The Law of Evolution

A person represents that part of the universe that is trying to evolve. We may think that an individual may not succeed in making a change beyond the conditioned change. But, by the grace of God, he may very well make a breakthrough.

You cannot just make an arbitrary change. Any change you make must continue the evolution that has taken place; it must be in harmony with what exists; and it must not generate an inconsistency. That is the law of evolution.

In other words, to reflect sanity, any postulate you make must be continuous, harmonious and consistent with the universe that exists.

You may postulate anything, but it may not necessarily be consistent with the environment around you. To make it consistent you’ll have to change the environment too, otherwise, you are simply conditioning your mind. It would be self-hypnotism, or MAYA as called in Hinduism.



Time represents what is persisting. And that, which is persisting, is either an actual evolution of knowledge or just a conditioned mind. In other words, you are either going up the Know-to-Mystery scale, or you are going down.

But Time is the simply the abstract notion of PERSISTENCE.


God & Universe

VEDAS say that everything has evolved from God, because God is not separate from the universe.

But Christianity gives God a human like beingness and says that God created this universe. In other words, Christianity postulates a separation between God and the universe. But that is an inconsistent postulate. God is not just an image or reflection of humanity. God is the entire universe.

God has always been the universe–then and now. God has been the evolving universe all along. We are part of God and spearheading this evolution.


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