Message of Christ (Universal Viewpoint)

Reference: Religion

This is the viewpoint of Christianity I have from reading about it from various sources:

Repent for your sins and become righteous. This is more important than any ritual worship.

COMMENT:  “Take a good look at your past foolishness. Was it really that bad? Take responsibility for it, make amends, and get straight.” This helped unburden many Jews who were made to feel guilty because they could not fulfill each Jewish law in the most exacting detail.

The Kingdom of God is vastly more important than a mere hope for one’s own nation.

COMMENT:  Jesus wanted Jews to expand their viewpoint from being tribal and nationalistic to being universal. A person is not just a member of a group; he is a member of the mankind. Don’t think it right to commit sins on others simply because they are not a part of your group.

The Kingdom of God is here…

COMMENT:  The Kingdom of God is not a condition that waits in some undisclosed future. No, the Kingdom of God is a present possibility of goodness that is hidden, like a seed, inside every person.

The offerings of a contrite heart and a pure life is far more important to God than offerings of first fruits or year-old kids.

COMMENT:  One should not be so concerned with the outward performance of the laws that one forgets the spirit of the law (which emphasized love of God and love of neighbor). Jesus wanted people to free themselves from sins against their own conscience and their neighbors.

You do not have to wait until conditions are ideal in order to live the right way. A man is what he is inside himself.

COMMENT:  Get your own act together, now.

The Kingdom of God is the ultimate goal of all human effort.

COMMENT:  Wherever there are righteous people using mercy, kindness, and love as their way of life, there is the Kingdom of God. It does not depend on a certain time or certain place. People must discover their capacity for goodness and begin to live in the right way.

God did not blame sinners half so much as some people did. God is ready with forgiveness the moment a person sincerely asks for it.

COMMENT:  Your sin is really not as bad as you are made to think. Just be honest with yourself and look at what you really did.

Freedom from guilt is a profound and inspiring experience which instills one with a belief in God – same as, having certainty in oneself without pride. 

COMMENT: People of Jesus’ time responded to authority and not to conscience. To get his message across, Jesus had to use the phrases such as “Will of God” and “Kingdom of God” even when it got him in trouble with the Roman rulers who were afraid of any other authority.

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