A History of Man: Chapter Four

Reference: A History of Man

This paper presents CHAPTER FOUR from the book SCIENTOLOGY: A HISTORY OF MAN by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book in 1952.

The paragraphs of the original material (in black) are accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.  Feedback on these comments is appreciated.

The heading below is linked to the original materials.



THE GENETIC LINE consists of the total of incidents which have occurred during the evolution of the MEST body itself. The composite of these facsimiles has the semblance of a being. This being would be called the GENETIC ENTITY or the “GE”.

The GE is not an actual individual, but a composite of individualities assumed in the single lives along the evolutionary track.

The discovery of the GE makes it possible at last to vindicate the theory of evolution proposed by Darwin and to discover the various missing connections in the line as well as to explore the characteristics, goals and developmental urges of organisms on the evolutionary line. Further, the discovery of the GE makes it possible to adjust hitherto contrary material in the theory of evolution.

Darwin and others proposed some scores of years since that an animal body was developed by necessity into successive organisms, each one better adjusted to its environment. The organisms began in simplicity and graduated through successive eons into complexity. Darwin proposed that natural selection was the guiding principle and that protoplasm, genes, etc., were alone capable of modifying the organism. Later workers proposed ingenious theories of electronic mutation. Prior to these discoveries of Darwin and others, Earthmen accepted various impossibilities as the explanation of the variety of animal forms. The Vedic theories persisted until the early A.Ds. when a new cult arose in the Middle East 30° N. Lat. 30° to 80° E. Long. Earth) and proposed that animals had been created suddenly from mud by a Creator and that this included Man. The Vedic peoples had proposed much earlier that a sort of evolution was responsible for the various forms. Darwin and his co-workers picked up this theory after the Vedic hymns had been translated to Europe, about a century earlier, concurrent with the French English conquest of India. Considerable turmoil resulted from the introduction of the Darwinian theories as these were then in direct contrast with the existing superstition. A trial of a schoolteacher who dared teach the theory of evolution in a backwoods area of the United States resulted in a victory for the superstition, the schoolteacher standing convicted. But evolution received so much publicity over the world as a result that it is now the generally taught theory in schools.

Very simply GE is the manifestation of the programming carried by the DNA molecule. This molecule is like a computer. That programming in this computer includes the code responsible for the evolution of the body over millennia.

However, one should not think of evolution as a standard or precise theory. It is a sprawling and contradictory mass of poorly compiled data taken from ancient swamps and tar pits, and there are many schools of evolution. These are taught un-uniformly in biology classes. Biology is based on “cytology” or the study of cells. Existing theory in cytology is quite contradictory to various tenets of evolution. In other words, the field is poorly integrated and badly understood and not overly gifted with data. The discoveries in Scientology can be addressed to these sciences of biology and cytology with considerable profit. By auditing previously uninformed preclears up this evolutionary line, the results are similar if not identical.

This evolutionary code is yet to be properly understood and expressed.

The most direct address to altering the shape and form of the MEST body of the preclear is the auditing of the evolutionary line. Many illnesses, aches and pains are residual in the body line itself. These are restimulated by the environment or the thoughts and actions of the theta being and, once restimulated, alter the physical condition of the body. However, the body is responsive in present time to the command of a re-strengthened theta being and the shape and condition of the body can be otherwise changed than by solely addressing the GE.

Single or multiple cells respond each one as though it had its own GE. Very early on the time track, in the area of the photon converter or the “helper”, the GE and the cell entity are the same, for here the incidents are single cell incidents.

Even the simplest error in this code causes malformations, illnesses, aches and pains in the body. Such errors may be addressed and corrected through auditing, or subject clearing. One can get down to even the cellular level programming. This would be like handling the “machine language.”

The theory of the epicenters applies very particularly along the MEST evolutionary line. This theory holds that in any given generation on the evolutionary line, the sum of its counter-efforts will form, in the next generation, the new command post. Every central relay point of the nerve system has been, at some time or another on the evolutionary line, a command post or a sub-command post of the organism. As the organism develops these command posts each one is subjected to new counter-efforts which forms the area of the new command post. Thus, the body has many old command posts from which the “somatic mind” (or GE) controlled all the responses of the body. The “funny bone” in the elbow is an old sub-command post, an old epicenter. Any point of reflex response in the body was an old command post or sub-command post. These epicenters stand along the nerve channels of the body and are like switchboards. They still command their immediate areas and, independently of the central command post in the brain, can cause reaction in their area. The best example of this and the most important point for the auditor is the fact that two separate lines once merged (mollusk) and thereafter worked together as a team. These lines each one now has its own command post, its own memory bank. These two lines are the right- and left-brain lobes. The one in ascendancy ordinarily commands the one in subjugation. The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body. Mal-coordination of the two halves of the body can be traced to imbalance or confusion or outright warfare between these two control centers. Half-paralysis, stroke, anaesthetized areas can be traced in part to this mal-coordination of the present lifetime epicenters. Each one of these goes back as itself along the same track, generation to generation, sharing the same experiences, until one reaches the mollusk or bivalve state where each one has a prior and independent and separate history. Either one is capable of controlling the whole body. In the bivalve state one finds them at war with each other in an effort to attain sole command of the entire bivalve.

Epicenters refer to the central relay points of the nerve system. They serve as “command posts” or “sub-command posts.” The theory of epicenters holds that in any given generation on the evolutionary line, the sum of its counter-efforts will form, in the next generation, the new command post. These command posts control the responses of the body. They are like the “routines” or “sub-routines” of a computer program. Hubbard is tracing the history of these routines on the evolutionary line. This is amazing research.

