The “Six Days” of Creation


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The main topic of mindfulness discussion in the seventh class on Mindfulness Course is THE “SIX DAYS” OF CREATION.

  1. In the first (Genesis 1:1–2:3) Elohim, the Hebrew generic word for God, creates the heavens and the earth in six days, starting with light on the first day and ending with mankind on the sixth, then rests on, blesses and sanctifies the seventh.

  2. God’s first act was the creation of undifferentiated light. This is like creating the whole spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic energy is the manifestation of space and time as “vibrating space”. This is the first step even scientifically.

  3. God created the firmament next. Here we have the emergence of firm matter. This completes the idea of the energy spectrum with space at one end and matter at the other end. It is at the upper end of this spectrum that high frequency radiation collapses into matter in the nucleus of an atom.

    NOTE: Genesis represents space as “waters”, energy as “light”, and matter as “firmament”. Time is part of the frequency which defines the spectrum.

  4. Third in this sequence is the emergence of land and seas; and the plant life on the land. All these things are formed out of matter. First there are inanimate objects, and then there is animated life.

  5. Fourth in this sequence is the recognition of order in the system as the recurrence of day and night, and the seasons. Thus, an accounting of time as days and years was introduced. The seasons influenced the vegetation and the crops in a cyclical manner.

    NOTE: These earth days are different from “God’s days”. The “God’s days” essentially establish the sequence of creation.

  6. Fifth in this sequence is the emergence of animal life. This is the mobile form of life that is not rooted in earth. This life form has more options. It is, therefore, more analytical than the plant life.

  7. Sixth in this sequence is the emergence of mankind. This is a higher form of life in which intelligence is introduced. Intelligence is a tool that helps mankind rule over other life for its orderly sustenance.

    NOTE: Here God is the principle that has brought forth order out of chaos. This capability has now been transferred to Man in the form of intelligence. Man is to use intelligence to bring forth order out of chaos.

  8. These “six days of creation” is actually a description of the evolution of order out of chaos. The stages of evolution may be laid out scientifically as follows:

  • From continuity of energy to discreteness of matter
  • From chaos to universal order among matter (universal laws)
  • From matter to individual material objects (heavenly bodies)
  • From material objects to rooted organisms (plant life)
  • From rooted organisms to animated life (animal life)
  • From animated to thinking life organisms (intelligent life)
  1. The “seventh day” is considered the day of rest. This is equivalent to a transition from trial-and-error stage to an intelligent stage of evolution.

  2. The idea of creationism denies this evolution because it believes an instantaneous “creation out of nothing”. This was a second century theological development that deviated from traditional belief of “creation out of chaos”. See reference: The Creation Myth.

  3. The traditional Biblical belief supports evolution as compared to the later development of “creationism”. We associate the original Cause and its intentions with God. In the present we may associate those fundamentals with the Law of Equilibrium.

  4. We may define GOD as follows:


    SUBJECTIVE DEFINITION: God is that “single Cause” that brings forth the world out of nothing. 


    OBJECTIVE DEFINITION: God is the universal Law of Equilibrium that is continually bringing order out of chaos.

  5. So, we can say that in the beginning there was chaos, and the Law of Equilibrium brought order to it. But that law has been the fact all along. At this moment the Law of Equilibrium is bringing order out of chaos by injecting objectivity into subjectivity.

  6. This is Mindfulness.


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