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Gun Controversy

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

This is my first foray in applying Subject Clearing to the social issues in USA. Here are the two relevant posts that I wrote on this Facebook thread:


I am simply trying to understand the gun controversy, and I don’t understand why the purchase of assault weapons by the general public cannot be banned. Some people give the reason for that to be the second amendment which is as follows:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

As I understand it, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms is specified in the context of a well-regulated Militia. When I further look at what the constitution says about Militia, I find Article 1, Section 8 which is as follows:

“To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.”

From this I conclude that the right of the people to keep and bear Arms is to help the State execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions. Anything else is just an additive.

People may keep guns for personal protection and for recreational purposes. The constitution does not say anything about it one way or the other. So, the constitution cannot be used to argue for that particular use of guns. That would just be a matter of what is best for the society, and it would be a different argument.

So, in my opinion, the Constitution cannot be used to justify the use of guns for personal protection and for recreational purposes. But, one may use cultural and moral values of the society to decide what is best for it in this matter.

This is not the “originalist” view of what it meant in 1789. Nor this has anything to do with the view that constitution is an evolving document.

The above is what “subject clearing” tells me. It is seeing what is in the plain sight.


If you want to protect US citizens from the tyranny of the US Government, then you need the US army on your side. Militias cannot protect you. You have to be insane to believe that to be the purpose of Militias.


Glossary (Holding Area)

This glossary is a work in progress. It is being continually added to and expanded with further feedback at The Mindfulness Approach page on Facebook.

























Absolute truth will be the deepest common denominator of all existence. But like an irrational number this depth keeps on going deeper and deeper. There is no end to it.

(Vedas) Energy on a universal scale that forms the environment


  1. Origin (analytical): “undoing, loosening.” The analytical mind is the natural state of the mind. It refers to the assimilated parts of the mental matrix.
  2. (Scientology) “The conscious aware mind which thinks, observes data, remembers it, and resolves problems. The analytical mind is the one which is alert and aware.”

Overcoming anger requires looking at the object of anger with compassion. You don’t really know what is going on there.

Hubbard says, “As-is-ness must immediately be altered in order to become what we call a reality”. This is not true. As-is-ness simply removes confusion and fixation resulting from misperception. The Is-ness is always there. After As-is-ness, the Is-ness is simply perceived more clearly.

Astral bodies are the result of visualization or belief that the person has, but he is unaware of it. Astral bodies do not exist independently of the person.

1. Original: “to breathe.” Atman means essence, nature, character, peculiarity, self.
2. Atman refers to consciousness. Jivatman refers to consciousness of a person. Paramatman refers to ultimate consciousness.
3. The integrated awareness of the universe that continues to evolve.

A unit of matter

An auditor is the individual trained in the procedures of mindfulness meditation and Scientology. The auditor helps resolve the complexities of the thetan. An individual can be his own auditor. The first step in auditing is to get over the fixation on the body.

a subtly pervasive quality or atmosphere (a part of mental matrix) seen as manifested around a person, place, or thing


Any anomaly, facsimile and/or confusion can be traced, ultimately, to some fundamental assumption. This is the basic. When the basic is ultimately reached, the anomaly resolves and disappears forever.

In Scientology, the basic-basic means the first engram on the whole time track. One may understand it as the first postulate or assumption underlying an item connected to some unwanted condition, or a subject.

Beauty is associated with continuity, harmony and consistency. In case of human body, it is associated with nice proportions of body parts, smoothness of skin, and fairness of color. One needs to simply appreciate it and leave it alone.

(1) Blackness is absence of differentiation. There is no visualization. There is only hallucination. (2) Blackness is the desire to be an effect and the inability to be cause.

A configuration of atoms and monads

Bouncer is a hypnotic effect that gets activated when the person tries to access the facsimile. It makes the person move back toward present time away from the facsimile. When the person identifies the possible hypnotic command by trial and error, the bouncer disappears and the facsimile becomes approachable.

The metaphysical BRAHMAN in Hinduism represents the concept of EMPTINESS, or NOUMENON.

