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Please see FACTOR # 1.

Reference: The Factors

Here is a detailed review of Factor # 1 from the book Scientology 8-8008.

FACTOR # 1: Before the beginning was a Cause and the entire purpose of the Cause was the creation of effect.

A life form can be cause. It can also be effect. Cause and effect show how two life forms are in relationship with each other. Cause and effect are complementary attributes like crest and trough of a wave. Cause cannot exist without effect, or effect without cause.

Cause may appear to exist all by itself if its effect is considered far distant in the future. For example, there was an inspiration that resulted in a finished novel months later. That inspiration could be seen as a cause existing all by itself; but the truth is that the inspiration was accompanied by motivation as its immediate effect. Obviously, there was some perception or experience that led to that inspiration in the first place. Thus, cause-effect is always part of an integrated system. The two related but far apart events that we pick up are just two aspects of this system.

Cause is an outward flow from a life form. Cause is not the life form.  But Factor #1 seems to reify “cause” as a life form. This proposition of Factor #1 is nothing new. It has been expressed in past as “God” that created the world, and which has led to the self-contradictory notion of ‘Uncaused Cause’. This notion goes against any and all experience.

There is no “absolute Cause” that existed before the beginning. Cause and effect are part of a dimension that has always existed.  


Maybe we can find a better statement for Factor #1. We find the following in the section THE BEINGNESS OF MAN of the book Scientology 8-8008.

“Several new concepts germane to the fields of science and humanities almost independent of its own work have been introduced by Scientology. The first of these is the proper definition of a static. The next is the first actual definition of zero and its differentiation from infinity in terms of mathematics…

“In thought itself at its highest range, we discover the only true static known. In physics a static is represented as a body at rest but it is known in physics that a body at rest is yet an equilibrium of forces and is itself in motion if only on the level of molecular motion. A true static would contain no motion, no time, no space and no wavelength. To this static in Scientology is assigned the mathematical symbol theta. This designation means solely a theoretical static of distinct and precisely defined qualities with certain potentials.

It is a remarkable observation that a body at rest in physics is yet an equilibrium of forces, and that absolute rest would mean absence of force and inertia. The true Static of Hubbard is, therefore, the absence of the very substance meaning no physical source of motion, hence no matter, no energy, no space and no time. But then Hubbard adds an infinite potential of spiritual dimensions underlying “absolute” rest. He essentially replaces the equilibrium of physical force by an infinite “spiritual potential” of Cause.

But, to be absolute, the static of physical reality shall also be the static of metaphysical reality, just like the zero of positive numbers is also the zero of negative numbers. Consistency lies in having the same zero for all numbers, whether positive, negative, rational or irrational. Similarly, consistency lies in having the same static as the reference point for all reality, whether physical, metaphysical, spiritual, abstract, real or imaginary.

The static, then, is zero not only for physical reality, but also for metaphysical and spiritual reality. It would also be zero qualities, zero capabilities and zero potential.

In Scientology 8-8008, section THETA-MEST THEORY, Hubbard states:

“The capabilities of the static are not limited.”

This statement is self-contradictory from the viewpoint of Hinduism and Buddhism. The ancient Vedas, from which Hinduism and Buddhism are derived, visualize the static as Neti-Neti (“not this, not that”). Buddhism puts it in more scientific terms as described in The Quest for Certainty.

This fundamental inconsistency in the philosophy of Scientology is the idea of an absolute Cause (static with infinite potential) that follows the western idea of God.

Factor #1 may therefore be revised as follows:

FACTOR # 1 (revised): Before the beginning there was nothing because nothing is unchanging, everlasting, or absolute, not even Self, Soul, Ātman or Thetan.

Cause and effect are parts of existence just like anything else.

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  • vinaire  On July 30, 2016 at 7:15 AM

    Now we can see more clearly what is inconsistent with Scientology Axiom # 1:


    Definition: a Life Static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. It has the ability to postulate and to perceive.


    Axiom #1 is fine as long as it is measuring life from the reference point of zero (static). It is correct to associate static with the zero of physical dimension. But then it fails to associate static with zero of metaphysical (spiritual) dimension.

    So there is no way of understanding how the ability to postulate and perceive comes about.


  • vinaire  On July 30, 2016 at 9:32 AM

    God is posited as absolute Cause. Is there an absolute Cause? I doubt it.

    The following is a beautiful hymn from the Rig Veda. Even this hymn doubts it.

    The Creation Hymn of Rig Veda

    There is no absolute Static either. Even the ultimate Static contains the seed of disturbance within it.


