Circuit Model of the Universe

circuit1Reference: ARC – Affinity, Reality and Communication

This model was referred to at the above link as follows.

At the core of beingness is the desire to know. This desire triggers awareness. This awareness seems to flow like a current through the circuits of the mind. These circuits are composed of filters. The filters are composed of agreements that take the form of beliefs, biases, prejudices, fixed ideas, speculations, etc. They filter the reality the same way that colored glass filters light. The filters may be compared to the components in an electrical circuit that provide resistance to the flow of current.

Perception changes as awareness passes through the filters in the circuits of the mind. This perception may be tapped like “voltage” at any point in the circuit, and it would provide the “reality” at that point.

As “resistance” offered by filters in the circuit decreases, the “current” in terms of the flow of awareness increases. This increase in “current” may be viewed as increase in the capability to communicate.


Here is a bird’s eye view of it.

  1. The circuit is the universe.

  2. The battery is the desire to know.

  3. The current in the circuit is awareness.

  4. The amount of the current flowing is the affinity.

  5. The resistances in the circuit are the filters (beliefs, fixed ideas, etc).

  6. The voltage at any point provides the reality at that point.

  7. The voltage drop between any two points is a measure of filters.

  8. Any two points in the circuit act as “terminals” in communication.

  9. They “become one” when filters between them are removed.

  10. The ultimate terminals are the two terminals of the battery.

  11. One terminal is perceiving the other terminal through the filters of the circuit (universe).

  12. As filters reduce, the affinity increases and reality improves.

  13. Ultimately, a short circuit occurs as the filters vanish.

  14. The desire to know is satisfied as the two terminals become one.

  15. There is no longer any awareness, affinity, reality, or communication.

  16. For these factors are no longer relevant.


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