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Reference: The Axioms

In the Scientology Axioms, written by L. Ron Hubbard in 1954, we have a condensation and a recapitulation of all the earlier Axioms and Logics, boiled down to a more practical, more fundamental and more forthright list. They compare best, perhaps, to the axioms of geometry; they are certainly as self–evident as that. But the axioms of geometry are really much cruder than the Scientology Axioms, since geometry proves itself by itself and the Axioms of Scientology prove themselves by all of life.

This paper presents Scientology Axioms 41 – 50 and the corresponding KHTK versions.


SCIENTOLOGY AXIOM 41: That into which alter–isness is introduced becomes a problem.

Any time you ALTER-IS something you add another wrinkle to IS-NESS. This may generate or worsen a problem. The universe is not a problem, but its altered view is. We postulate that it was created. We don’t know if that postulate is correct.

When we say that the universe is persisting, it is actually our view of the universe that is persisting. It comes down to examining our considerations about the universe for ALTER-IS. It is the ALTER-IS we are not aware of, which causes a problem.

KHTK AXIOM 41: That into which alter-is-ness is introduced becomes a problem.


SCIENTOLOGY AXIOM 42: MEST (matter, energy, space and time) persists because it is a problem.

It is a problem because it contains Alter-is-ness.

MEST is a problem because it is an altered view of the universe. Scientology postulates that MEST (physical) universe produced by the Theta universe. This could be an ALTER-IS. KHTK, therefore, postulates that Theta-MEST is a single universe.

The physicist has been focusing only the physical aspect of the universe. He has been ignoring the innate impulse that underlies energy. The atom bomb simply releases this impulse in an uncontrolled, destructive manner. The same impulse is better controlled in the computer technology.

KHTK AXIOM 42: MEST (matter, energy, space, time) persists because its Theta aspect is being ignored.

We see some Theta aspect of MEST in computer technology.


SCIENTOLOGY AXIOM 43: Time is the primary source of untruth.

Time states the untruth of consecutive considerations.

Time denotes duration of energy. This duration increases as the energy condenses from thought to matter. As a result, less condensed energy appears to be in motion compared to more condensed energy. We tend to focus on the duration associated with matter (condensed energy) as the characteristic of time.

It seems that as energy gets more condensed it becomes “interesting”. A less condensed energy is “interested”. When a person becomes more “interesting” he has become more condensed in his considerations. This leads to fixations. The person then becomes a problem.

Consecutive moments appear because of the play of energy of different condensations. A shock in time is a sudden shift in the gradient of energy. With fame, a person may shift suddenly from being interested to becoming interesting. This could act as a shock.

KHTK AXIOM 43: Condensation into fixation is the primary source of untruth.

Fixation condenses consecutive considerations stating them as untruth.


SCIENTOLOGY AXIOM 44: Theta, the static, has no location in matter, energy, space or time, but is capable of consideration.

Static is the potential state of the Theta-MEST spectrum. Theta is thought energy part of the spectrum. It has vibration. It is not the same thing as Static. This conflation between Theta and Static is the key error in the hypothesis of Hubbard.

Time is the duration of energy. It is extremely small for thought energy. Considerations do not persist unless they are anomalous with the universe and are waiting to be resolved. A Thetan is the sum total of persisting considerations.

This persistence (fixation) becomes a problem when it is not resolved. A persisting condition of the thetan is fixation on the body. The only way not to be “inside the body” is simply not to have any attention on the body.

KHTK AXIOM 44: Theta is the thought energy aspect of the Theta-MEST spectrum that constitutes considerations.


SCIENTOLOGY AXIOM 45: Theta can consider itself to be placed, at which moment it becomes placed, and to that degree a problem.

When Theta is not Static, it is manifesting itself. In other words, its innate impulses are firing away. A thetan can have a problem only when it gets fixated and cannot resolve that fixation. He is then being more interesting than interested.

But if he can be fixated and un-fixated at will then there is no problem. He may be somewhat of a problem only during the period he is fixated.

KHTK AXIOM 45: Theta can consider itself to be fixated, at which moment it becomes fixated, and to that degree a problem.


SCIENTOLOGY AXIOM 46: Theta can become a problem by its considerations, but then becomes MEST.

A problem is to some degree MEST. MEST is a problem.

When Theta is kinetic then, of course, it is energy of very low frequency, and there is corresponding space and time. But there is no matter.

As energy condenses, it starts to acquire properties that make it observable in terms of interactions. That makes it “interesting”. And that which is observing is the un-condensed energy. So, that thought energy is being “interested”.

Un-condensed energy can flow around very rapidly but condensed energy cannot flow or move that fast. That means problem is characterized by lack of motion and flexibility.

KHTK AXIOM 46: Theta becomes a problem by losing its motion and flexibility due to condensation.


SCIENTOLOGY AXIOM 47: Theta can resolve problems.

Resolution of problem means reversing the process of condensation. It is lessening the rate of vibration. It is calming down. It is becoming less fixated and more flexible. That process is occurring in the field of computers and robotics; but it is very much in its infancy.

KHTK AXIOM 47: Theta can resolve problems.


SCIENTOLOGY AXIOM 48: Life is a game wherein theta as the static solves the problems of theta as mest.

“Theta as static” is the un-condensed theta. “Theta as MEST” is condensed theta. All theta is connected. The un-condensed theta can de-condense the condensed theta. This is what happens when we help each other.

Theta gets more condensed by being interesting and focused on itself. This is called interiorization. It de-condenses by being interested and focused on others. This is called exteriorization.

KHTK AXIOM 48: Life is a game wherein Theta as un-condensed substance solves the problems of Theta as condensed substance.


SCIENTOLOGY AXIOM 49: To solve any problem it is only necessary to become theta, the solver, rather than theta, the problem.

The SOP 8C works by getting a person to looking at the environment and getting interested in others rather than have attention on oneself and be interesting.

The key point is extroversion. One may even look at oneself from an extroverted viewpoint. He can do that by viewing oneself as a problem in the context of the present time environment and by not getting sucked into the mind in its past.

KHTK AXIOM 49: To solve any problem it is only necessary to become extroverted in one’s attention rather than introverted.


SCIENTOLOGY AXIOM 50: Theta as MEST must contain considerations which are lies.

MEST is the energy that is persisting because it is condensed and focused on itself. This is the situation with the body. Theta is activating the body through considerations, but these considerations come and go quickly. None of them persist.

But fixations persist. A person who is interiorized has his attention fixed on his body and on the facsimiles in his mind. SOP 8C is simply pulling the person’s attention away from himself and putting it on the environment. As you pull the attention away, these facsimiles show up.

What is actually being objected to are these fixations that are persisting. You may call them lies because they vanish once recognized. The anomaly is persisting in the present. Whatever lie that brought that anomaly is also persisting in the present. That lie brought about a change from the opposite condition.

By repeatedly postulating the original condition we can run out the lie, and the anomaly that has been persisting.

KHTK AXIOM 50: Theta as MEST must contain fixations which are lies.


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