Buddha Nature is the universal viewpoint that views everything objectively. It is characterized by complete extroversion. Of course, it operates in the world of phenomena.

A bullshit is whatever that is added to a subject without any concern for logic. The fundamental characteristics of logic are continuity, harmony and consistency.


There is a gradient of certainty. Certainty increases as inconsistencies are eliminated from what is known. Assertion of ideas that involve inconsistency is not certainty.

Chaos is no order or absence of order. It is more than just some random motion. Having no random motion, or no motion at all can also be chaos if order is missing.

A part of an individual’s bank that behaves as though it were someone or something separate from him and either dictates or takes over his actions. Circuits are the result of engramic commands.

The contact and interchange of attention at the most basic level. Communications just go silent when they are not continued. Simply review them now and then and continue a communication only if your heart is in it.

Confinement implies restricting of space, movement or perceptions. One is usually left with oneself. He is limited in things he can experience. It usually fixes attention. But it may provide an opportunity to reflect on issues and resolve them.

A CONTINUUM is substance that has density (mass) but no center of mass. The continuum is infinitely divisible.

The law of Continuum is a universal law. It manifests itself in continuity, harmony and consistency. Therefore, the universe is a continuum in all its physical, and in all its spiritual aspects. There is also a continuum between spiritual and physical aspects. A person forms a continuum with his environment.


The disintegration of the identity into atoms and monads.

(1) Delusion is a a belief in something which is contrary to fact or reality. Basically, delusion is part of the person and not something out there that can be inspected and cleared up easily. (2) Delusion is a belief in things that are not consistent with reality.

The root meaning of dimension is “a measuring”, so the use of metric makes sense. The metric forms a continuous scale of the numerical values for the characteristic being measured as a dimension. Since there are basic and derived characteristics, there are also basic and derived dimensions. Please see The 4th and 5th Dimensions.

Denyer is a hypnotic effect that gets activated when the person tries to access the facsimile. It makes the person believe that the facsimile does not exist. When the person identifies the possible hypnotic command by trial and error, the denyer disappears and the facsimile becomes approachable.

Diagnosis is isolating the anomaly to focus on with free association. The anomaly may, at first, be understood broadly as whatever the person is unhappy about. It may be a somatic (pain or sensation in the body) and he may focus on that. This may help him become aware of things in the environment that are associated with that somatic. He may also become aware of things he has been avoiding, resisting, denying or suppressing. He may now focus on such things and it may help him recognize more clearly the aberration that he needs to handle. As he then concentrates on the aberration, he may discover certain feelings, emotions, justifications, and other thoughts that he is sensitive to. As he focuses on this sensitive material he may suddenly find himself facing the elusive facsimile. Once he has the facsimile, he may run it out by viewing it from the beginning to the end again and again till it reduces and is completely gone.

Discontinuity exists where continuity is missing and gaps exist. For example, Joe has a good friend named Bill. Suddenly Bill starts to distance himself. This creates discontinuity in relationship. This discontinuity is incomprehensible to Joe.

Disharmony exists where harmony is missing and upsets exist. For example, Joe and Mary are always disagreeing with each other. Their relationship is full of upsets. They both are unhappy.

The dynamic is the tenacity of an individual, group or race to life and vigor and persistence in survival. It is the ability to translate solutions into action. The easier an individual can access and freely associate the data from mental matrix, the greater is his drive. The life dynamic may be narrowed down gradually from the universe to spiritual and physical universe to all life, to mankind, cultural, social and political groups, to families to individuals. The universe has evolved through these dynamics to produce men of extraordinary abilities.


“By emotion I understand the modifications of the body by which the power of action in the body is increased or diminished, aided or restrained, and at the same time the ideas of these modifications.” (Spinoza).

By enforced affinity, reality, or communication is meant the demand on the individual that he experience or admit affinity, reality, or communication when he has not felt it. An individual who has been subjected to enforced affinity, reality, and communication has an interrupted self-determinism.

