Mental Discomfort


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Mental discomfort also distracts one from seeing things as they are. One should always maintain a mental posture that is comfortable.

One cannot address the mental discomfort by resisting, avoiding or suppressing it. One may address it properly only through free association. Please see The 3 Rules of Meditation.


MINDFULNESS PREP 3: Allow the mind to settle down for meditation.

  1. It is important to maintain the mental approach of free association with nothing resisted, avoided or suppressed.

  2. No relief occurs when the mind is continually interfered with as by forcefully searching for answers.

  3. Let the mind  unwind and experience whatever comes up. Let the answers emerge by themselves.

  4. Handle any upset by experiencing it fully and letting the emotions discharge. Do not hold back anything in your mind.

  5. Handle any embarrassment the same way. Embarrasment is an upset with oneself. 

  6. If there are too many uncontrollable thoughts, start putting them down on a notepad as necessary. This will allow you to move on.

  7. Understand the 12 Aspects of Mindfulness. Click on the links to practice them.


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