Right- and left-handedness are caused by these mal-coordinations of the two lines. Actually, one should be neither right-handed nor left-handed but ambidextrous: An entire technique, complete within itself, was worked out some months ago when I first encountered these phenomena. This technique has been working so well for some auditors that they wonder why any newer data is introduced. The technique consists of obtaining optimum communication amongst all epicenters in the body with the result of a complete unity of action by the body. This does a great deal for timing and coordination in general and has been known to eradicate severe psycho-somatic ills. Theta line techniques, being addressed to “I” rather than to the MEST body, produce swifter results.

Here is a wealth of material for the investigator. The principal incidents and circumstances on this line have already been located and were located before this data was released the first time. But innumerable structural puzzles are resolved with this data, and few are the preclears whose bodies do not react vigorously to the suggestion that some of these incidents may exist, so violent is the charge contained in these incidents. An E-meter has been known to drop as many as twenty dials on the auditor’s faint hint of the existence of the “helper” or the “weeper”.

Life on the evolutionary line is grim, very tooth and claw. So overpoweringly awesome has been life on this line that the violence pervaded the social theory of psychology for decades and, indeed, has underlain the most basic philosophies of Man’s behavior. Here, at the very least, is the explanation for so many theories in the past.

It should not be overlooked that on this GE line one finds what the uninitiated call “past lives”. This continuous living on the part of the somatic mind does not end with the ape. It continues right on through to present time. The GE contains enormous amounts of data about recent times and past times.

Many physical problems arise from miscoordination among these epicenters. This has been successfully addressed through auditing. The misalignment among the epicenters appear as certain “incidents” outlined in this chapter. Such incidents tend to be very tooth and claw. They continue right on through to present time.

The GE in America seems to have followed the track of the western civilizations. This accounts in part for the strange fact that our histories give us enormous treatises on Greece and nothing on Persia, great tomes on Rome and little on Egypt, enormous writings on that small continent Europe and very little on Asia. A correct track of civilization is not from Phoenicia, through Greece, Rome and Europe to America; it is from China through Chaldea, through Babylonia through Persia, through Achea and minorly through Greece, Rome and Europe since these last form a decline from civilizations at various times and periods. It usually passed through Greece and Rome and Europe, which accounts for our fixation on these minor empires and inferior societies. The point here is that a study of history is very restimulative to the GE and produces body alterations for which the theta being, not having been there usually, cannot account.

YOU as a theta being, may or may not have seen Greece or Rome. Your MEST GE has probably activated a body there, just as it has been, (in accordance with Darwin and his Russian copyist, one of the patron saints of the current slave state of Russia, Lysenko) an anthropoid in the deep forests of forgotten continents or a mollusk seeking to survive on the shore of some lost sea.

The later “incidents” follow the history of the human civilization. These appear as frozen viewpoints of which the currently alive viewpoint is not aware.

By the way, if you cannot take a warning, your discussion of these incidents with the uninitiated in Scientology can produce havoc. Should you describe “the clam” to someone, you may restimulate it in him to the extent of causing severe jaw hinge pain. One such victim, after hearing about a clam death could not use his jaws for three days. Another “had to have” two molars extracted because of the resulting ache. The clam and all these incidents are very much present in the GE and can be restimulated easily. So do not be sadistic with your describing them to people— unless, of course, they belligerently claim that Man has no past memory for his evolution. In that event, describe away. It makes believers over and above enriching your friend the dentist who, indeed, could not exist without these errors and incidents on the evolutionary line!

The incidents, such as, “the clam” can be inspected safely with the subject clearing approach of the Discipline of Subject Clearing.

The auditor should know about this line for it sometimes crosses the theta line, which is to say, it is “co-experienced” in places by the theta being. This is simple to unravel. Also, the preclear may have a GE incident in such forceful restimulation that the auditor has no choice but to audit it. When one says GE incident, he means, of course, anything on the entire evolutionary line including “past lives”. One must not forget that the theta being has also shared, with another (not present) GE some of these past life experiences. One can discover when the theta being first came to Earth, when it first had a Mest body on Earth, and so discover its first contact with some MEST body line—it has co-experienced with a GE in every life where it has had a MEST body.

In my opinion, the theta being (thetan) is the viewpoint associated with the body-mind system. It is the viewer of the time track. The time track belongs to the body-mind system. “Past lives” belong to the evolutionary line of the DNA molecule only.

There are extra-terrestrial GEs, perhaps GEs which evolved elsewhere, and which are still elsewhere. These GEs would be on the evolutionary line of some other planet. They would not cross into this evolutionary line. But the theta being, where it has had a MEST body on some other planet may have had it in company with a GE there which had its own peculiarities. One almost never audits such a thing, but it is remarked that it can be there.

The notion of extra-terrestrial GEs seems to have been derived from the content of impressions. As stated earlier, the purpose of auditing is the assimilation of impressions, and not the evaluation of their significance.

The following incidents are audited with the usual tools of Dianetics and Scientology, with due attention to TECHNIQUE 80. One may wonder what a clam might consider an overt act. The best way to find out is to put it on the E-meter and ask. Every one of these, when in evidence to be audited, is part of a motivator-overt combination. When they do not react on a meter, when they do not present themselves to be audited, don’t bother to go looking for them. If they are to be audited, they will react with violence, as much as a five or twenty dial drop on an E-meter. If they drop in such a fashion there is a companion incident, which is to say that they have motivators where they are overt acts and overt acts where they are motivators. Such a drop means that they are being used in present time as motivators or overt acts.

The motivators are the unassimilated impressions. The overts are the dramatization of the unassimilated impressions. These things are definitely present in a case.

