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Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

[NOTE: My acknowledgement to the technical writings of L Ron Hubbard. I have freely borrowed from his ingenious ideas. This exercise is a simpler version of his PREPCHECKING and R3R procedures. This version can be safely applied by a reasonable person to himself and others.]



Our viewpoint is limited by anomalies in our thinking; but this viewpoint may be expanded by becoming aware of such anomalies. As one becomes aware, the anomalies resolve by themselves. The following exercise helps us resolve anomalies in our thinking about various subjects.

When you are suppressing something, or being careful of, you are actually limiting your view. When this happens with respect to a subject then it becomes difficult to resolve your  concerns about it. It is only when you are able to look at a subject in its broadest possible context that you are likely to perceive the truth of the details.

This subject clearing process helps you remove the limitations that your own considerations might place on the context of the subject that you are viewing. Once you become aware of these limitations you can look past them and handle your concerns on the subject comfortably.



PURPOSE: To become aware of the limiting considerations on a subject.

PREREQUISITE:  Study Be There and Confront

GUIDING PRINCIPLE: The Discipline of Subject Clearing


  1. Make sure you are following The Discipline of Subject Clearing.
  2. In case of trouble, practice Discerning the Environment.


1. Determine the wordings for the subject you want to look at. It could be “On going to school”, “On learning mathematics”, or “In your relationship with ______”. You may optionally use a time limiter, such as, “During last year”, “Since third grade”, or “Since last August”.

Here are some examples:
“On learning mathematics…”
“On going to school during last year…”
“In your relationship with _______ since last August…”

2. Formulate the subject as above. Then use buttons (as listed below) to generate questions to contemplate on.

“(Subject) (Time Limiter optional)

has anything been suppressed?”
has anything been interpreted?”
has anything been invalidated?”
is there anything you have been careful of?”
is there anything you didn’t reveal?”
has anything been denied?”
has anything been suggested?”
has a mistake been made?”
has anything been protested?”
is there anything you have been anxious about?”
has anything been decided?”
is there anything you have withdrawn from?”
is there anything you have reached for?”
has anything been ignored?”
has anything been stated?”
has anything been helped?”
has anything been altered?”
has anything been revealed?”
has anything been asserted?”
has anything been agreed with?”

3. Some examples of a formulated question would be:
“On learning mathematics, has anything been suppressed?”
“In relationship to your career over the past five years, is there anything you have been careful of?”

NOTE: Those things get suppressed that are shocking and painful to look at. Especially look for a shock, and experience the moment of that shock. Sometimes long-forgotten incidents may come up that go back all the way to your childhood. The connection to those incidents may not be clear right away.

4. Formulate a question using one of the buttons listed above. Consider possible answers until you fully understand the question. Then you put yourself in a relaxed state of being there and confronting and contemplate on it.

5. You will know right away if something is there or not to be looked at more closely. If something is there then practice the discipline of subject clearing until some awareness forms up fully in the mind.

6. If nothing is there on a question, then go back to step 4.

7. If something does come up on a question, check to see if something more is there. Awareness of different times may come up on a question, having a common thread. There would be a relaxed feeling when you have gotten everything that was sitting in the mind.

NOTE: If it helps you to focus your attention better, you may briefly note down what the mind presents.

8. If nothing more is there on a question, then go back to step 4.

9. You may use the same question with different buttons to become aware of everything that may exist below your consciousness.

10. Continue down on the list of these buttons, until you find that your concern is gone, you have your answer, or you know what to do. You do not have to continue with all the buttons.

11. Sometimes you may find that you have gone down all the way to the last button, and some concern is still remaining. In that case, review the wordings of the question and/or the time limiter. And then repeat the process again.

12. If this procedure reveals that there is some upset, then take some time to contemplate over that upset using the discipline of subject clearing, until you have overcome that upset. Then continue with this procedure.

13. After some practice with this exercise, it is possible that you may encounter a past trauma. There are only a few traumas on a case, but when one comes up it may cause a dreamlike state. The first thing you do is to get some idea of the duration of this trauma. Then go to its beginning and move through it to the end. You will know when you have reached the end. Just go back to the beginning again, and make another pass through the trauma. In the first pass you may only feel some sensations with no idea of what is going on. It may take a few more passes before some details start to emerge. The idea is to keep on making passes looking for new details, until you find all of a sudden that the trauma is gone. There would be a great relief. You may definitely end the session at this point and enjoy the feeling of freedom from trauma.


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  • vinaire  On May 28, 2017 at 6:47 AM

    Scientologists may want to apply this exercise to the subject of Scientology itself.


  • Dan Koon  On June 12, 2017 at 7:06 AM

    I tried this procedure and it worked like a bomb, as we used to say. It resolved a major concern I had in 45 minutes. I have felt no need to revisit the procedure since.


  • vinaire  On June 12, 2017 at 7:20 AM

    Thank you, Dan. As Scientologists ask, “Would you like others to have similar wins?”

    Just kidding!


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