_An engram is a mental picture of an experience containing pain, unconsciousness, and a real or fancied threat to survival; it is a recording in the reactive mind of something which actually happened to an individual in the past and which contained pain and unconsciousness, both of which are recorded in the mental image picture called an engram.
_An engram is an experience that cannot be assimilated with the rest of the experience because of the heavy discontinuity (shock) in it. This then leads to disharmony and inconsistencies that cannot be fully eliminated without eliminating the original discontinuity.
_The engram is the painful core of the facsimile that forces the individual to act according to the incident recorded in the facsimile.

Electronics parallels the phenomena of thought, but it is much cruder.

ENTITY (Scientology)
Entities are ridges (fixations of thoughts) in the system of considerations that is not interal to the preclear.  It is merely attached to the preclear and can be easily separated.

Exteriorization means ‘dropping of mental filters’ so one can perceive reality directly. The reality is no longer being modified by the filters. This reality follows the Law of Continuum.


_Facsimiles come about when one views from ridges. These are inconsistencies that persist.
_Upon assimilation, the recording breaks down and reduces to a simple memory in the matrix. The painful core of the facsimile is called an engram. At the center of the engram is a shock. A major restimulation of the facsimile due to loss or separation is called a secondary, and the numerous minor activations of the facsimile are called locks. A facsimile, its secondary, and all its numerous locks form a package, underlying which lies the basic assumption responsible for the aberration. Broadly, any unwanted condition, thought, emotion, or behavior can be traced to some facsimile that is buried deep. A facsimile is a discontinuity because you are not aware of it. As you start becoming aware of the facsimile, confusions may arise. Each confusion can be traced to a misunderstanding or something not understood. This could be a discontinuity, inconsistency, or disharmony. Such confusions commonly arise during one’s schooling, later education, or in life.

1. Freedom is naturally there in the make-up of beingness and life. Freedom lessens to the degree one deviates from that nature. To increase freedom, one needs to overcome the natural programming.
2. Absence of fixation of attention


GENETIC ENTITY (Scientology)
The Genetic entity is the system of considerations that run the body. It complements the thetan.

(LRH) A composite of all the cellular experience recorded along the genetic line of the organism to the present body. It has the manifestation of a single identity. It is not the theta being or “I”.)

Good or evil is defined by situations that aid or hinder evolution.

GPM (Scientology)
GPM (goals-problem-mass) are ridges (fixations of thoughts) in the system of considerations that make up the ‘I’ of the preclear.

GRAVITY is a substance that is a continuum because it does not have center of mass.

Grouper is a hypnotic effect that gets activated when the person tries to access the facsimile. It makes all the information tangled up so that it becomes difficult to trace the facsimile. When the person identifies the possible hypnotic command by trial and error, the grouper disappears and the facsimile becomes approachable.


Happiness comes from evolving toward better states of existence. It consists of the joy that comes from resolving aberrations and anomalies. “Spinoza begins by making happiness the goal of conduct; and he defines happiness very simply as the presence of pleasure and the absence of pain.” (Will Durant).

Overcoming of hate requires looking at the object of hate with compassion. You don’t really know what is going on there.

Havingness comes from the assurance in one’s basic capability of postulating, observing and resolving anomalies.

Holder is a hypnotic effect that gets activated when the person tries to access the facsimile. It makes the person become stuck in the facsimile so cannot fully view it. When the person identifies the possible hypnotic command by trial and error, the holder disappears and the facsimile can be fully viewed.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness which results in an increased receptiveness and response to suggestion. While associated with relaxation, hypnosis is actually an escape from an overload of message units, resulting in relaxation. Hypnosis can be triggered naturally from environmental stimuli as well as purposefully from an operator, often referred to as a hypnotist.



  1. Illusion is a surface manifestation which disappears when experience is consulted. Basically, illusion is out there which, when closely inspected, clears up.
  2. Illusion is anything that is not seen for what it is. It is colored by one’s filters.
  3. Not seeing things as they are, and this creates anomalies.

