A Basic Model of Universe

Shiva Shakti

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All properties of the universe must converge back to the reference point of absolute zero for proper orientation. We call this point STATIC. This reference point is theoretical but very essential. The static is the orientation point from which to view this vast universe. For further data on the logic which helped arrive at the concept of static, please refer to Nirvana and Realization of God.

The key characteristic of the universe is the cycle of action, which is described as “begin-change-end”. There are cycles within cycles ad infinitum. One cycle leads into another cycle. This gives us a universe of change where no form survives permanently. We symbolize this change as DELTA. We refer to this DELTA in general as disturbance.

Another characteristic of this universe is the Law of Alignment. Every state of the universe emerges from a previous state. We may only speculate on how the universe began, but we can logically say that each state of the universe aligns with the state just before it. For further data on the logic which helped arrive at this law, please refer to Self-Determinism and Laws of Alignment. This Law of Alignment underlies all other laws of this universe.

Thus this universe has a natural tendency to align the disturbance within it. There is continual movement toward greater order. We call this movement EVOLUTION. The chaotic disturbance is gradually evolving into organized motion.

We refer to the chaotic disturbance as PHI. We refer to the organized motion as THETA. Thus we may state the following.

  1. DELTA (disturbance) is the basic characteristic of change in this universe
  2. DELTA has the aspects of PHI (chaos) and THETA (order).
  3. PHI is continually evolving into THETA, goaded by the Law of Alignment.

THETA evolves as more and more disturbance gets aligned. THETA has spiritual and physical aspects that are always equivalent as follows.

  1. THETA is goaded spiritually by Desire, the physical equivalent of which is Time.
  2. THETA starts out as Awareness, the physical equivalent of which is Space.
  3. THETA then changes into Consciousness, the physical equivalent of which is Energy.
  4. THETA then condenses into Identity, the physical equivalent of which is Matter.

We may refer to the spiritual aspects of THETA as ICAD using the first letters of Identity, Consciousness, Awareness and Desire. We may refer to the physical aspects of THETA as MEST using the first letters of Matter, Energy, Space and Time.

Thus, we may state the following.

  1. The spiritual aspect of THETA is ICAD, the physical equivalent of which is MEST.
  2. Evolution of THETA means the evolution of ICAD and MEST.

The interface between THETA (order) and PHI (chaos) are the life organisms. The symbol used for life organism is LAMBDA.

PHI forms the environment of LAMBDA. LAMBDA perceives the random efforts in the environment, and converts them into experience by aligning and assimilating them into an experiential matrix. The efforts have the characteristics of MEST. The experiences have the characteristics of ICAD.

  1. The interface between THETA and PHI is called LAMBDA (the life organism).
  2. The interaction of LAMBDA with PHI is in terms of MEST efforts.
  3. The interaction of LAMBDA with THETA is in terms of ICAD experience.

The experiential matrix acts as the Control Center of LAMBDA. It guides the physical form of LAMBDA, which then senses the efforts in the environment and interacts with them. This way the efforts in the environment get aligned. Thus evolution takes place not only in terms of experiential matrix (ICAD) but also in terms of physical forms (MEST)

The experiential matrix combines among individual life organisms, colonies, species, and all properties in the universe to become a universal experiential field. This is THETA.

On the other hand all random efforts in the environment combine among all regions on a planet, solar systems, and galaxies in the universe to become the universal disorder. This is PHI.

There is always free association going on in the experiential field with the perceptions received from the environment to align all the experiences. These aligned experiences then guide the efforts to bring order in the chaotic environment.

  1. The Law of Alignment is continually converting PHI into THETA through the interface of LAMBDA.

It is important to know the basic terminology here as we shall be using them again in subsequent essays.

STATIC: The absolute zero physically and metaphysically
DELTA: The symbol for change or disturbance
THETA: The symbol for organized motion
PHI: The symbol for chaotic disturbance.
ICAD: Identity, Consciousness, Awareness and Desire
MEST: Matter, Energy, Space and Time
LAMBDA: The symbol for living organisms


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