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Being established in mindfulness is a mental state of ‘seeing things as they are’. When you are established in mindfulness, you feel comfortable and confident at all times. That is the ideal situation.

You learn mindfulness in small steps. The key is to see things as they are. It does not matter whether your eyes are closed or open; whether you are sitting, standing or walking; whether you are engaged in some activity or not.

Sitting with eyes closed in mindfulness meditation is simply the beginning step.


MINDFULNESS PREP 1: How to impart coaching instructions.

  1. We find that those who have learned to meditate can sit in meditation for hours quite comfortably. Discomfort seems to arise when one is learning to meditate.

  2. We start meditation with simple breathing exercises. But then we find it hard to meditate because it requires remembering all the instructions we have received.

  3. All we need to know about meditation is ‘see things as they are.’ This is to be done effortlessly. But we get confused and engage in efforts, such as, trying to make the mind still.

  4. It is better to start meditation with ‘see things as they are. Then provide pre-recorded coaching instructions to help the students prepare for deeper meditation. 

  5. Coaching instructions should be simple and called about 20 seconds apart. This gives the students enough time to digest and implement the instruction.

  6. The students then get gradually established in meditation without feeling rushed or getting confused.

  7. Coaching instructions are no longer needed as progress is made. The students start to meditate on their own. 

  8. Soon the students are established in mindfulness.


Revised 7/26/16
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