Objective View of Spirituality


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The main topic of mindfulness discussion in this class on Mindfulness Course is the OBJECTIVE VIEW OF SPIRITUALITY.

  1. The objective view is a universal view that is consistent within the whole universe. On the other hand, a subjective view is a narrow view that is consistent only within its local context. The objective view is unique, since it is consistent within the whole universe. On the other hand, there are numerous subjective views for the same phenomenon depending on its narrow context.

  2. The classical view of creation has been “creation out of chaos”. This implies creation from pre-existing materials. This view is consistent with universal experience and, therefore, it is an objective view. The theological view (developed in second-century) of creation is “creation out of nothing”. This view denies pre-existing materials. This view is not consistent with universal experience. It seems to be based on personal logic and, therefore, it is a subjective view.

  3. Thus, the objective view of creation is the order precipitatng in chaos. We call this activity “spirituality” and the resulting order “universe”. We may only speculate on how the chaos and spirituality came about. But we can see that “creation out of chaos” happened at the beginning of the universe, it has been happening all along in the existence of the universe, and it is happening right now in our lives.

  4. We may look at this spirituality as the work of some agency, and we may call that agency God; but that is symbolization. The actual understanding comes from tracing the sequence in which order has come about from the beginning until now. We call this sequence of order “evolution”. We can trace that evolution in the present from light to humans. See reference: The “Six Days” of Creation.

  5. Objectively we see the elements of spirituality, chaos and universe existing together. It is a system in which these three elements are well-integrated. This system may be described using mathematical notation as. “Spirituality + chaos = universe”. It may be described as, “Precipitation of the universe from chaos”.

  6. Spirituality may be looked upon as a property of chaos, or chaos may be looked upon as an aspect of spirituality. Either way it tells us that the separation of spirituality from the physical universe is a matter of categorization. The idea that there is a God, which is separate and independent of the physical universe, is a subjective notion.

  7. Other subjective notions that are also simplistic are as follows:

    • The spiritual element is superior to the physical element. Objectively, both spiritual and physical elements are equal aspects of reality.

    • The spiritual element is orderly, whereas the physical elements are chaotic. Objectively, both spiritual and physical elements can be orderly or chaotic.

    • The spiritual element is in conflict with physical elements. Objectively, the spiritual and physical elements are reflection of each other. They rise and fall together.

    • The spiritual element brings order to the physical elements. Objectively, both spiritual and physical elements evolve from chaos towards order per some principle of precipitation (Law of Equilibrium).

  1. The current phase of evolution is from subjectivity toward objectivity. Subjective views come from personal assumptions, which are not consistent with universal observations. Objectivity brings about better understanding of reality from a universal perspective.


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