SCN 8-8008: Glossary

This paper presents Section 53 from the book SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008 by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book by The Church of Scientology (1952).

The paragraphs of the original material (in black) are accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.  Feedback on these comments is appreciated.

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THETAN: This term designates the beingness of the individual, the awareness of awareness unit, that quantity and identity which IS the preclear. One does not speak of “my thetan” any more than he would speak of “my me.” Persons referring to the thetan in such a way as to make the thetan a third party to the body and the person are not only incorrect; they betoken by this a bad state of aberration.

The individual is a complex system. The core of the individual may be referred to as the thetan. A thetan is the bundle of basic considerations that appear as the ‘I’. The thetan has a dynamic goal to resolve itself. The activity toward this goal appears as a mission with a purpose.

AUDITOR: The person who “audits,” who computes and listens, a practitioner of Dianetics and Scientology. SOP Theta Clearing is best done by an auditor who has been theta cleared. A Step V commonly acts to force the preclear to stay in his body even while pretending to free the preclear from his body.

An auditor is the individual trained in the procedures of mindfulness meditation and Scientology. The auditor helps resolve the complexities of the thetan. An individual can be his own auditor. The first step in auditing is to get over the fixation over the body.

LOCATION: The thetan is an energy unit which is commonly located in the centre of the skull. A thetan who cannot leave the current body very often believes himself to be holding on only to the current body, and yet in actuality is holding on to a facsimile of an earlier body. The thetan also believes himself to be the size of some earlier body. A thetan from the Fifth Invader Force believes himself to be a very strange insect-like creature with unthinkably horrible hands. He believes himself to be occupying such a body, but is in actuality simply a unit capable of producing space, time, energy and matter.

A location is where something is. A thetan considers itself to be located at the center of the skull where perceptions converge. This consideration is generally fixed, although a thetan may consider itself to be located somewhere else if it wishes. The thetan believes itself to be the body, but this is only a belief. A thetan is capable of generating any belief.

SELF-DETERMINISM: Self-determinism is a relative state of ability to determine location in time and space, and to create and destroy space, time, energy and matter. If one can locate his facsimiles and ridges in time and space, if one is able to place persons and objects in the past, present and future in time and space, he can be considered to have high self-determinism. If one’s facsimiles place him in time and space, if people can easily place one in time and space in the past, present or future, one’s self-determinism is low. Willingness and unwillingness to locate things in time and space are the key relative states of sanity.

Self-determinism is the ability to determine one’s location in time and space. It is the ability to overcome any fixation of considerations regarding one’s location or anything else.

ILLUSION: Any idea, space, energy, object or time concept which one creates himself.

Illusion is anything that is not seen for what it is. It is colored by one’s filters.

REALITY: That agreement upon illusion which became the MEST universe.

Reality is that perception from which all inconsistencies have been resolved. It is continuous and harmonious. It is what it is.

DELUSION: Things not of one’s own creation or of the MEST universe which locate one in time and space.

Delusion is a belief in things that are not consistent with reality.

CERTAINTY: One is certain on a plus or minus basis and can be equally certain on either. One can be certain a thing is NOT real or he can be certain that it IS real. There are three sides to this. One is certain that a thing is his own illusion: this is the highest level. One is certain that a thing is a MEST universe reality (illusion). One can be certain that a thing is a delusion. Any certainty is a knowingness. Knowingness is sanity. Thus we have three routes of certainty by which to approach knowingness.

There is a gradient of certainty. Certainty increases as inconsistencies are eliminated from what is known. Assertion of ideas that involve inconsistency is not certainty.

KNOWINGNESS: Knowingness depends upon certainty.

Knowingness depends upon lack of inconsistencies in one’s mental matrix and perception.

ABERRATION: Aberration depends upon uncertainty.

Aberration is the presence of inconsistencies.

THETA PERCEPTION: That which one perceives by radiating toward an object and from the reflection perceiving various characteristics of the object such as size, odour, tactile, sound, colour, etc. Certainty of perception is increased by drilling in certainties as above. Theta perception is dependent upon willingness to handle energy and to create space, energy and objects. In view of the fact that the MEST universe can be established easily to be an illusion, one must have an ability to perceive illusions before one can clearly perceive the MEST universe, The thetan who cannot perceive the MEST universe easily will also be found to be incapable of handling and orienting other kinds of illusions with certainty. Theta perception is also a direct index to responsibility, for responsibility is the willingness to handle force.

Theta perception is the perception of abstract patterns underlying the MEST perceptions. These patterns arise from consistency, harmony and continuity among perceptions. There is the dimension of abstraction from MEST to Theta.

MEST PERCEPTION: Recordings the thetan takes from the organs of perception of the human body as a short cut to perception (lazy perception). The body records actual wave emanations from the MEST universe, the thetan uses these recordings. Considerably more data should be collected on this subject.

MEST perception is the perception derived from physical sense organs of the body.

ORIENTATION: Determination of location in space and time and determination of energy quantity present. This applies to past, present, future.

Orientation is knowingness with respect to some reference point.

RIDGES: “Solid” accumulations of energy which are suspended in space and time. Ridges can be handled variously. They can also explode.

Ridges are delusional beliefs. They are fixed ideas.

FACSIMILES: Energy reproductions of things in various universes. They are fixed to ridges.

Facsimiles come about when one views from ridges. These are inconsistencies that persist.

