The Second Hole in Understanding


Reference: Subject: Education

What is the second hole in understanding that needs to be overcome?

  1. The second hole in understanding occurs when a person does not know the scope and extent of the subject. In this case the hole is a missing overview.

  2. The second hole leaves a person without a logical context to understand the information provided on the subject.

  3. Lacking this logical context the person is also unable to formulate questions to ask when he does not understand something in that subject.

  4. The overview of Mathematics shall include a brief introduction to Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry showing the type of problems each part would address.

  5. The overview of Physics shall include Mechanical, Chemical and Atomic nature of objects, going into a bit of detail in each area.

  6. The overview of Metaphysics shall briefly describe awareness, the nature of self as observer and dimension of abstraction underlying the physical objects.

  7. When studying a subject you ask yourself, “What is the scope and extent of this subject?” “What kind of logical context we have here?” “How can I get an overview of the subject?


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