Introduction to Subject Clearing (old-1)

Please see Course on Subject Clearing

Subject Clearing is an effective tool currently available to bring clarity to the mind on any subject. It not only brings about a much better understanding of a subject but also helps detect the basic postulates, assumptions and erroneous ideas present in that subject.


Basic Postulates

The basic postulates help one understand the grounds on which a subject stands. Ideas based on these postulates must be demonstrable. There must not be inconsistencies among these postulates, ideas and reality.

Fundamental progress has occurred in science whenever anomalies were observed, which required a closer examination of long-accepted ideas and basic postulates of different subjects. 



Assumptions, speculations and erroneous ideas come about when means of closer and clearer observations are not available. Many assumptions in astronomy got clarified with progress in mathematics and after the invention of the telescope. Similarly, assumed causes of illnesses were corrected after the invention of microscope. 

If assumptions and erroneous ideas are not detected and isolated, it can cause serious problems with the application of a subject. This is currently the case with the subject of religion.



Anomalies exist wherever there are disharmonies, inconsistencies and discontinuities. They abound in social and personal behaviors. Social sciences are nowhere near resolving them. The basis of anomalies are erroneous ideas. Such erroneous ideas can be very pervasive, and may even enter the definitions of words provided in dictionaries.

Therefore, the rule in Subject Clearing is:

No past ideas and learning in the area of doubt and perplexity are sacrosanct—meaning so “sacred” that you cannot question them.

One should not have a closed mind because there is no such thing as absolute perfection. If a person is too attached to an idea, he may feel attacked when another person expresses a conflicting idea. An open-minded person will see it simply as an anomaly to be resolved.


Subject Clearing and Study Technology

The study technology is used to “understand” the existing materials. The subject clearing, on the other hand, is used to clear up doubts and perplexities. In subject clearing one does not explain away a doubt or perplexity. Instead, he make a concentrated effort to resolve that doubt or perplexity through examination, contemplation and meditation.

The true purpose of study is to resolve anomalies (things that do not make sense) as you come across them in a subject or in life. This develops clarity of mind and the ability to think fast on your feet.


Self-learning and Tutoring

The product of a tutor is a student who is becoming a self learner. 

A self-learner is one who, on his own, can establish connection between his confusion and the relevant hole in his understanding. He can then proceed to fill that hole by searching for, and finding, the right material.

A tutor may use subject clearing to help many students at a time with their subjects as well as help them become self-learners. He would need to supervise his students go through the steps of Subject Clearing on the subject they are learning. 

Planning exists for such tutoring occurring in Self-Learning Clinics in the near future.


Critical Thinking

Since additional information on a subject may easily be accessed through Internet these days, the purpose of tutoring and study is to not memorize but to improve critical thinking. The tool for this is Subject Clearing.


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