The Theistic Viewpoint of God


Reference: KHTK Postulates for Metaphysics – Part 4

The theistic viewpoint germinates from viewing one as a self separate from others and imagining God on the same basis. The theistic view is, therefore, a self-centered view.

The view of self starts from fixation on the body. It comes from a condensation of the universal view. Instead of looking at the universe as a single, vast entity or body, one’s viewpoint condenses by first separating mankind from all other forms of life, and then separating mankind into groups, and then separating groups into individuals.

The idea of self comes from this fixation on individuality. It is then projected back into the idea of divinity as God.

This is the theistic viewpoint. It is self-centered.

To me the theistic viewpoint is an aberration. It views God as a being.

The atheistic viewpoint does not deny God. It only objects to viewing God as a being.


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  • vinaire  On May 14, 2014 at 5:32 AM

    (1) Fundamental communication occurs in the form of perception.

    (2) Perception is like moving awareness from one point to another.

    (3) It is similar to a current flowing through a circuit.

    (4) Difference in awareness seems to produce this current.

    (5) The potential difference seems to come from a desire to know.

    (6) Resistance in the circuit seems to come from filters.

    (7) Reduction of filters is likely to increase the current of awareness.

    (8) Perception is that current (?).


    I don’t know yet where this all is leading to.


  • vinaire  On May 15, 2014 at 8:26 AM

    (1) Beingness is composed of desire to know, filters and awareness

    (2) Desire to know triggers awareness

    (3) Awareness flows through the circuit composed of filters

    (4) The flow of awareness determines communication

    (5) How encompassing that awareness is determines affinity

    (6) Perception changes as awareness passes through the filters

    (7) Perception tapped at any point is the reality

    (8) As filters decrease the flow of awareness increases

    (9) This is increase in communication

    (10) There is improvement in reality

    (11) There is enlarging of affinity

    (12) ARC increase with decrease in filters and not by some vague ‘intention’



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