The inhibition of affinity, communication, and reality is no less serious than their enforcement.

The intelligence is the mental sensitivity and analytical ability of an individual, group or race to resolve problems relating to survival. It is the ability to recognize differences, similarities and identities. The finer are the data elements in an individual’s mental matrix, the more discriminative and intelligent he is.

There is no ultimate nothing. There is no ultimate creator. If an ultimate creator is there, then ultimate nothing cannot be there, and vice versa. These two ideas are inconsistent with each other.

So, there has to be eternal IS-NESS and CHANGE. That change appears in the form of ALTER-IS-NESS and AS-IS-NESS. These two aspects of change are inverse of each other. NOT-IS-NESS is simply a denial of IS-NESS.

The basic substance of this universe is ENERGY that appears in the forms of thought, light and matter. SPACE and TIME are aspects of energy, which express energy’s extent and duration respectively.

This is the reality.


Jivātman is a finite viewpoint associated with the individual identity.



  1. The law of ‘karma’ is that incomplete cycles remain in play until completed. Incomplete cycles extend even beyond individual lifetimes.
  2. (Vedas) The anomalies in the process of resolving themselves

KENSHO (lit., “seeing into one’s own nature”)
Semantically, kensho and satori have virtually the same meaning, and they are often used interchangeably. In describing the enlightenment of the Buddha and the Patriarchs, however, it is customary to use the word satori rather than kensho, the term satori implying a deeper experience.

A KEY-IN is defined in Scientology as. “A moment when the environment around the awake but fatigued or distressed individual is itself similar to the dormant engram. At that moment the engram becomes active. It is keyed-in and can thereafter be dramatized.”

The mechanics of KEY-IN may be expressed as “the inclusion of a past engramic node in a currently active pattern of matrix elements.” Such an inclusion may occur when elements similar to the past engramic node enter the matrix in the present moment. An engramic node was generated in the past when sensations could not be broken down into elements and assimilated into the matrix.

Release or separation from one’s reactive mind or some portion of it

Knowingness depends upon lack of inconsistencies in one’s mental matrix and perception.

Knowledge is knowledge. There should be an overall continuity. harmony and consistency among all knowledge.


The play of karma

LIGHT, as a substance, is a continuum because it does not have any center of mass. Only its interactions with other things appear as “energy particles”. At those moments it is said to have collapsed. Light is alive with intrinsic motion.

A location is where something is. A thetan considers itself to be located at the center of the skull where perceptions converge. This consideration is generally fixed, although a thetan may consider itself to be located somewhere else if it wishes. The thetan believes itself to be the body, but this is only a belief. A thetan is capable of generating any belief.

A lock is a mental image picture of a non-painful but disturbing experience the person has experienced, and which depends for its force on an earlier secondary and engram which the experience has restimulated.


Man spearheads the evolution in this universe. Man sees Paramātma (God) as the state he wants to evolve to.But, among man, there is delusion. Those who are deluded imagine Paramātma (God) to be a separate identity either in the sky or within them, that commands them.

Meditation is looking and not thinking. In meditation you simply observe the mind. You do not ransack the mind through thinking. You just face whatever comes up. You do not avoid, suppress, deny or resist what is there. Unless you confront, you are not going to make spiritual progress. Meditation is not just sitting in a lotus position. Meditating is perceiving correctly by being there and doing nothing else. If you are not simply being there then your social conditioning is making you do something.

The subject that addresses the energy of the internal mental matrix, and all its forms.

Misdirector is a hypnotic effect that gets activated when the person tries to access the facsimile. It makes the person move in a way that it becomes difficult to trace the facsimile. When the person identifies the possible hypnotic command by trial and error, the misdirector disappears and the facsimile can be traced.

A misemotion is encysted grief, anger, apathy, etc.

A unit of influence associated with an atom

The fundamental motion is the oscillation that characterizes the very substance of this universe. It appears physically as the oscillation between electrical and magnetic fields. Its essence lies in awareness.

