SCN 8-8008: FACTOR # 5

Reference: SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008

This paper presents Factor # 5 from the book SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008 by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book by The Church of Scientology (1952).

The paragraphs of the original material (in black) are accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.  Feedback on these comments is appreciated.


FACTOR # 5. Thus there is space created, for the definition of space is: viewpoint of dimension. And the purpose of a dimension point is space and a point of view.

Space is the extent of something. Overall space is the extent of the universal matrix. Each dimension point, whether large or small, has the space it occupies.

The viewpoint, or the point of view, depends on the perspective from which something is viewed. The perspective can be universal from which a single dimension point is viewed. Or, the perspective can be that of a single dimension point from which the whole universe is viewed.

REVISED FACTOR # 5: Space is the extent of dimension point. Viewpoint is how narrowly or broadly the dimensions are being considered in viewing the dimension point.



Hubbard implies that space is the viewpoint of dimension, and that it is created by the viewpoint. In other words, space is the perspective that a viewpoint takes to view a certain dimension.

One is really looking at a dimension point rather than the dimensions. A dimension is a scale whose ends appear as a dichotomy, such as, “good – bad”. The dimensions provide the context in which the characteristics of a dimension point are being assessed such as, how good or bad something is.


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