The Prelogics

Reference: Subject: Logic

L. Ron Hubbard analyzed life in its relationship to matter, energy, space and time and as a result evolved the Pre-logics. These were published in late 1951 as a result of many years of research into the nature of life and the spirituality of man.

Knowledge is a pyramid, and knowledge as a pyramid has a common denominator which evaluates all other data below it. At the top point of this pyramid, we have what could be called a Q, and it could also be called a common denominator. It is in common to every other datum in this pyramid full of data.

The Qs are the highest echelon from which all other things are derived.

Q came from quod in Q.E.D. (quod erat demonstrandum, meaning “which was to be shown or demonstrated,” used especially in mathematical proofs).

Actually, Q can be defined this way: It is the level from which we are now viewing, which is a common denominator to all experience which we can now view. This is the level which acts as a common denominator to all this experience, and is the highest level from which we are operating. This data, then, would stand behind everything else that we do.

Q simply means the most common datum that sums all other data.

The Prelogics provide the starting postulates for the subject of logic. Hubbard starts with the postulate of SELF-DETERMINISM. But this postulate applies to the human self and not to all reality. The revised Q’s start with the following postulates:

(1) The Reality is defined by ONENESS. In other words, reality is continuous, consistent and harmonious.

(2) The Reality is infused by the impulse to evolve. This impulse later develops into self-determinism in human self.

Scientology is human-centric. Subject Clearing uses the context of universal reality.


SCIENTOLOGY Q1: Self-determinism is the common denominator of all life impulses.

The impulse to evolve is inherent to all reality. This impulse manifests as self-impelled motion of the light and the electrons. In case of life organisms the motion becomes much more complex and ultimately manifests as human self making its own choices. This is self-determinism.

Revised Q1: The impulse to evolve is the common denominator of all reality. It develops into self-determinism in human self.


SCIENTOLOGY Q2: Definition of self-determinism: the ability to locate in space and time, energy and matter, also the ability to create space and time in which to create and locate energy and matter.

The substance of the universe is conserved. Therefore, a change in one location is compensated by change(s) elsewhere. Any apparent creation is essentially a change at a location with consequences elsewhere. The self-determinism of human self allows it to make changes by choice, but it has consequences.

Revised Q2: Definition of self-determinism: The ability to make changes with responsibility for the consequences.


SCIENTOLOGY Q3: The identification of the source of that which places matter and energy and originates space and time is not necessary to the resolution of this problem at this time.

Self-impelled motion is built into the universe. Since the universe is one continuous system, this motion is balanced throughout the universe as kinetic and potential energies. However, some motion is controlled by life, and much more so by human self. When the human self remains true to its basic nature, the motion it controls is devoted entirely to evolution.

Revised Q3: The source of change is the impulse to evolve, that is naturally concentrated the most in human self.


SCIENTOLOGY Q4: Theta creates space, energy and objects by postulates.

Theta is the spiritual dimension of the impulse to evolve. MEST is the physical dimension of the manifestation of that evolution. Space, energy and objects are parts of that manifestation. Instead of “creating” theta manifests as space, energy and objects. This is analogous to potential energy manifesting as kinetic energy.

Revised Q4: Theta naturally manifests as space, energy and objects with its impulse to evolve.


SCIENTOLOGY Q5: Universes are created by the application of self-determinism on eight dynamics.

There is only one universe and that is the manifestation of the eighth dynamic. Any “sub-universe” is created (with its consequent anti-sub-universe elsewhere) within this universe. The universe, essentially, evolves within its constraint of oneness. This evolution is accelerated through the self-determinism of human self. 

Revised Q5: The evolution of the universe on eight dynamics is accelerated by the self-determinism of human self.


SCIENTOLOGY Q6: Self-determinism, applied, will create, alter, conserve and possibly destroy universes.

In terms of evolution, new abilities and forms are created, existing abilities and forms are altered, and some abilities and forms are completely replaced. This process is accelerated through the self-determinism of human self.

Revised Q6: Self-determinism not only updates what exists but also replaces old abilities and forms completely with new ones.


SCIENTOLOGY Q 7: The action cycle is one of the abilities of a thetan. An action cycle goes from 40.0 to 0.0 on the Tone Scale. An action cycle is the creation, growth, conservation, decay and death or destruction of energy and matter in a space. Action cycles produce time.

Thetan refers to the human self. The action cycle is the cycle of bringing change from start to finish, which then repeats again. The change goes through creation, growth, conservation, decay and death or destruction. It consists of a sequence in time.

40.0 on the Tone Scale is a beingness that is free and detached from everything. 0.0 is a beingness that is bound and constrained. An action cycle represents the transformation of beingness from freedom to fixation. As these cycles repeat, increasingly complex forms are generated.

Revised Q7: The thetan uses action cycles to bring about evolution.


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