From a scientific viewpoint, everything in this universe is interconnected like in a matrix. In other words, everything physical, metaphysical, mental, spiritual, etc., are in intimate association with each other as part of this universe. The universe as a single dynamic entity. The fundamental characteristic of this universe is continuity, harmony and consistency.


Examples of a nullification phrase would be somebody telling you, “You are no good,” “Never talk back to your elders,” “You can’t hear,” etc. 

Those who have sought to minimize a person so to be able to control him. This is covert, and quite often the person upon whom it is exerted remains unsuspecting beyond the fact that he knows he is very unhappy. This is the coward’s method of domination. The nullifying individual feels that he is less than the individual upon whom he is using it and has not the honesty or fortitude to admit the fact to himself. He then begins to pull the other individual “down to size,” using small carping criticisms. The nullifying individual strikes heavily at the point of pride and capability of his target and yet, if at any moment the target challenges, the nullifying individual claims he is doing so solely out of assistance and friendship or disavows completely that it has been done.


The objective view is “observation of things as they are, with full awareness of one’s assumptions” . This is also mindfulness. Objectivity depends on the lack of interpretive filters.

It may be said that perception itself is a filter but that is a philosophical postulate. In a practical sense we perceive what is there; and what we perceive can be with or without interpretations. There can be more interpretations or less. A view can be farther from the truth, or closer.

A view is objective to the degree the filters and anomalies in the mind are resolved.

Thus, there is gradient scale from total objectivity to complete subjectivity. The ends of this scale may only be approached but not actually attained. So there is always a quest for complete objectivity.

Orientation is knowingness with respect to some reference point.


Extreme random motion is felt as pain. Random motion has neither consistency nor logic. This is the makeup of the physically painful experience. When such an experience enters the mind it cannot be broken down into fine data elements and assimilated into the mental matrix. The core of this experience appears as a “shock” to the mental matrix, which shuts its awareness down.

Paramātman is the infinite viewpoint that is unattached and static. See The Static Viewpoint.

A PHENOMENON is characterized by motion and awareness. Phenomena forms a scale from physical to metaphysical.

In my opinion, objectivity is extroversion, and subjectivity is introversion. The whole subject of Phenomenology seems to be born out of introversion.

Pleasure or pain comes from success or failure respectively.

Broad concept (psyche): “breath, spirit”; (soma): “body.” Definition: “of or relating to a physical disorder that is caused by or notably influenced by emotional factors.” Psychosomatic illness is the physical manifestations of mental aberration.




  1. Origin (reactive): “Act back.” The reactive mind refers to the unassimilated parts of the mental matrix. At the core of reactive mind are facsimiles of shocks and traumas that could not be broken down and assimilated.
  2. “A portion of a person’s mind, which works on a totally stimulus-response basis, which is not under his volitional control, and which exerts force and the power of command over his awareness, purposes, thoughts, body and actions. The reactive mind simply reacts without analysis.”

(1) Objective reality is what remains after all discontinuities, disharmonies and inconsistencies in perception and knowledge (illusions and delusions) are cleared up to the deepest level. (2) Reality is that perception from which all inconsistencies have been resolved. It is continuous and harmonious. It is what it is.

The idea of rebirth comes from variations in the characteristics that one is born with, along with the continuation of certain characteristics from one life cycle to the next. Both these factors may be explained through the phenomenon of genes and the programming they carry. However, it still remains to be explained what this genetic programming is and how it comes about. The genetic programming is the blue print that shapes the identity (body-mind system) of the organism. Its content comes from impressions of the life cycles that have already occurred. Most of this programming is evolutionary; but some of it contains anomalies that needs to be resolved. It is the resolution of these anomalies that drives the evolution of the self.

New configuration of atoms and monads.
Reincarnation is the precipitation of physical and spiritual elements in a new configuration. It is never the same body or identity.

Repeater technique is the repetition of a word or phrase in order to produce movement on the time track into an incident containing that word or phrase. It is not used to de-intensify a phrase or to reduce an engram. It has the liability of hanging a person up in an engram which cannot be contacted and run out.

