The Factors # 25 to 30 (Old)

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Here is a detailed review of Factors # 25 to 30 from the book Scientology 8-8008.

Factor # 25: Thus comes about death.

If a viewpoint is unable to shift its frame of reference from a form then it also dies when the frame of reference perishes. The eternal frame of reference is the objectivity of the universal viewpoint. That viewpoint is eternal and it continues even when the personal viewpoint perishes with the body.

Factor # 25 (revised): Thus death of viewpoint comes about when the form perishes, but the objective viewpoint having universe as its frame of reference never dies.


Factor # 26: The manifestations of pleasure and pain, of thought, emotion and effort, of thinking, of sensation, of affinity, reality, communication, of behaviour and being are thus derived and the riddles of our universe are apparently contained and answered herein.

The problem of human condition derives from the fixations of viewpoints on perishable forms as their frame of reference. When such fixations are resolved the viewpoints broaden to become the universal objective viewpoint. The objective viewpoint is as eternal as the universe.

Factor # 26 (revised): The riddle of human condition of beingness resolves as the fixations on perishable forms are resolved, and the viewpoint broadens to become universal.


Factor # 27: There is beingness, but Man believes there is only becomingness.

The ultimate beingness is the objectivity of the universal viewpoint. But Man hankers after the personal viewpoint provided by the identity centered on the body.

Factor # 27 (revised): The ultimate beingness is attained by moving beyond the subjective viewpoint tied to the human body to arrive at the objectivity of the universal viewpoint.


Factor # 28: The resolution of any problem posed hereby is the establishment of viewpoints and dimension points, the betterment of condition and concourse amongst dimension points, and, thereby, viewpoints, and the remedy of abundance or scarcity in all things, pleasant or ugly, by the rehabilitation of the ability of the viewpoint to assume points of view, and create and uncreate, neglect, start, change and stop dimension points of any kind at the determinism of the viewpoint. Certainty in all three universes must be regained, for certainty, not data, is knowledge.

The resolution of human condition comes from letting the viewpoint unwind through all its fixations and widen its context. This is accomplished by practicing free association under the discipline of mindfulness (seeing things as they are).
Relative certainty comes from the objectivity reached through the resolution of all fixations, doubts and perplexities. Any certainty can always be improved as there is no absolute certainty.

Factor # 28 (revised): The resolution of any condition comes from viewing it in the universal context and resolving all fixations, doubts and perplexities. This is done through free association to align data, and visualization to fill the gaps under the discipline of mindfulness. Objectivity is attained through universal continuity, harmony and consistency.


Factor # 29: In the opinion of the viewpoint, any beingness, any thing, is better than no thing, any effect is better than no effect, any universe better than no universe, any particle better than no particle, but the particle of admiration is best of all.

There is no absolute nothingness. Universal beingness is always there without beginning or end. Associated with that beingness is the objective viewpoint. It is the fixation of the desire to become something that causes narrowness of the viewpoint and subjectivity. Admiration helps one fully appreciate the reality of what is there and keeps one’s viewpoint objective.

Factor # 29 (revised): Beingness is always there. Admiration helps one attain and maintain any beingness with complete objectivity.


Factor # 30: And above these things there might be speculation only. And below these things there is the playing of the game. But these things which are written here Man can experience and know. And some may care to teach these things and some may care to use them to assist those in distress and some may desire to employ them to make individuals and organizations more able and so give to Earth a culture of which we can be proud.

I have analyzed the Factors proposed by Hubbard with as much objectivity as I could muster. Hubbard’s pioneering work brought great improvement to prior understanding. This revision is an attempt to bring consistency to Hubbard’s materials with Vedas and Buddha’s work. The goal, of course, is to bring about greater understanding and better workability to the resolution of human condition.

Factor # 30 (revised): This revision of Hubbard’s pioneering work is an attempt to make it consistent with Vedas and Buddha’s work. It is hoped that this effort shall bring about better understanding and more workable techniques to bring resolution to the human condition.


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