The Atom

Lucretius said that each atom was life. This may or may not be true. But the first incident one finds in the GE behaves as though the preclear were an atom, complete with electronic rings. This incident audits very poorly until it is located as a companion to some overt act.

There seems to be a “hole in space” immediately ahead of the Atom. Just after this hole is a condition of motion, with the preclear in the centre, with rings of motion travelling around him.

Characteristic of this incident is a state of mind wanting no A-R-C, neither to receive A-R-C, nor to give A-R-C, wanting NO A-R-C give or take. This is a comfortable aloneness. The preclear usually perceives from this his later necessities for ARC on a MEST level.

From subject clearing approach you would simply clarify the concept of atom as done in A Logical Approach to Theoretical Physics.

The Cosmic Impact

As physicists tell us, cosmic rays enter the body in large numbers and occasionally explode in the body. Very early on the track the impact of a-cosmic ray and its explosion is very destructive to the existing organism. One is “accepting” rays and suddenly one explodes. Sometimes one is accepting one while another explodes elsewhere. This has been found fairly basic on an anxiety stomach, on acception-rejection confusions. Remember that in all early incidents there is a GE line for the left side of the body and one for the right side and either one can affect the whole body when it is run. Thus, there are ATOMS for the right and left and COSMIC RAYS for the right and left sides both.

This is like running out some basic unspecified fear or anxiety. This happens automatically as one subject clears.

The Photon Converter

All early life is fixated on converting photons to energy. One finds the algae and the plankton taking their living from photons from the sun and minerals from the sea.

Because at night there is no sunlight the photon converter sinks into an apathy which aeons later becomes the MEST body’s craving for sleep. This is a basic problem of no energy received, very little storage for energy.

All photon converter incidents are concerned with light and dark. the storms of the sea, the fight to keep from rolling into the surf. The fear of and combat with the merciless surf is characteristic of all early incidents until well after the “weeper”. Sending the ill to the seashore to listen to surf is a guaranteed restimulator.

There are many types of these incidents. A basic one is concerned with fear of sinking, effort to rise, for the photon converter must stay afloat.

Past deaths as a photon converter are common. For only by dying and knowing how one died could the GE utilize the chief counter efforts which menaced. A chain of experience which did not include death would not be able to build efficient organisms and would be unprofitable. Death on the GE line has a very great value and marks progress. Death on the theta line is so much wasted time. Hence the quarrel between the GE and the theta being.

Sleep appears to be a minor rejuvenation phase of the body. Death is probably rejuvenation at a much deeper level of evolution. It doesn’t seem that there is any quarrel between the GE (DNA molecule impressions) and the theta being (present viewpoint), other than that there are anomalies in DNA programming.

The Helper

THE HELPER is one of the most powerful incidents in terms of charge on the early track. It is actually mitosis or cell splitting.

The GE carries along a tiny cell, mobile and swimming. Suddenly it decides to divide. It starts to split in half. There is usually an enormous struggle in this splitting. One side wants to split, the other usually does not want to split. Having split, one side is energetic and starts to go about its business. Then it sees that the other side is limp and falling toward the mud below the water. The energetic side turns and dives and tries to nudge the other up to the surface, tries to revive it. The failing side may revive. In the incidents you will find there will be one of two outcomes: the failing side fails despite the other’s efforts; the failing side revives and now, all energetic, swims away leaving to his fate the other that helped it and who is now too weak to live and so sinks and dies.

There are two sides to the HELPER. The whole sequence of the losing side is present, the whole sequence of the winning side is present. The confusion lies in the fact that each is itself, but a moment ago was the other. There are whole squads of HELPERS. It is a confusing area for the GE which therein has much cause for misidentification.

I am sure there is much charge on the subject of HELP. There are anomalies on both sides; but they are resolved fully only from the viewpoint of the whole system.

The Clam

A variety of incidents may intervene between the HELPER and the WEEPER. These are the evolution chain which includes jellyfish, seaweed and some other forms. It is interesting that immobile states are most liable to have heavy incidents. It is also interesting that bulbous seaweed, uprooted and cast shore by storms, gave Man some of his early experiences with sunlight in the absence of water. A distinct somatic of drying and itching is felt by preclears when they encounter this incident, a restimulation of the drying outer skin of the dying seaweed. It is also interesting that bulbous seaweed is an early pattern of Man’s later general form. Jellyfish incidents are quite remarkable for their occasional aberrative force; the jellyfish sometimes drifts into a cave or grotto and is pressed against the stone by rising tide and waves, thus gaining the first facsimiles which later become a shell as in the clam. Here is an example of the principle of counter-effort moulding the physical shape and necessities of forms.

THE CLAM is a deadly incident but mostly when restimulated on purpose. Although this area of the track is called the CLAM, it is improbable that the actual animal was a clam such as our razorbacks. Visios on this seem to indicate that it is a scalloped-lip, white-shelled creature. The clam was, of course, quite thoroughly fixed to the rocks and the state is very static. The clam had many troubles. The first of these troubles is the double-hinge problem. One hinge wishes to stay open, the other tries to close; thus conflict occurs. Here we have two control centres, both of them more or less equal in power, having no internal communication.

In the jellyfish we have the first third dynamic engrams where the goal is to hold together at all costs. As soon as the hinges are formed in the clam, we have our first efforts to be completely contrary and internally at war. The solution occurs when one hinge goes into apathy and the other assumes complete control.

