The First Hole in Understanding


Reference: Subject: Education

What is the first hole in understanding that needs to be overcome?

  1. The first hole in understanding occurs when a person does not know what the subject is all about, and why he should be studying it. The hole remains a hole even when he fills it with assumptions.

  2. Mathematics is not just about avoiding to get short-changed at the grocery store. The subject of mathematics fills the need for accurate measurement and rational thinking to appreciate what is there. Mere introduction of counting brought great advance to the civilization. Mathematics helps one think in a clear and precise manner.

  3. Physics or science is not just about inventing mechanical gadgets for our comfort. The subject of physics fills the need to observe nature objectively without bias, prejudice, fixed ideas, assumptions and blind faith. Physics is designed to steer one away from subjectivity and to look at things objectively without filters.

  4. Metaphysics or spirituality is not just about surviving as spirit and thinking that one is immortal. The subject of metaphysics fills the need for grasping the universe. It steers one away from self-centric viewpoints and helps one acquire a universal viewpoint. Metaphysics looks at both the observed and the observer at once.

  5. When studying a subject ask yourself, “What is this subject all about?” “Why should I be studying it?” “Am I putting something there that shouldn’t be there?”


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