Viewpoint of Christian Church

Once I was discussing faith with a Christian colleague of mine. He expressed his faith as follows:

  1. The “I” is emphatic of Jesus.  When Jesus states “I am” He excludes all other claims that anyone else makes.  The Way, the Truth, and the Life is only found in Jesus and in no other…  Jesus, being THE LIGHT of the world, exposes the errors of false doctrine and sin.  Jesus will guide all in the way of truth…  This was not a self-realization available to humans but a unique description of Jesus’ self-existence and Godhood.

  2. Jesus is God who had come in the flesh…  There are many people and religions who claim to have the entrance in to find God and have salvation.  But only those who enter in by the way of Christ will belong to the flock which is God’s.

  3. Jesus is the One sent by God to carry out His will…  Jesus, evidently, came for the purpose for all mankind to know who He is, and to know who the Father is… There are a lot of vines that claim to belong to God.  But these vines will only lead to condemnation.  Christ said that He is the true vine and that makes all others false.

  4. All men are to acknowledge that Christ is all these things to which he claimed and which has been confirmed.  We must believe that he is the Son of God who has brought the truth that concerns all of what one is to believe, obey, and practice in religion.  All other religions, whether “Christian” or otherwise, are false.

  5. That which is used in the scriptures concerning Christ and God is the substance of all that is truth.  When man abides in the word of Christ, man will be made free from error and sin by THE TRUTH which Jesus spoke.

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