The hinge epicentres later become the hinges of the human jaw. Should you desire to confirm this, describe to some uninitiated person the death of a clam without saying what you are describing. “Can you imagine a clam sitting on the beach, opening and closing its shell very rapidly?” (Make a motion with your thumb and forefinger of a rapid opening and closing. The victim may grip his jaws with his hand and feel quite upset. He may even have to have a few teeth pulled: At the very least he will argue as to whether or not the shell stays open at the end or closed. And he will, with no hint of the death aspect of it, talk about the “poor clam” and he will feel quite sad emotionally.

The clam had an astonishing number of adventures for so minor a creature. It would get things into its shell and be unable to vet them out. It would get its shell stuck open and be unable to shut it. And it would come loose from its rocks under the surface of the water and get tossed into the broil of the surf. And it would become deserted by the tide and left to bake under a frying sun, a quite uncomfortable situation which restimulates sometimes in a sunburn.

There was or is a spore method of procreation used by the clam. The spore was put on the inside of the lip and permitted to grow. Eventually it became large enough to become a clam on its own and would depart. There is a guardian-emotion on the part of the clam for these spores and a sadness on their departure. But there is more to the spore than this. The spore was like a barnacle. When the clam was cast ashore, these spores were still alive in the shell. The sun would kill the inner cells of the “barnacle” while the outer shell cells still lived. The dead inner cells would form a gas which, under the heat, would explode violently to the agony of the living barnacle shell cells. This bursting was sudden and painful. These spores gave incidents which permitted the human teeth to have a pattern. The ancient bursting engrams are still dramatized by the teeth which, under stress, burst or feel like bursting. Running out some of these bursting incidents will take the ache out of a tooth rapidly. The “fifth nerve channel” is around the mouth and is heavy out of all proportion. A nerve channel is as heavy as it has to conduit pain away from the area. Thus I deduced that there must have been much pain in this area and that the “fifth channel” is the oldest main conduit and so it is. Audit all such incidents for all teeth and you have permanently taken the pain out of toothache and cut down decay. By the way, a barnacle, because of this bursting possibility, at length developed a “blow-out area” a cap which would blow easily. And teeth have such an area. It gives way and makes cavities.

The clam had many, many deaths. A scan across its deaths locates the one in restimulation. You will be amazed to find the clam sufficiently advanced as a cellular-somatic mind to have postulates, to think thoughts.

THE CLAM is actually a group of incidents rather than a single one.

The DNA programming seems to have evolved from resolving the anomalies contained in experiences. The DNA programming itself is not the subject of auditing. Only the unresolved anomalies are that remain as unassimilated impressions. Such anomalies shall come to attention in the order they need to be resolved.

Hubbard was looking for incidents to audit with the help of the E-meter. He took up his thoughts that reacted on the meter and followed them based on the reads. The read was supposed to indicate charge. But the content of these thoughts is not important. The underlying anomalies are important. Hubbard is providing data from his own auditing, which is interesting, but not important. Another person may be able to address the somatics related to his teeth through a different “cover story.” It is better to have the incidents develop on their own in auditing.

The Weeper

After leaving the sea, the GE spent a half a million years on the beach. It had already known about air as a plankton, had known about the beach as seaweed and dying clam. But it nevertheless required some half a million years, according to the evolutionists, for the creature to learn to use the land.

The plights of THE WEEPER are many and pathetic. Still obtaining its food from the waves, it yet had to breathe. Waves are impetuous and often irregular. The WEEPER would open up to get food from the water and get a wave in the shell. It would vigorously pump out the water and try to get some air and then, before it could gulp atmosphere, be hit by another wave. Here was anxiety. Being still a shell animal, the mobility of the WEEPER is poor. It could not withdraw rapidly nor advance rapidly. Tides went out and left it to bake and thirst. The sand got into it. And it had to pump water swiftly in order to continue to live.

The WEEPER is so-called because it had to pump salt water. It was deduced that crying in a human being is very unnatural. Why is it that a human has to pump out some salt water in order to feel better— which is to say, why does crying out a grief charge produce such a change in a case? The incident must be one of pumping out salt water.

And this is practically the total activity of the WEEPER which, living perilously on the edge of the surf, had to pump to eat and to breathe. The creature had two pumping tubes. These later became, because they were furthest toward the light, the eyes of the human being. These tubes had very rough treatment, getting full of sand, being battered by surf.

The inability of a preclear to cry is partly a hang-up in the WEEPER. He is about to be hit by a wave, has his eyes full of sand or is frightened about opening his shell because he may be hit. An occluded case is sometimes merely a case of “shell-shut”.

Get the preclear to imagine that his eyes are in his mouth, looking out. Get him to scan through such a situation. You will find the weeper which he has in restimulation.

It you make a preclear go through all the physical notions of sobbing convulsively, no matter what his emotion may be, he may connect with the weeper. Belching, gasping, sobbing, choking, shuddering, trembling, are all manifestations of emotional dramatization of the weeper.

The weeper (originally called “the Grim Weeper” or the Boohoo) had trillions of misadventures. Scanning over these, the auditor will find the one or two which have remained in restimulation, and which are open to auditing.

This approach of searching for incident to audit can be quite confusing and may lead to trouble. In Subject Clearing one starts with anomalies in the present and follows them up. The right incidents come up by themselves.

The Volcanoes

Earth was undergoing volcanic upheavals during the days of life on the beach. Possibly it was this volcanic action which served the chain of evolution for there is a lack of real reason why this evolution should not be continuing on even today. The progress of evolution was cut at the beach, possibly, because the beach is peculiarly subject to violence during volcanic upheavals, sea and land being in clash. Now and then the auditor will find a volcanic upheaval incident in restimulation with its palls of choking sulphurous smoke. It has been suggested that smoking tobacco is a sort of dramatization of volcanoes which, at the least, were spectacular.