Restimulation is a very simple system of stimulus-response where the environment reactivates a facsimile, which then acts back against the body or the behavior of the person, and causes psychosomatic illnesses and aberrations. Analytical sense is necessary to handle the restimulation of the facsimile. The restimulation ceases permanently when the facsimile is assimilated. At that point the psychosomatic illness and the aberration also fade away.

The dianetic reverie is a mild form of hypnosis in which the individual retains enough analytical awareness. It is like daydreaming. It is similar to a meditative state in which one is not avoiding, resisting, denying or suppressing any thoughts, and allowing free association to take place.

RIDGE (Scientology)
(1) A ridge is an apparent motionlessness like that of a standing wave. It is caused by two energy flows coinciding and causing an enturbulence of energy. Ridge in the mind represents fixation of thoughts. (2) Ridges are delusional beliefs. They are fixed ideas.

The only way there can be persistent acceleration is through rotation and not through linear motion. Rotation is a change in direction. A direction is a persisting condition. The persisting condition is a field or mass. Thus, a rotation is real and not abstract. It does not depend on masses around one. There is no Mach’s principle.


The Japanese term for the experience of enlightenment, i.e., Self-realization, opening the Mind’s eye, awakening to one’s True-nature and hence of the nature of all existence. See also “kensho.”

A secondary is a mental image picture containing misemotion [encysted grief, anger, apathy, etc.] and a real or imagined loss. These contain no physical pain — they are moments of shock and stress and depending for their force on earlier engrams which have been restimulated by the circumstances of the secondary.

Self-determinism is the ability to determine one’s location in time and space. It is the ability to overcome any fixation of considerations regarding one’s location or anything else.

A person is self-determined to the extent that he is in control of his attention.

Philosophy. the theory that only the self exists or can be proved to exist.

A somatic is the physiological counterpart of mental aberration. A somatic attends every aberration.

The ability to recall a sound so that one can hear it again as he originally heard it — in full tone and volume

STATIC (in Scientology)
The most fundamental concept in Scientology is STATIC. It is called STATIC because it has no motion. Hubbard defines STATIC as zero in terms of physical attributes. However, STATIC is not nothingness, because it has quality and ability. It simply has no quantitative factor. But STATIC can generate quantitative physical factors by considering them. Here Hubbard is postulating quantity and quality to be literally separable. It is like literally separating software from hardware, or literally separating form from substance. I do not think that such separation can be observed in reality. Therefore, this is an inconsistency. Hubbard’s postulate of STATIC is, therefore, inherently flawed. Such flaw does not exist in Buddha’s postulate of EMPTINESS, which is simply a theoretical reference point of “zero” for all phenomenon. Buddha does not call out EMPTINESS to be some actuality with ability. It is simply a theoretical reference point like “zero” in mathematics.

Hubbard is assuming that before the first As-is-ness (creation) there is nothing. This is not true because the Static with ability to consider is there. Hubbard supposedly defines “nothing” as no MEST. But that isn’t true either. If there is Static with ability to consider (THETA), then there must also be some form of MEST. One cannot arbitrarily separate THETA from MEST. The postulate that THETA and MEST can exist separate from each other in pure state is an impossible assumption that is inconsistent with reality. Therefore, Hubbard’s postulate of Static is basically inconsistent.

A datum is subjective to the degree it is not defined but assumed. Thus, the postulate one is starting out from is the most subjective datum. This postulate is simply accepted as true,  therefore, it is real to the person. But it is also the most subjective datum because it is not defined by any other datum. The data that is defined within the reference frame of one’s postulate appears as objective, but it is objective relative to that reference frame only.

The data that lies outside the reference frame of one’s postulate appears to be subjective by definition. It also appears to be anomolous because it cannot be defined within one’s reference frame. To become objective, an anomaly must be resolved within the reference frame of one’s postulate. Too many anomalies may require a review of one’s basic postulate and its upgrade.

One’s awareness is, therefore, subjective, to the degree anomalies are present.


