August 27, 2014
This issue is now obsolete. For latest references please see: KHTK Mindfulness. The specific reference that updates this issue is Mindfulness in Bodily Activities.
This was part of a basic series of essays, which started this blog. These essays were later revised and the original versions were deleted. However, these essays were then added back to maintain a complete record.


In this exercise you expand your awareness to the movements of the body, such as, standing, walking, stretching, exercising, eating, drinking, etc. Again, you establish your awareness of the movements of the body without interfering with them. Let your body go through the motions without you doing it. These exercises require a lot of practice. As you continue, you might, all of a sudden, find yourself “in the zone.”

Exercise 5-3


1.    Start becoming aware of the activity that the body is engaged in at any moment.

2.    Start the exercise by paying full attention to the present movement of the body. Do not add any thought. Do not resist. Simply experience the movement.

3.    Continue paying full attention to the movements of the body in whatever activity it is engaged in; whether it is standing, walking, sitting, stretching, exercising, eating, drinking, speaking or attending to the calls of nature.

4.    Simply experience the movements of the body without adding any thought or resistance. Make it a part of your new life style. Make it a habit.

5.    This exercise takes a lot of practice. It is not something that you do for 15 minutes a day. You have to live it as much as possible. Upon continual practice of this exercise you may gain the knowledge and awareness that the body exists and you can live unattached.


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