END OF TERMINAL: A communication line to anything has the preclear at one end and something at the other end. When the end of terminal is vacated, flow dams and the preclear must fix the vacated end to his own body. This is the mechanics behind the loss which brings about grief. ARC lines can be mocked-up and handled in the routine of creative processing, which processes will resolve end of terminal difficulties. These terminals are quite visible to the thetan who sees them either wound around the body or extending to other bodies or reaching a considerable distance into space. The thetan can actually yank on these terminals, even those which go into space, and free the other end whether he perceives it or not, and so recover and dispose of such lines.

A person forms one end of his communication lines. The other end is attached to something the person is communicating with, or simply perceiving.  When something at the other end is not there, the communicate is left incomplete and the attention introverts. There is a feeling of loss which brings about grief. Such feeling may be resolved by visualizing the terminal at the other end of the communication line in creative ways and completing the communication cycles.

ASTRAL BODIES: Somebody’s delusion. Astral bodies are usually mock-ups which the mystic then tries to believe real. He sees the astral body as something else and then seeks to inhabit it in the most common practices of “astral walking.” Anyone who confuses astral bodies with thetans is apt to have difficulty with theta clearing for the two things are not the same order of similarity. The exteriorization of a thetan, when actually accomplished, is so complete and thorough and is attended by so many other phenomena that anyone WHO has made an effort to relate these two things is quite certain to recant after he has been theta cleared. The most noteworthy difference is that the thetan does not have a body. Production of illusion to which he then sought to assign MEST reality is probably the underlying factor which makes mysticism so aberrative. Data from India, even that found in the deepest “mysteries” of India, is knowingly or unknowingly “booby-trapped” so that while it contains, though unevaluated and isolated, many essential truths, it contains as well directions which are certain to send the experimenter even more deeply into the unwanted state of becoming MEST. Until recently, the nearest one could come to studying the actuality of existence was through the field of mysticism and its value should not be discounted, but its effect is to deliver an entirely opposite result to any experimenter luckless enough to hope to reach cause by becoming an effect as required in mysticism. Seeing and feeling “non-existences” is frightening and harmful only when one seeks to believe them to be existences. Only when he knows he has created them, can he obtain a certainty upon them. One can create hallucination for himself only by insisting that what he has created was otherwise created—in short, refusing to accept responsibility for his own created illusions.

Astral bodies are the result of visualization or belief that the person is unaware of. Astral bodies do not exist independently of the person.

ELECTRONICS: Lower and cruder manifestations of the same order of actuality as thought.

Electronics parallels the phenomena of thought, but it is much cruder.

TERMINALS: In facsimiles, ridges and electric motors, terminals operate and current flows only when they are fixed in time and space. Alternating current becomes possible only because of an overlooked item, the base of the motor, which is fixed in time and space and which keeps the terminals apart by fixing them in time and space.

Terminals are condensed considerations that act as nodes in the universal matrix. They are connected by finely programmed relationships. They are kept in place by the structure of the matrix.

THE HUMAN SOUL: The preclear.

The human soul is a system of considerations that is condensed and which persists but it is not permanent. It acts as a terminal.

MYSTICISM: Many right ideas but the wrong way to go about it.

This “definition” does not provide substance as the same thing can be said about Scientology.

FREEDOM: Ability to create and position energy or matter in time and space.

Freedom is naturally there in the make-up of beingness and life. Freedom lessens to the degree one deviates from that nature. To increase freedom, one needs to overcome the natural programming.

SLAVERY: Being positioned in another’s time and space.

Slavery comes from deviating from one’s nature.

THE HUMAN BODY: A carbon-oxygen engine built of complex electronic ridges around the genetic entity which animates it.

The human body is the outer form of human identity that is made of mass and electronic circuits. The genetic entity consists of the core programming

THE HUMAN MIND: The thetan plus the standard banks.

The human mind is that part of human viewpoint that freely associates all perceptions into continuity of experience.

STIMULUS-RESPONSE: The environment of the thetan activating ridges to make them activate the body.

Stimulus-response comes about when free association is overcome by the rigidity of considerations (beliefs, fixed ideas, etc).

THE REACTIVE MIND: The ridge automatic response system.

The reactive mind is that aspect of the mind, which is dominated by rigid structures of considerations.

THE SOMATIC MIND: The genetic entity plus the brain system of the body.

The somatic mind is the core DNA programming that is expressed as the core identity.

SCIENTOLOGY: The science of knowing how to know.

Scientology is a theory about human identity developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

KNOWING HOW TO KNOW: Being the thetan, clear of the body and its ridges and able to handle illusion, matter, energy, space and time.

Knowing how to know is actually the ability to freely associate all perceptions without any constraints.

THETA CLEAR: A being who is reasonably stable outside the body and does not come back into the body simply because the body is hurt. No other condition necessary.

Theta Clear is a person whose attention is no longer fixated on the body.

CLEARED THETA CLEAR: A thetan who is completely rehabilitated and can do everything a thetan should do, such as move MEST and control others from a distance, or create his own universe.

Cleared Theta Clear is a person who is free of all fixations of attention.

A THETAN EXTERIOR: A thetan who is clear of the body and knows it but is not yet stable outside.

A Thetan Exterior is a person who is aware of fixations on the body.



These are some of the terminology employed by Hubbard in 1952.


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