Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

In Subject Clearing, you visualize words and concepts in order to assimilate them in your mental matrix. You can easily visualize a concrete object like “oak tree” by looking it up on ‘google images’. You may visualize it from your experience also. A picture of a concrete object from ‘google images’ may also trigger some experience. To visualize something abstract like “love” you need to make some real-life examples from your own experience, or somebody else’s experience that you have observed or read about.

When you are visualizing a word or concept from your experience, you are also straightening out your past to some degree. A deeper visualization may lead you to meditation. That may straighten out larger chunks of your life. Whatever happens, just let it happen naturally.


Assimilation of Experience

The whole purpose of subject clearing is to convert the words and symbols of a subject into mental pixels, so that its assimilation in mental matrix may occur. This also means assimilation of all you experience relating to that subject. This is accomplished through visualization. You visualize in as many different ways and as often as necessary for you to feel comfortable. At that point you will have a clear understanding of the word or symbol and your attention will go automatically to the next thing that is needed.

Suppose you are clearing up the word ‘solicitous’. As you visualize the definitions of this word from you experience, you look at instances when you were solicitous to somebody, or when somebody was solicitous to you, or to somebody else. Suddenly, you become aware of the moment when you were very sick, and your mother took care of you. This may be a moment that is an unassimilated node buried deep in your mental matrix. It was inaccessible to you all this time; but now, because of all the subject clearing you have been doing, it has become accessible. As you recover the data of this incident it will be assimilated in the mental matrix. You will feel a tremendous sense of relief. This is what is meant by ‘assimilation of experience’.


Natural Process

This assimilation of experience is a natural process. The mind will give you information when it is ready. To safeguard the naturalness of visualization the following law is paramount.

You do not deny, avoid, resist, or suppress any thoughts, emotions, and sensations, or, otherwise, interfere with the natural activities of the mind. Things may go dangerously awry when one anxiously digs into the mind for answers.

This law applies also to the deeper process of meditation where you let the mind unwind without interference or interruption. This keeps the mind safe during deep thinking.

The process of visualization is so important that the next issue provides a practice exercise for it.


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