Subject: Scientology Grade 0

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

This document provides all Scientology Grade 0 processes in one place. You may run these processes on yourself under the Discipline of Subject Clearing, using the  Straight Memory approach. You stay in the present time and ask yourself the question given by the process. You contemplate on it and carefully look at the response that arises in the mind. You remember the most obvious incidents or facts first. You then works towards remembering more and more obscure incidents, until some realization occurs.



DISCIPLINE:  Discipline of Subject Clearing
TEXTS (by  L. Ron Hubbard): 

  1. Scientology 0 Processes
  2. Self Analysis
  3. R2- 31 Beingness Processing
  4. R2-60 Processes
  5. Locational Comm Process

Hubbard says, “Recalling is too steep for a starting pc. They can’t recall well really until about Level IV when they can be cleaned up on their ARC Breaks with Life. Here we have the whole design of Level 0: ‘Recover the pc’s ability to talk to others freely.'”

When reading the text by L. Ron Hubbard, please use his Technical Dictionary to look up words belonging to Scientology technical vocabulary, such as, engrams, secondaries, locks, etc.



Scientology, Grade 0, Affinity, Reality, Communication, ARC, Straight memory, Straightwire, End Phenomenon, Confront, Exhaustion, Flows, Comm lag.



Please refer to

  1. KHTK Glossary
  2. Technical Dictionary

Additional data specific to this subject is as follows.

To face without flinching or avoiding.

This is the phenomenon attained that signals the end of a Scientology process. It consists of a realization and release of some tension. Or the process goes flat. You stop running the process on yourself when you have attained this end phenomenon.

Impressions in the mind are created when something happens in which one is involved, and when one observes things happening in which another or others are involved. 

“Flow” is an electronic flow in a direction. There are eight flow directions as follows. (1) Self to another, (2) Another to self, (3) Others to others, (4) Self to others, (5) Others to self, (6) Another to others, (7) Others to another, and (8) another to another. 

A process is continued as long as it produces change and no longer, at which time the process is flat. A process should be run for some time before you know that it has gone flat.

Grade 0 focuses on the ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject.

Straight memory consists of the person staying in present time with his eyes wide open and remembering certain things. It is a common phenomenon that a fact asked for today and not received may be received tomorrow or the next day. He remembers the most obvious incidents or facts first. He then works towards remembering more and more obscure incidents.



These are the instructions for running a process.

  1. Make sure you are well fed and well rested before you run a process on yourself.
  2. Select a Grade 0 process to run that appears interesting to you. Once you start running a process you must take it to EP no matter how long it takes. You do not start another process until you take the last one to completion.
  3. You may attain the EP within a session, or it may take several sessions. A session duration can be anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours.
  4. “Repetitive to EP” means that you give yourself the same process command again and again. Each time you give yourself a command, contemplate on it carefully in a relaxed manner. 
  5. The response to the command may arise in your mind right away or it may take some time to arise, even hours or days.
  6. You should be able to perceive the response in your mind so clearly that you can verbalize it to yourself. 
  7. Once you receive the response, you acknowledge it by saying, “Thank you,” “OK,” “Alright,” etc.
  8. Before you run a process, make sure you understand its command very clearly. Look at each word of the command one at a time to make sure you understand it.
  9. Some processes require a sequence of commands to be run, and then the whole sequence is repeated.
  10. There are plenty of processes to be run. But if you want to run a process again because you are not sure if you attained the EP, it is perfectly alright to do so. If there was a realization earlier, it will come back to you.






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  • vinaire  On February 5, 2022 at 10:42 AM

    Self Analysis provides the easiest gradient of Dianetics application. It uses the Straightwire Approach. The following Subject Clearing exercise uses a list from Self Analysis.

    Visualization Exercise

  • vinaire  On February 5, 2022 at 10:45 AM

    I shall recommend all Self-Analysis Lists to be run by oneself under the discipline of Subject Clearing for quite some time before any other Dianetics auditing is attempted.

    I remember running these lists in 1970 on a fellow MIT student in the dorm. It was a lot of fun with some great result.

    Two people can support each other by running these Self Analysis lists of questions together. They should take as much time as needed on each question. This should be a lot of fun.

    Read the chapter called PROCESSING SECTION of the Self Analysis book.

    Click to access self-analysis.pdf

  • vinaire  On February 5, 2022 at 10:47 AM

    Hubbard repeatedly says, “The material universe is composed of matter, energy, space and time. Life can then be considered to be engaged upon the conquest of matter, energy, space and time, including other life forms, organisms and persons.”
    I believe that life is an intimate part of the configuration of matter, energy, space and time. If life is conquering anything at all, it is conquering itself. There is no contest between life and MEST. The actual contest is between knowing and remaining ignorant.

  • vinaire  On February 5, 2022 at 10:48 AM

    I have been running Grade 0 processes on myself quite successfully. It is amazing to realize that an average person can do so anywhere with the subject clearing approach. It just requires some patience and practice. Who knows oneself better than anybody else! That is the super advantage you have.

    You do not have to know anything about the E-meter. That is prop and dependency anyway, and you want to avoid it. You just go by your gut feeling. It may take some trial and error, but with practice and success, you get better and better. Grade zero processes are much easier to do than the Dianetics of DMSMH, or the Straight Memory of SOS. But the knowledge of DMSMH and SOS puts nicely in perspective what you are doing on Grade 0.

  • vinaire  On February 5, 2022 at 10:50 AM

    The great shift from Dianetic approach to Straight Memory approach occurred with the publication of Science of Survival in 1951. The first application of Straight Memory was Self Analysis later in 1951. All the Grade processes develop from the Straight Memory approach.

    Grade 0 uses Straight Memory to improve communication with one’s mind and others. It is very important to understand what memory is. Hubbard is incorrect in saying that every living moment is precisely recorded in the mind to the last second, and it is recoverable. This erroneous datum has given loss to almost everybody in recalling.

    Under the Matrix Model of the mind, the goal is to assimilate all perception. Once assimilated there is no “recording” of perception left. Only unassimilated sensations remain as “precise” records and they are mostly unavailable. These are engrams, secondaries and locks. These “records” are waiting to be assimilated.

    Once assimilated, the “memory recall” consists of reconstructed data from the assimilated matrix. When one has the same breakfast day after day, one has a general impression of it. So when recalling a breakfast on a certain day of the year, and the time of the day, is reconstructed from this assimilated impression.

    When bits and pieces of “precise memory” are encountered, there remains something unassimilated about that recording.

    With Straight Memory, one is basically looking at the remaining bits and pieces of unassimilated sensations and assimilating them on a gradient. Grade 0 is the simplest gradient of this process. One needn’t take a loss if one cannot recall precisely. Much of the recall will consist of reconstruction of memory from assimilated impressions. There will be occlusions only where holes exist in these assimilated impressions. These holes will show up as anomalies. The resolution of these anomalies will lead to recordings of unassimilated sensations. Assimilation of such recordings is always accompanied by realization.

    With this knowledge, one can go through the Grade processes very, very fast without the feeling that one is missing something. One may also go through these grade processes again and again with subject clearing approach in a relaxed fashion, if one has the feeling of missing something.

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