Metaphysics and Physics


I started with investigation of the interface between Physics and Metaphysics and now I seem to have come to a full circle. But in doing so I have learned a lot.

  1. The important part of E-learning is self-learning; and the important part of self-learning is repairing holes in understanding.

  2. The holes in understanding parallel the logic of the subject. Logical holes when filled bring about understanding.

  3. The first hole, undoubtedly, is not having the logical context to study a subject. The overall context is, obviously, this universe.

  4. There is observation; there is something to be observed; and there is an observer. This is the beginning of Metaphysics.

  5. Within metaphysics, it is Physics that focuses on the nature of what is observed. Metaphysics provides the context to understand physics.

  6. Physics is the study of nature. This study starts with observation of the concrete universe. It continues with observation of the abstract patterns underlying the concrete universe. And then it goes deeper into abstraction.

  7. Physics is characterized by objectivity that comes the concrete universe. Physics maintains this objectivity by being logically consistent with the concrete universe as it dives into abstraction.

  8. Subjectivity is something different because it starts with the context of “self” instead of the context of universe. (But isn’t “self” included in the universe?)

  9. Self is something abstract but it is assumed to be concrete. (Could this be the basic confusion?)

  10. The concrete universe seems to be out there and self seems to be within. (What forms the interface?)

  11. The relationship of self as observer to the universe as observed is the subject of Metaphysics.

  12. And so we have come to a full circle.


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  • vinaire  On December 10, 2019 at 6:58 AM

    It appears that a polarization of the universe has taken place into the physical universe and self.


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