The Birds

Occasionally the creatures of the beach, still shell animals, had their troubles with birds which had become so earlier. Birds of a very crude construction developed a taste for clams. Clams had no adequate defense against them. If a clam opened its shell, the bird would thrust in a beak or a claw. If the clam then closed, the bird would fly up into the air. The clam would let go, drop on a rock and become bird food. If the clam didn’t close, it became bird food anyway.

Falling sensations, indecision and other troubles go with the BIRDS.

Sometimes a preclear will come up with an incident where he was a bird or even a bat. The auditor should be very careful about what he would call dub-in. For this one belongs not in the GE but most likely in the theta line with the preclear taking over the body or form of a bird or bat. The incident is quite valid. It does not, however, belong on the GE line.

Theta line incidents occasionally restimulate and group with GE incidents. Auditing brings them apart easily. Thus it is in the case of the BIRDS. For theta beings can fly.

Logically, there seems to be no theta line because it gets broken at death. A theta being is active only when manifested in a body. It reduces to a potential otherwise. That potential lies in the DNA molecule’s programming.

Being Eaten

In that so many fish and animals were equipped with so many teeth, it is inevitable that somebody somewhere on the track would have been eaten. And so it is, for there are a great many “being eaten” engrams. These minor circumstances are, of course, motivators. The auditor should realize that the GE itself did some eating and thus there are many of these eating engrams which are motivators. Diet faddists, people who will not eat meat are hung in maybes on the subject of digesting and being digested. Many strange psychosomatic ills and skin manifestation may be traced to these incidents.

Anyone who knows TECHNIQUE 80 knows that dispersal of energy is a difficult condition to run. The GE about to be eaten by a fish, suddenly recognizes the fact. And his attention units disperse. In fact, he may disperse right off the couch. Few auditors, in the absence of TECHNIQUE 80, have been able to run “being eaten” incidents. Knowing about the dispersal of attention units and knowing that this is fear may permit an auditor at last to run and reduce these “being eaten” incidents.

There is a strange compliance on the part of the GE, in some cases, to be eaten. Later on this may take on the form of compliance in being beaten or abused. Masochism on the GE line may have its seat in such incidents. There is an “emotion” of being able to at least assist the survival of another body by letting it be fed.

Auditing an “eating” incident consists of requiring the preclear to locate the dispersal of his attention units and the centre of that dispersal. The attention units may be located far behind the GE in the “eating” incident and should be traced from there back to the preclear until they are reduced.

Both the GE and theta being, are manifestations in the body that reduce to potentials upon death and are stored in the DNA molecule. GE and theta being could be two aspects of the same thing.

The Sloth

There are many steps and incidents between the BIRDS and the SLOTH. However, they are most of them mobile and few of them are found in high restimulation. With the SLOTH we again find the GE in a state which is not very mobile, not easily defensible, in a world where the evolutionary line has produced more developed and more carnivorous beings.

Man’s line is not very pugnacious. The GE is smarter in Man’s line than the GEs in other lines, but Man’s current intelligence comes from an entirely different quarter than evolution. The SLOTH shows Man’s nature well, so far as GEs are concerned. “Leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone” is the philosophy here. But the sloth was slow and easily attacked and he had bad times falling out of trees when hit by snakes, falling off cliffs when attacked by baboons. And the sloth was trying to THINK. The most pitiful painful efforts at thinking are found in this series.

THE SLOTH is a chain of incidents and misadventures, mostly showing up fear of snakes and of falling.

There appears to be a scale of programming from the GE to the theta being. At the GE end, the programming is simple and action-reaction type. At the theta being end, the programming is very complex with lot of choices, which appears as intelligence.

The Ape

When Man had advanced as far as the APE, he was agile and intelligent. The APE is usually an area of overt acts against animals and incidents of protecting young.

The Piltdown Man

Man’s first real Manhood is found in the PILTDOWN, a creature not an ape, yet not entirely a Man. It is so named not because it is accurately the real Piltdown Man but because it has some similarity.

The PILTDOWN contains freakish acts of strange “logic,” of demonstrating dangerous on one’s fellows, of eating one’s wife and other somewhat illogical activities. The PILTDOWN teeth were ENORMOUS, and he was quite careless as to whom and what he bit and often very much surprised at the resulting damage.

Obsessions about biting, efforts to hide the mouth and early familial troubles can be found in the PILTDOWN. It is a wonderful area in which to locate GE overt acts.

It doesn’t seem profitable to nose around the evolutionary programming in DNA, unless one is tracking down some anomaly. In that case, the needed incident will come up by itself.

The Caveman

Keeping women at home for men and keeping a man from keeping one at home for women can be found in the CAVEMAN. Here one crippled one’s woman to keep her there or poisoned one’s man for having kept her there. Marital malaction often goes back to the CAVEMAN. Any condition of interpersonal relationships can be found in this area. Jealousy and overt acts around it, strangling, smashing in heads with rocks, quarrels about homes, tribal rebukes pack instincts can be found in THE CAVEMAN.

Past Deaths

It must be kept in mind that past deaths happened to the GE and to the theta being. Any GE has a regular line of past deaths, coming on forward chronologically.

The auditor may have some difficulty locating GE deaths in the last few thousand years because deaths are also registered on the theta line. The GE under processing may have had hundreds of theta beings in command of it down the centuries. There is a matter known as the “second facsimile” or “duplicate facsimile.” A theta being takes a picture of the memory of a GE and carries it as a record. A GE takes a picture of the memories of theta beings and carries those. Thus, there can be many “second facsimiles” of past deaths for the same period of time. One should not be surprised at “discovering” five past deaths all occurring in the same span of years. Some will be second facsimiles, a maximum of two for that period will be actual incidents. One death happened to the theta being using another GE line, the other happened to the GE. They will be in different places at different times.

