What is Substance? (old)


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Inertia characterizes the substance. If there is no inertia there is no substance, no interactions, and, therefore, no awareness. The interactions make us aware of substance. They form the basis of all our perceptions, feelings and experiences.

Matter is an aspect of substance that we are directly aware of. Matter has been contemplated upon since the beginning of human consciousness. It has long been thought to have been built out of discrete building blocks, the so-called particulate theory of matter.

Field is an aspect of substance that we are aware of only indirectly. We are aware of field when there are space, time and energy. Space is the manifestation of the extension of substance, time is the manifestation of changes in substance, and energy is the manifestation of the interactions of substance. When that substance is not matter, then it is field.

There are other aspects of substance – the most obvious being thought; but such aspects are not part of physics yet. The disturbance theory focuses on the matter and field aspects of substance but it may take up thought substance later. There is continuity, harmony and consistency among all different types of substances.

Matter and field interface with each other within the atom. The atom is mostly made up of a converging field that rapidly increases in frequency toward the center. At the center it ends up as matter. Matter consists of very high frequency that has condensed into mass. This interface between field and matter maintains continuity, harmony and consistency.

The above view of substance leads to some interesting conclusions. For example, a vacuum is not entirely empty even when there are no atoms and molecules of gaseous material. There is still field in that vacuum for space to be manifested. Furthermore, the idea that the fundamental constituents of atoms are point particles is a mathematical conjecture only. In reality, matter in atom uncondenses into field.

To summarize, matter directly forms the basis of all perception, feeling and experience. Field does so indirectly through space, time and energy. Matter and field, as substance, are the essential aspect of any interaction.


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