SCN 8-8008: FACTOR # 3 (old)

Project: A Course on Hubbard’s Factors

This paper presents Factor # 3 from the book SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008 by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book by The Church of Scientology (1952).

The paragraphs of the original material (in black) are accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.  Feedback on these comments is appreciated.


FACTOR # 3. The first action of beingness is to assume a viewpoint.

Viewpoint is a frame of reference. It is a natural aspect of beingness. For example, there is a universal viewpoint associated with beingness that is the universe.

The universal viewpoint may be narrowed in order to focus it on a part of the universal beingness. This narrowed viewpoint may be broadened back to view the universal beingness. There is this flexibility to the viewpoint.

When viewpoint is narrowed to focus on a part of beingness and becomes fixed at that point, then it loses its flexibility. It perceives everything from that narrow perspective. Now there is a unique perspective from which to advance opinions. This defines subjectivity.

The natural viewpoint of universal beingness sees thing as they are without the uniqueness of any perspective. This defines objectivity.

KHTK FACTOR # 3: The natural aspect of beingness is its viewpoint. The universal viewpoint sees things as they are. This is objectivity.



The concept that comes closest to the “universal viewpoint” is God. But God is not a human like being. God is the whole universe.

We may say that Emptiness and God are two opposite ends of the scale of viewpoint. This makes “Emptiness – God” a dichotomy.

To fully understand a point on this scale the reference point of Emptiness is required. Therefore, God may be understood fully only from the reference point of Emptiness.


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