Second facsimiles are “photographs” of the memories of another. They are still pictures usually. Their characteristic is that they show up with only two or three pictures of some long situation. As they are “pictures” of change and age and everything else, they will show up on an E-meter as charged incidents. But when one tries to audit them, they change into the basic incident, the actual one, the “pictures” vanishing. The existence of a real facsimile in the GE or the theta being will restimulate and hold as locks, pictures taken from former theta beings and GEs. Any death registering, or any incident registering on an E-meter for a certain period in the GE line tells you that there is a real incident in that area. Hunting for the real one, you may find some of these second facsimiles. These usually evaporate when touched and the actual incident is quickly found.

This matter is mentioned because auditors are sometimes puzzled by shifting dates on an E-meter or incidents simultaneously occurring where they should not. An auditor, merely by pursuing the matter, automatically sorts out the second facsimiles which may be there and finds the actual facsimiles which must be audited.

Contact between a theta being and a GE must be very intimate for a photograph to be taken of the other’s facsimiles. Or two beings must be in almost hypnotic rapport for the matter to occur. The facsimiles themselves do not shift from one to the other. One being simply sees, then makes a “picture” of the facsimile of another when that other has the facsimile in restimulation. Any auditor has “seen” his preclear’s incidents.

If GE and theta being, are part of the same phenomena, then, a death shall include both. As mentioned earlier, the content of an incident is like a cover story to express some anomaly. Such a content may shift and change as one gets closer to the discovery of the anomaly and the associated assumption. Resolution occurs when the assumption is recognized, and its effects discharged.


ASSUMPTION is the name given to the act of a theta being taking over a MEST body. This is occasionally found to be part of the record of the GE strong enough to be audited. It is the sensation of being taken over thoroughly, sometimes contains the shock of contact. The ASSUMPTION takes place in most cases just prior to birth for every GE generation.

Evidently theta being ASSUMPTION is recent on Earth. It is rare to find a theta being coming to Earth 35,000 years ago, rarer to find one earlier. 70,000 years ago is the present earliest arrival of a theta being on Earth. In a great many cases, the preclear (for the awareness of awareness of the preclear IS the theta being) will be found to have arrived on Earth for the first time only a few hundred years ago. E-meter reaction occurs in the GE line on these ASSUMPTIONS and the auditor should be careful to differentiate whether he is reading for the GE or the preclear himself.

The GE takes a poor outlook on ASSUMPTIONS but, in reality, it is not much different to the GE to be taken over by a theta being than by a new epicentre developed in the past generation.

There is a smothering peculiar to ASSUMPTION from the viewpoint of the GE which is followed by a fear of being caught, a desire to hide, a wonderingness at this nothingness which hit him and wrapped him up.

A theta being is a potential. It doesn’t take over a MEST body. It manifests in the MEST body according to the natural laws. So, the experience being referred to here, must have some other explanation. E-meter reactions are being interpreted arbitrarily by Hubbard.


The GE stays with a dying body to the complete end and then soars upwards and obtains a downview of the dead. This is routine. In that the anaten of death deepens as the end nears and goes deeper than in any other incident, an auditor may leave the end of a death unaudited by carelessness.

The theta being leaves earlier than the GE and the GE sometimes records the departure of the theta being before the GE itself departs from the dying.

There are conditional departures of both in bad accidents and operations.

THE THETA BEING is the principal target of the auditor.

THE PRECLEAR is the theta being.

The main thing wrong with any preclear is that he cannot disentangle himself from entities and somatic entities, from demon circuits and MEST bodies. He wants to know WHO he is and WHERE he is.

A common complaint from a preclear is that somebody won’t let him be himself. The joke of this is that the preclear doesn’t know who HIMSELF is, much less why he can be allowed to be HIM.

Take any preclear and, using concept running, motivator, overt and DED and you will find him instantly in the midst of dozens of engrams if you ask him to run the concepts, “I am myself,” “You are yourself,” “What is my name?” “Who am I?” and similar concepts which attempt to single out his identity.

The theta being is that part of the DNA programming, which can operate intelligently. It gets into trouble by getting introverted. The key ability is to be able to spot anomalies and resolve them. The auditing questions should be designed on that basis. An auditing question could be, “Find something about _____ dynamic that does not make sense.”

The only reason why a person becomes aberrated about other people is that he cannot distinguish between himself and others. You find preclears—and auditors too—who go around thinking themselves burdened with facsimiles of others, who become restimulated and then try to run the engrams of others to cool the restimulation.

An individual is part of a family, which is part of a group. So, there are broader anomalies to be resolved. To be simply fixated on oneself is introverting and an anomaly in itself. An auditing question could be. “Find something about _____ dynamic on which your attention seems to be fixated on.”


WHO is the preclear? He is the theta being.

How does one really de-aberrate and clear a preclear? By clearing the theta being.

To keep asking, “Who am I?” is very introverting and should not be done. The theta being (“I”) is simply the intelligent portion of one’s beingness generated by the genetic programming and modified by education and the environment.

By running genetic entity incidents, by cleaning up present life, by running “past deaths,” the auditor can get rid of psychosomatics by the bale for the preclear. The auditor can practically rebuild the body.

He can clarify thought by taking away pains restimulated by thinking. He can do a thousand marvels never before possible here on Earth—or anywhere else for that matter.