Terminals are condensed considerations that act as nodes in the universal matrix. They are connected by finely programmed relationships. They are kept in place by the structure of the matrix.

A person forms one end of his communication lines. The other end is attached to something the person is communicating with, or simply perceiving.  When something at the other end is not there, the communicate is left incomplete and the attention introverts. There is a feeling of loss which brings about grief. Such feeling may be resolved by visualizing the terminal at the other end of the communication line in creative ways and completing the communication cycles.

There is the matrix of thought (mind). Its “weighted center” is intuitively perceived as “I”. The focus of the mental matrix at any moment is felt as emotion. This emotion acts on the endocrine system to produce effort.

TIME is the property of duration of substance (matter, light and gravity).


  1. (Scientology) Time track is the consecutive record of mental image pictures which accumulates through a person’s life. Individual time tracks are experiences limited to a lifetime. They are not linear beyond that life.
  2. The concept of Time Track applies only to the sequence in which perceptions are received and assimilated in the mental matrix. Facsimiles that are unassimilated do not lie on the time track.
  3. Time implies persistence of the essence from beginning to end, while there is continual change in the form. This generates a time track of memory. Thus, beingness and awareness persist throughout a cycle while their manifestations as identities and viewpoints change progressively.


We have unconsciousness when the randomness of elements within the incoming perception is so high that it cannot be differentiated, and the assimilation stops.

The universal law is the Law of Continuum, which manifests itself as continuity, harmony and consistency.

The universal viewpoint is the same as the whole attention field.

A reality that includes everything—physical and metaphysical.
The UNIVERSE is made up of SUBSTANCE that is intrinsically consistent, harmonious and continuous. Beyond the universe is EMPTINESS, that is variously referred to as BRAHMAN in ancient Vedas, or as “noumenon” in the philosophy of Kant.

The universe is characterized by motion and awareness. This is also referred to as the “phenomenon” in the philosophy of Kant. The universe is the superset of everything that exists. All that we are aware of, know about, or speculate upon, is part of this universe.

The purpose of this universe is to evolve to greater consistency, harmony and continuity. Any disorder provides the seed for further evolution.


The amount of attention field available to identity.The viewpoint is the individual’s frame of reference. It is simply a point of view. You may view without involving thought or experience. The goal is to free the viewpoint from all fixations.

A virtue is a power of acting, a form of ability. “By virtue and power I mean the same thing.” (Spinoza).

The ability to see in facsimile form something one has seen earlier so that one sees it again in the same color, dimension scale, brightness and detail as it was originally viewed.

VOID is that which cannot be sensed.


Work is the effort involved in getting things done. Heavy effort comes in only when there are barriers and inconsistencies to be resolved. Otherwise, not much effort is required when planning, coordination and activities go smoothly.

Work involves different activities in a society that are supposed to mesh together smoothly to carry forward the progress of that society. When things do not go smoothly, the idea of stress and enforcement gets associated with work.




ZAZEN (pronounced “zah-zen,” each syllable accented equally)
Zazen is the principle discipline of Zen. Zazen is not “meditation”. In the broad sense zazen embraces more than just correct sitting. To enter fully into every action with total attention and clear awareness is no less zazen.

The prescription for accomplishing this was given by the Buddha himself in an early sutra: “In what is seen there must be just the seen; in what is heard there must be just the heard; in what is sensed (as smell, taste or touch) there must be just what is sensed; in what is thought there must be just the thought.”

An abbreviation of the Japanese word zenna, which is a transliteration of the Sanskrit dhyana (ch’an or ch’anna in Chinese), i.e., the process of concentration and absorption by which the mind is tranquilized and brought to one-pointedness.

As a Mahayana Buddhist sect, Zen is a religion whose teachings and disciplines are directed toward Self-realization, that is to say, to the attainment of satori, which Shakyamuni Buddha himself experienced under the Bo tree after strenuous self-discipline. The Zen sect embraces the Soto, Rinzai, and Obaku sects.


On My 76th Birthday

On my 76th birthday 2022

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