  • vinaire  On July 30, 2016 at 10:07 AM

    Whatever is beyond seems to be a fractal of what is. It is the same huge cycle repeating itself in many different ways.

    The Logical Structure of Universe



  • vinaire  On July 30, 2016 at 10:46 AM

    A duality is simply a compact form of a scale. When one is talking about a duality, one is actually talking about a whole lot of gradient values that fit on a scale. Even God-Satan is a duality.

    No point on a scale is absolute. Both ends of a scale are assumed to stretch toward infinity. Such scales are simply tools to understand reality.

    Even Static-Kinetic is a duality. I find this duality very useful as I am using it in the essay above.

    The lesson is that there is no absolute reference point on any scale.


  • vinaire  On August 2, 2016 at 9:29 AM

    Here is an interesting conversation from Facebook.

    Vinay Agarwala: I like the following wording.
    FACTOR # 1(revised) : The beginning is characterized by the absence of not only the physical but also the metaphysical attributes, and that includes all spirtual assumptions and speculations.

    Vinay Agarwala: I do not think that I shall be back reviewing Factor # 2 in detail anytime soon as I am leaving on a trip to India and Europe next week.

    Onup Barman Roy: I hope you find some inspiration beyond the conditions you assign to ‘the beginning’ – in other words the beginning of mechanical existence – and logic.

    Vinay Agarwala: In the beginning was awareness, and in that was the seed of desire.

    Onup Barman Roy: Yet another arbitrary assignment to justify your personal philosophy by assertion rather than inquiry.
    However, its a nice description of a recognisable state related to the beginning of Existence.
    Still haven’t penetrated the Void of Potentiality, the Phenomenal, Spiritual and Divine.
    But never mind. All of these real spiritual truths are conveniently obliterated by identification of Self with Objects of Expression, Perception and Dualities such as not x but y which simply boil down to existence versus non-existence
    and mechanical, lifeless objects of perception derived from logic.

    Vinay Agarwala: We have to start from somewhere. You yourself are starting from the arbitrary Void of Potentiality, the Phenomenal, Spiritual and Divine.

    Onup Barman Roy: I am starting from practical working (in session) experience of how people experientially define these areas in their own terms and words without prior evaluation. I utilise the terms of common language people have utilised when they get down through the layers to the basic faculties.
    Most people do recognise the Spiritual as a place/state beyond Existence but generally call it Reality and Home.
    Beyond this people encounter the Divine.
    The Phenomenal is a term I use however most people define this area as the 3 aspects of identity ‘I’ which result in Duality and Existence.
    The area where humanity is stuck is
    Reality = Me, Us, Everyone
    Potentiality of the Void
    The Potentiality of the Void parallels the experience of an encounter with God as a Person and finally Freedom.
    God as a Person is encountered as an immeasurable Knowingness which originates and pervades All within the Vastness of the Deep.
    The Void is an OBJECT OF PERCEPTION which parallels the direct encounter with God as a Person ‘Outside’ All who Originates and Pervades All.
    All includes the Divine, Spiritual, Phenomenal and Material.
    The Void of Potentiality is at the brink of the Phenomenal and Material.

    Vinay Agarwala: So there is awareness on your part with desire to understand. That is what I said earlier.

    Vinay Agarwala: Any term or word is a result of prior evaluation.

    Onup Barman Roy: Yes, however the state of ‘mindfulness’ you are referring to is still in relation to existence.
    Turn around and face the opposite way. Practise the mindfulness and see what emerges. Changing position can sometimes shift viewpoint. However it is only a viewpoint, an assumption of identity. Awareness is merely one of many faculties. Awareness is actually a compound perception derived from Sensing.
    Reality is the first stable point of realisation.
    Reality is Understanding and Love. Its a place or state beyond Existence which people define as Home. The abode of Krsna in mythological terms. Heaven in others, Valhalla in others. These are the Archetypes a person has to work through till finally they get down to Reality, Here and separateness dissolves into understanding and love whilst maintaining a sense of Me, Us, Everyone.
    Reality is Me,Us Everyone Here.
    Existence is Here and Now.
    We find ourselves Here and Now in This Time, Place and Moment.
    Humanity’s challenge is to make the journey from Existence to Reality and they are currently baulked by the Void Of Potentiality.
    This is all derived from experiential truth defined by people in their own terms and words. Finally after 30 years silence on these matters I am writing to convey these common truths.

    Vinay Agarwala: From “mindfulness” point of view there never was “no existence”. So existence has always been there. We are now trying to understand it from some reference point. That reference point is the theoretical Static as described in Factor #1 (revised).