But when he has done all these things, often at great labour, what does he have? He has a composite being, good enough to be called Homo Novis—a theta-animated MEST body possessed of new and desirable attributes. That doesn’t mean he has the preclear cleared. That doesn’t mean that he has located the preclear for the preclear and restored an ultimate self-determinism. It means the auditor has done well. The auditor has made what we are calling a MEST clear, a good, sane, rational MEST being about a skyscraper higher than Homo Sapiens. But in that Homo Sapiens is a pretty horrible thing to be, this isn’t good enough, not nearly good enough.

This Homo Novis is limited in his self-determinism by all the economic and social restrictions of an aberrated society. He is not free of food, clothing or shelter. He dies when you get him too cold, he perishes when the oxygen content drops too low. He is living in a tolerance band which keeps him cramped to the face of one second-rate planet in a tenth-rate system, prey to all the ill will that blows. Is this being free or self-determined? Maybe he is good enough to overlord his fellows into a security for himself never before possible. But that is his only real route towards security. He must fight and command for his three squares, he must use police protection in order to keep himself free of bullet holes and bumper marks. Compared to a Homo Sapiens, Homo Novis is very high and godlike. Compared to a truly self-determined being, Homo Novis is an ant ready to die under anybody’s mis-step.

This universe is a rough universe. It is a terrible and deadly universe. Only the strong survive it, only the ruthless can own it. Given one weak spot a being cannot long endure it for this universe will search it out and enlarge it and fester and probe it until that weak spot is a festering wound so large that the being is engulfed by his own sores.

Fighting this battle for survival, and fight it he must, a being in the MEST universe cannot seem to afford decency or charity or ethics; he cannot afford any weakness, any mercy. The moment he does he is lost—for he is surrounded by chilled, coarse rock and molten energy which, no matter the state of aberration of his social surroundings, will engulf him instantly that he ceases to obey the very least laws of MEST.

This is a universe of force. It is not a universe of reason. Brutal, unthinking, without decency or mercy, MEST force awaits with punishment any being with any weakness.

Hubbard is selecting the MEST universe to be the adversary; but MEST universe cannot be separated from the overall universe and targeted.

The possession of a MEST body is a liability for through that body the being can be given pain, can be regimented by the routine demands of eating and care from harm until at the very, very highest he can be but a puppet dancing to the spin of some unthinking planet under the strong glare of a remote and careless sun. Under these conditions a being burdened with care and liability of a body, made uncertain by an unknowingness, bows to strange and non-existent gods, resorts to terrible make-shifts in lieu of justice,- cringes before the mightier bomb, the sharper blade.

An individual cannot exist without the body, yet Hubbard is looking at the body as a liability that should be gotten rid of. This is an anomaly.

You have examined an engram. A standard engram is simply the collision of the body with the MEST universe with sufficient impact to produce the confusion of attention known as “unconsciousness.’

Should you care to make a test, just run “care of the body” as a total therapy. You will discover that by running out the postulates of a preclear about his body and its care and his injunctions and insistences to others that they care for their bodies, you can produce soaring changes in tone. An entire book can be written concerning this therapy. An entire book has been written about it—the first in Dianetics. This therapy could be styled, “The efforts of a theta being to reconcile the frailty of a MEST body with the ethics of a theta being.” They do not reconcile, these two. Schopenhauer, Zeno and names without number in philosophy have been trying to make this reconciliation for aeons. One says, “Defeat it all and die, for only by dying can you defeat it.” Another says, “You can’t win; therefore, the only victory is in refusing to try to win.”

Christianity and a million other unities have struggled with this problem and the result is a pot-pourri of answers, none of which reconcile the problem. You have a soul—it goes off somewhere, you don’t know about it. You are a soul; you don’t know about it.

Today we live in a vast cult called “Worship the body”. Medical doctors, schoolteachers, parents, traffic officers, the whole society unites into this war-cry, “Care for the body.” This stems from the ignorance that the body is all that one has, that he will have just one body, that his total devotion is the care of that body.

Hubbard seems be protesting the fixation of attention on the body in his society.

A body is a vegetable. It is not even a sentient vegetable for it lacks perception in the whole theta range. Like any vegetable it grows from seed and has habit patterns which help it survive. And, like any vegetable, one way or another, it gets used by others.

Early theta beings saw MEST bodies acting and being as though they were self-motivated. This was a curiosity. The early theta being did not know that these MEST bodies depended wholly for their wits under the guidance of a decayed theta being. The bodies looked like entities of considerable force and skill. The theta beingness of them was hidden and unapparent. Thus, even theta beings have been fooled by MEST bodies.

This doesn’t make sense, because theta beings are simply potentials without the body. Potentials don’t think and act. Here we seem to be having a glimpse of Hubbard’s case. His attention was fixated on bodies.

A MEST body, whether it belongs to the race of Man or the race of ants is yet but an animated vegetable. Given a theta being to guide it, it becomes part of a composite such as Homo Sapiens: here we have a theta being, decayed into unknowingness, devoted to the care of a MEST body. The “I” of this body, the actual volition of it, all its wits and skills are theta things derived from the guidance of a theta being. By itself the body would live, walk around, react, sleep, kill, and direct an existence no better than that of a field mouse or a zombie. Put a theta being over it and it becomes possessed of ethics and morals and direction and goals and the ability to reason; it becomes this strange thing called Homo Sapiens, a being above animals and yet an animal.

Give this MEST body a psychotic theta being and you get a sort of Frankenstein’s monster. Give this MEST body a nearly unconscious theta being and you get a zombie.

A theta being is an expression of an evolved body-mind system; it is not separate from it.

