Scientology versus KHTK (Part 3) – The Basic Approach


Reference: Scientology versus KHTK (Part 2) – Thetan is an Introversion

The fundamental Training Routines called “TRs” exemplify the basic approach in Scientology. This training assumes that you are an immortal thetan who is communicating with other immortal thetans. In other words, these drills assume that your proper state is to be introverted into yourself.

The whole idea underlying Scientology TRs is to learn to control communication of another person without being thrown off under any circumstance.

TR0: Flatten all reactions that come from others being around.

TR1: Get your communication across regardless of distractions thrown your way.

TR2: Control communication of the other person by using acknowledgements expertly.

TR3: Keep asking the same question doggedly until you get the answer.

TR4: Do not allow yourself to be thrown off by what the other person says.

Through these TRs a scientologist uses the force of repetitive insistence to keep the other person introverted and looking into himself.

On the other hand, the fundamental training in KHTK helps a person see things as they are. Mindfulness forms the basis of these training routines. These TRs help one overcome one’s filters (biases, prejudices, fixed ideas, blind faith, etc.). Great personal improvement and happiness come about as one spots these filters and discards them.

The basic KHTK training routines are as follows:

Mindfulness 0: See Things as They are

Mindfulness 1: Observe without Desires

Mindfulness 2: Observe without Assuming

Mindfulness 3: Observe what is Missing

Mindfulness 4: Observe the Incomprehensible

Mindfulness 5: Observe all Senses

Mindfulness 6: Let the Mind Un-stack

Mindfulness 7: Experience Fully

Mindfulness 8: Do not suppress

Mindfulness 9: Associate Data freely

Mindfulness 10: Observe beyond Name and Form

Mindfulness 11: Contemplate thoughtfully

Mindfulness 12: Let it be effortless

A person can train on these KHTK TRs without the help of a coach.

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