    Vinay Agarwala: Subsequent Factors explain what you are trying to say.

    Onup Barman Roy: In simple terms, yes you have accurately defined a state ‘prior to existence’ in a beautiful way derived from the Vedas.
    However you have not demonstrated any understanding of the creation of Mind, Consciousness and Intelligence which are the primary faculties of the Phenomenal and Spiritual, nor do you demonstrate any comprehension of the Divine.
    These are experiential truths.

    Onup Barman Roy: The Factors are mechanical lifeless definitions of existence which merely define the identification of Self with Identity and objects of perception.

    Onup Barman Roy: Existence is Here and Now.
    Now, the first dimension of existence encompasses all time, past, present and future by virtue of relative location within Now.
    This is why phenomena of the Mind as-is by differentiation of Location as per direction/distance/ countdown to blow.

    Vinay Agarwala: Onup, all you are talking about is “something”. I haven’t come to that point yet. All I have done so far is to describe the theoretical reference point of “nothing”. I shall start describing “something” after I come back from my vacation.

    Onup Barman Roy: Indefinable
    Potentiality of the Void
    This is where Humanity is stuck.
    Refer to the scale given above which puts this area in context between Reality and Existence.
    Have a nice Holiday! 😊

    Vinay Agarwala: Potentiality of the Void = Static with the seed of disturbance within

    Onup Barman Roy: Yes.

    Onup Barman Roy: Who is percieving?
    Beyond the Duality of Something and Nothing, Who is percieving?
    This is the first Singularity.
    I Am
    That’s the starting point
    I Emanate
    I Create
    I Am
    Potentiality of the Void

    Vinay Agarwala: Nobody.

    Onup Barman Roy: You, Vinay! You are percieving!

    Vinay Agarwala: The reference point is theoretical.

    Vinay Agarwala: The reference point is beginning of everything.

    Onup Barman Roy: The distinction is between
    Possesives or Faculties

    Vinay Agarwala: What is the beginning of you?

    Vinay Agarwala: What is the beginning of any faculty?

    Onup Barman Roy: Existence is an object. It has a beginning.
    Possesives or Faculties
    Good luck!

    Vinay Agarwala: What is the beginning of subject?

    Onup Barman Roy: If you need logic then study grammar and linguistics.
    Language and thought.
    Therein we find the keys to understanding and logic

    Vinay Agarwala: What is beginning of logic?

    Onup Barman Roy: Lots of questions but no answers.

    Vinay Agarwala: I know. But my answer is Factor #1 (revised).

    Onup Barman Roy: What

    Vinay Agarwala: What is the beginning of all these questions?

    Onup Barman Roy: Who is the subject.
    What is the object

    Vinay Agarwala: What is beginning of all your questions?

    Onup Barman Roy: The Person.

    Vinay Agarwala: What is the beginning of the Person?

    Onup Barman Roy: Answer that one yourself and you will get somewhere. Grammar is a useful tool for analysis from which the faculties are revealed.

    Onup Barman Roy: Except remember
    Who = Subject
    Possesives = Faculties
    What = Object

    Vinay Agarwala: You have a system of logic. What is the beginning of this system?

    Vinay Agarwala: Neti-Neti!



  • dankoon  On August 3, 2016 at 7:42 AM

    I was reminded that LRH said that he who would be cause must be effect and he who would be effect must be cause. I also noticed in the 8-8008 excerpt that he says the static being postulated is theoretical. This gave me the thought just now that maybe the Theta-MEST Theory was his workable (not absolute) way of developing the means to improve conditions. I am fascinated by your exploration and look forward to Factor #2.


    • vinaire  On August 3, 2016 at 8:16 AM

      Good to hear from you on my blog, Dan.

      Yes, “static” started out as a theoretical concept in Scientology, but, unfortunately, it got reified over time, and that hid its origin.

      Same thing happened with the concept of “Cause”, which is reified in Factor #1. Reification is a distinct characteristics of religions. It is used to make abstract concepts less daunting, but in that process the philosophic and scientific accuracy is lost.

      The Theta-MEST theory has been workable, but only to a degree, as we can see it in the development of the OT Levels and in the evolution of the Church of Scientology itself.

      The current effort is simply to improve the workability of Scientology by making it consistent with the concepts derived from the Vedas and Buddhism of the east.

      The present approach is scientific as taught in Western schools. Here is an example of how a process of Scientology (SOP 8) could be made more easy and workable. Please see,



  • vinaire  On August 4, 2016 at 6:49 AM

    The Factor # 1 is the description of ABSOLUTE NOTHING. It is theoretical only.


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