Discussing the Subject

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

A person working on a key word may clarify his understanding by discussing it with another person. The key word may be the subject title. Such a discussion may be carried out face-to-face, or through messages back and forth. The discussion must be limited to that one word to sort out its

  1. Broad concept
  2. Definition, and
  3. Related anomalies.

The end product will be no more anomalies, a conceptual understanding of the key word, and a clarity on its definition in the given context.



The purpose of a discussion is to learn by exchanging viewpoints. One uses experience and experimentation to obtain data and then brings it to the table to be discussed.

The participants in a discussion focus on the subject and not on each other. A discussion is not a debate where one is in a contest to win argument against others. There is no need for sophistry. In a discussion there are no opponents. All participants are on the same side. On the other side may just be ignorance. In a discussion each participant’s viewpoint is bound to change and evolve as he/she learns from the data pooled together by all.

Thus, a discussion is a cooperative effort. There is no reason to censor any data in a discussion. The data simply needs to be examined in detail.


Conceptual Understanding

A concept means “something conceived”. It has to do with “seizing” an idea. In order to seize an idea completely, it must be fully assimilated with one’s knowledge. There should not be anything anomalous within that concept. In other words, the concept must be completely continuous, consistent and harmonious within itself.

Each key word must be brought to the state of conceptual understanding in subject clearing.



A definition has the etymological sense of being a “finished or completed product.” It refers to the precise meaning of a word in a given context. There is a definite clarity associated with it. Therefore, after obtaining the conceptual understanding of a word one must define it completely in the given context.

Each key word most be defined completely in the context at hand in subject clearing.



An anomaly is something irregular, which does not fit in. It has to do with incongruity or inconsistency. In subject clearing, one resolves any sense of discontinuity, inconsistency or disharmony connected with the key word.


Subject Clearing and Discussion

Besides dictionary, Wikipedia and textbooks, discussion is a valuable tool to be used in subject clearing. It is an activity in which two or more people closely examine a key word together.


Rules of Discussion

For the rules of discussion, please see

  1. Mindfulness Discussions


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