The body is a carbon-oxygen engine which runs at 98.6° F. The theta being is the engineer running this engine in a Homo Sapiens. There is already an entity running this engine, the GE, but there is here only a total devotion to avoiding pain, seeking survival factors of the meanest sort, begetting new MEST bodies. Every cell in that body has its own theta, the GE is theta. A THETA BEING is something else entirely.

A THETA BEING (thetan) is the upper end of the programming of which the GE is the lower end. The thetan and GE cannot be separated from each other or from the body. They are all part of a system.

In the first place, the theta being came into being without the need of a MEST body, without the need of motors. It is close to a perpetual motion picture machine in that it can create energy and impulses. It thinks without facsimiles, it can act without experience, it can know simply by being. When we have talked of optimum performance in Dianetics or Scientology, we have talked about the actual top-level capabilities of the theta being, not the capabilities of the MEST being. Early work in Dianetics treats of the composite called Homo Sapiens and treats that composite for what it is, an identity of several parts which act in greater or less coordination. You can go right on treating this composite being as a unit, you can go right on treating him and getting results for which, you will be praised. But you must know that you are not treating the actual identity when you treat the MEST body—you are furthering a composite and actually you are subscribing to the International Cult called “Care of the Body.”

This is Hubbard’s flawed hypothesis based on his misinterpretation of a phenomenon he called ‘exteriorization.’ The thetan can create energy and impulses only in the body. The whole problem is that of assimilating facsimiles (unassimilated impressions) in the mental matrix.

You can, at your own choice, go on living with and processing this composite known as Homo Sapiens and create Homo Novis. You can use Dianetics to make hitherto impossible strides. But be advised that in this choice you are living with paradoxes which no philosopher in all the ages ever reconciled—the injustice of death, the depravity of human beings as in Plato, the penalty of assisting another, the impossibility of having good ARC and survival too, the liability of being kind and merciful and every “unanswerable” religious paradox known. You, by persisting in yesterday’s reality are persisting then in problems which have never been resolved with the factors accepted. You are demanding of a MEST-theta composite that he be self-determined when every zephyr from a hard universe contains death for him and can turn him like a top; you are demanding that he be “careful” when his only salvation is to be carefree, you are saddling him with all the unanswered riddles of an aberrated life in an aberrated world. And you are condemning a preclear to the dwindling spiral— for the theta being as part of the composite decays fast and soon dies forever in the rigid apathy of MEST.

Hubbard wants to achieve a certain ideal scene. There is nothing wrong with that ideal scene, but he seems to be pursuing a flawed reasoning toward some imaginary “solution.”

Thus, this data is given you. In lieu of this data the only thing which could be given Man is the answering salute to the gladiators—they who are about to die.

As an auditor, the choice is yours to make—the paradoxes or the answer. I would not give you this data unless it can be demonstrated on any preclear with ease. And I would not give it to you unless you needed it.

Here it is.


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  • Chris Thompson  On March 10, 2022 at 6:04 PM

    “—the injustice of death,…” ~LRH

    Hubbard, like psychologists and other cultists before him had an impulse and a knack for assuming assumptions as abstractions and then giving these abstractions names as though his abstractions were objects. In this example, he makes the assumption that the natural process of death is an injustice. Then he berates all healers who came before as failed and variously says or infers that HE has solved this injustice. Assuming that he was correct about the injustice of death, we can now see in hindsight that he also joined the ranks of those failures who gave it their best and failed to solve the injustice of death.

    Like so many tautological understandings in my universe, when it is shown clearly to me that the work that I put into researching problems fails to result in a broadened general understanding, I ask myself, “Was the thing that I was trying to solve even a problem that needed solving?”


    • vinaire  On March 11, 2022 at 8:30 AM

      I just realized while working on Chapter Five that Hubbard uses THETAN as the valence of the preclear in whole track incidents. Hubbard sees this valence as who or what the person really is. Today most Scientologists are found in this valence.


      • Chris Thompson  On March 11, 2022 at 5:18 PM

        Yes, I see that. The definitions created for reflecting the abstraction of oneself to oneself began a certain way, then evolved into several confusions such as the muddy way it is described in the text that you pasted above. It is too much to hold still in one’s head.

        Considering the Scientology friends that I have known through the years, I do not really think Scientologists are walking around with these out of valence notions swirling. By the time that a person gets a good foundation in the world view of Scientology, gets through their Grades, and some auditor training, Student Hat under their belt, I think the world view of a Scientologist is quite simple, useful and constructive.

        After this, after people have attested to the State of Clear, once they begin to solo audit and confront the OTIII materials (again these HISTORY OF MAN materials), the NED for OTs (again these HISTORY OF MAN materials), and so forth for the remnants of the Bridge, the confusion can really set in and become a psychological and physiological problem that can chase them the rest of their lives. Or possibly as you have written, “. . . being in the whole-track valence of a Thetan.”

        I am happy that I was able to resolve this before ruining the earlier good that Scientology did for me. Getting to know myself and getting a well rounded Scientology education, clearing up confusions, and finally case supervising the finale of my own journey up the Bridge to Total Freedom, let me see all that I had ever hoped to see and left an indelibly good impression about what I am, what I am not, and what I do not know. I think that was a good ending point.

        Though I have no yearnings where Scn is concerned, I am open to the idea of future reviewing of my journey with the caveat that I would not trust my case supervision to another, even if I would cooperate on that supervision with another. The main emphasis of that is that my understanding would need to be consulted and agreements obtained as to that course of action.


    • vinaire  On March 11, 2022 at 9:05 AM

      My definition of a Scientologist:

      “A person who is being in the whole-track valence of a thetan.”



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