The Comfort of Friendship


Reference: Mindfulness Meditation


As a person handles his feelings of guilt he starts to become his own friend. He can now see more of his natural self. His defensive façade starts to melt away. His level of affinity comes up, and he starts to feel differently about others. He wants to go out and talk to other people. But there could be a feeling of shyness. He may still hold himself back because he does not feel comfortable in the presence of others.

However, the truth is that we are not very different from each other. As you learn more about yourself, you are actually learning more about others at the same time. Others have the same curiosities, urges, fears, anxieties, aches and pains as you have. They may have somewhat different experiences and reactions, but, at the core, others are not very different from you.

Shyness is a general reaction you may feel in the presence of others. When you meet a stranger or somebody familiar, other reaction may arise. It is simply a matter of facing and letting go of a new level of reactions.

As you get rid of more reactions, you come to learn more about yourself; and in doing so, you come to learn more about others. Finally you can simply be there and comfortably perceive no matter whom you meet. At this point you have become more yourself.

You have also become a friend to others; because a friend is one who can calmly listen and assist.


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