SCN 8-8008: Motion Source-Stopped

This paper presents Section 33 from the book SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008 by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book by The Church of Scientology (1952).

The paragraphs of the original material (in black) are accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.  Feedback on these comments is appreciated.

The heading below is linked to the original materials.


Motion Source-Stopped

The ability to cause motion is dependent, whether the individual realizes it or not, upon the ability to conceive space. Creation of space is the first requisite for the creation of motion.

Motion starts with substance. A substance is something substantial. The more basic is the substance, the better it can be aligned. Space is the substance aligned. Motion is the increasing alignment of substance.

When one can no longer create space and cannot conceive any space to be his own, he can be considered to be stopped. That individual who is tremendously concerned with being stopped is losing his ability to create space. When he is no longer able to create space, he is himself MEST.

In personal terms it means the alignment of all that is substantial to a person. Misalignment of substance shall result in a stop. A person who is feeling stopped should start putting order into that which is substantial to him and he will start to move.

Somebody once said that it was a poor man who was not king in some corner. One might add to this that one is not only poor but he does not exist when he cannot create a corner. One could obtain a very amusing viewpoint of this by watching the conduct of a dog who, theta-motivated like every life form, is bravest in his own front yard; and even a mastiff proceeds with some caution when in the front yard of a Pekinese. This is a case of ownership of space and, in some slight degree, the ability to create a space to own.

This example simply means that one has confidence because one is well prepared through alignment of all that is substantial to the him.

One processes this by moving mock-ups into an auto created space.

One should audit what is substantial to one and start to align it.



The basis of one’s beingness is what is substantial to the person and its alignment. On this alignment of priorities depends his motion.


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