be the unwillingness to occupy the same space as or the unwillingness to approach something or someone.”

Reality is not looked at as “objective” by Hubbard. It is certainly observable, yet not necessarily objective. Each observer takes his own viewpoint… In any case, when we talk about reality, we talk about agreement. “Reality is the agreement upon perceptions and data in the physical universe. All we can be sure is real is that on which we have agreed is real. Agreement is the essence of reality.”

The definition of Communication that is hammered by Hubbard is as follows. “Communication is the consideration and action of impelling an impulse or particle from source-point across a distance to receipt-point, with the intention of bringing into being at the receipt-point a duplication and understanding of that which emanated from the source point”


There are human beings, but a being is not a point like “energy production source” as defined in Scientology, and which is the theistic viewpoint of God. There is beingness, and that beingness consists of the desire to know, awareness and filters.

The filters are composed of agreements that take the form of beliefs, biases, prejudices, fixed ideas, speculations, etc. They filter the reality the same way that colored glass filters light.

At the core of beingness is the desire to know. This desire triggers awareness. This awareness seems to flow like a current through the circuits of the mind. These circuits are composed of filters. The filters may be compared to the components in an electrical circuit that provide resistance to the flow of current.

Perception changes as awareness passes through the filters in the circuits of the mind. This perception may be tapped like “voltage” at any point in the circuit, and it would provide the “reality” at that point.

As “resistance” offered by filters in the circuit decreases, the “current” in terms of the flow of awareness increases. This increase in “current” may be viewed as increase in the capability to communicate.

The decrease in filters also reduces the alteration induced in perception. As a result the reality also improves.

The decrease in filters also removes the restrictions placed on awareness. The awareness becomes more inclusive and it encompasses a lot more. This may be looked upon as improvement in affinity.

It is only when the filters are reduced that affinity, reality and communication improve.

The ARC does not increase simply by increasing the “flow of communication,” as believed in Scientology. Increase in the flow of communication just gives you more of the same.


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  • vinaire  On May 21, 2014 at 9:23 PM

    Past, present and future puts the sequence of life there.

    Present is where the viewpoint is.


  • vinaire  On May 23, 2014 at 9:30 AM

    Scientology is an engine counstructed by Hubbard that takes affinities of people as the input and then outputs a reality favored by Hubbard.

    Buddhism is an ancient engine constructed by Buddha that takes inconsistencies in reality (filters) as the input and then outputs universal affinity.

    Take your pick.


    • Chris Thompson  On May 24, 2014 at 5:11 PM

      Again, nice job.


    • MarkNR  On May 24, 2014 at 6:32 PM

      To dispense with either, along with many other sources of knowledge, is to leave oneself incomplete. Scientology had the advantage of being a workable, structured, methodical method of self improvement. It produced tangible results for most who worked with it honestly.

      An improved science incorporating this aspect of Scn. with all the other knowledge of other schools of spirituality would be a worthwhile adventure. Persons such as yourself who have worked to improve their ability to see exactly what is there, with love and compassion, could be valuable in this work.

      I’m game. May be a lot of work, with people who may not always agree with us, but I have nothing better to do.


      • vinaire  On May 24, 2014 at 7:17 PM

        It is not a pick between two subjects. It is a pick between two sequences.


        • MarkNR  On May 24, 2014 at 8:42 PM



        • vinaire  On May 25, 2014 at 5:19 AM

          Yes. Is it A-C-R or terms of Be-Do-Have? What is the input and what is the output?


        • MarkNR  On May 25, 2014 at 6:08 AM

          I see now. Does the rule of an absolute dead short apply? Zero resistance would produce infinite current with zero voltage for an instant. Similar to the singularity: Infinite density, zero space, time stops? Absolute zero and absolute infinity being unobtainable in the actual universe.


        • MarkNR  On May 25, 2014 at 8:39 AM

          Interesting analogy which can help in understanding the MEST reactive mind.


        • vinaire  On May 25, 2014 at 11:17 AM

          … also the THETA reactive mind. 🙂


        • Chris Thompson  On May 25, 2014 at 9:40 AM

          Zero resistance would produce infinite current with zero voltage for an instant. I think we will find there has been more than zero resistance since the big bang.


  • vinaire  On May 23, 2014 at 6:17 PM

    It seems to me that spiritual and physical go hand in hand. So what happens to thoughts (postulates and considerations) when the body dies?

    I think that thoughts move to the electromagnetic fields in space. Thoughts do not exist separate from the physical universe as believed in Scientology.


  • vinaire  On May 23, 2014 at 10:03 PM

    How is an implanted postulate different from a natural postulate?

    Is the natural postulate the one that is consistent with other postulates and considerations, which make up the person? If so, then the implanted postulates shall be those that cause inconsistency in the person.

    Then a mentally healthy person will be one made up of consistent postulates. A mentally unbalanced person will be the one with implanted postulates.

    So by observing a person, as to how balanced he is, one can make an assessment in terms of the degree to which he may be implanted.


    • MarkNR  On May 25, 2014 at 7:47 AM

      LRH. Implant: Def. #3. An unknowing and unwilling receipt of a thought. An intentional installation of fixed ideas, contra-survival to the thetan. (SH Spec 83, 6612C06)
      Mark. A purpose, intention, etc. that was given to you through suggestion, instruction, coercion, enforced agreement and so on. It was given to you by someone else. 1.THE INSTALLING INDIVIDUAL, GROUP ETC. HAD A PURPOSE OF THEIR OWN WHICH REMAINED UNKNOWN TO YOU. 2. IT ALIGNS WITH SOME EARLIER PURPOSE, INTENTION, CONSIDERATION, OF YOUR OWN WHICH IS NOT CONSCIOUS TO YOU AT THE MOMENT.

      An implant depends on these two factors for it’s force to remain. Otherwise, it follows all the other rules of case, aberration, inconsistency, which one has agreed to over his existence. More recent implants used force and overwhelm to install their effects. Older implants used suggestion and trickery, since force had no lasting effect in earlier times.

      Viewing an implant or series of implants (can number in the thousands or even millions) can reduce the charge and release one from it’s effects, but the potential remains. For a permanent release, the implanter’s purpose must be discovered and it’s alignment with your, more basic purpose, at which time it becomes just another adventure in your past. That is the inconsistency to be resolved.

      One who is looking at implants or guiding another through them should know these factors to prevent one from being completely snarled up in them. They were often designed to be impossible to resolve and had additional suggestions intended to completely screw you up and cave you in if you tried to resolve it. This has occurred to many individuals. Right and wrong and overts are completely twisted in many of these chains of implants. I have just touched the surface of this important area of case.

      You are here, you are human, you have hidden implants. Of this, there is no doubt. A fear of or discounting of this area of case (non confront) will thoroughly bar you from the gains available.
      They CAN be resolved.
      My experience and observation.

      PS: Sorry to be so bold in my statements, but it is difficult to relay experiences and pass them off as opinions or entertaining thoughts.


      • vinaire  On May 25, 2014 at 11:20 AM

        The whole IMPLANT idea comes from the self-centric US & THEM view. Take the self-centric filter away and all one sees are some inconsistencies that are easy to handle.

        Most of the complexity seems to be coming from a self-centric view in which Hubbard was stuck.


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