DS 14 Summary

Reference: Data Series

Reference: Data Series 14—WORKING AND MANAGING



By actual experience, the most dangerous worker-manager thing to do is to work or manage from something else than statistics. Man’s largest and most unjust fault consists wholly of acting on opinion. When one says “opinion” one is dealing with that morass of false reports and prejudices which make up the chaos of current social orders. 

Thus this whole field of “opinion” and “reports” is a quicksand endangering both personal repute and management skill. 

In a chaos it is necessary to set up one point or terminal which is stable before one can really decide anything much less get anything done. 

A statistic is such a stable point. One can proceed from it and use it to the degree that it is a correct statistic. One can detect then, when things start to go wrong well before they crash. 



The whole reason one does a Data Analysis and a Situation Analysis is to predict. 

The biggest out-point would be a missing Ideal Scene, the next biggest would be a correct statistic for it. If these are missing then prediction can become a matter of telling fortunes with bamboo sticks. 

One predicts in order to continue the viability of an organism, an individual, a group, an organization, a state or nation or planet, or to estimate the future of anything. 

The closer one approaches a disaster the more out-points will turn up. Thus the more out-points that turn up the closer one is approaching a disaster. By being able to predict, the organism or individual or group can correct the out-points before disaster occurs.


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