Thetan is an Introversion

Reference: Scientology versus KHTK

On a cosmic scale, the changes unfold as the universal pendulum swings (Reference: Static to Kinetic). This we call destiny. It seems quite remote that anyone can influence destiny.

Destiny is the inevitable course of the universe on a cosmic scale.

But, on a local scale, it seems that there is a ‘free will’ that can influence the events by the choices it makes.

‘Free will’ influences the course of events but on a local scale.

We may say that ‘free will’ comes about as the property of a natural concentration of consciousness. Consciousness is “activated awareness”, just like electromagnetism is “activated space”.

‘Free will’ is a natural configuration of consciousness.

‘Free will’ seems to be forming and reforming connections dynamically in a network, based on harmonic flow of consciousness. Thus the natural choices made are harmonious and consistent.

‘Free will’ participates in choices that are harmonious and logically consistent.

With interruption of natural choices, and mounting of disharmony, ‘free will’ introverts into a kind of examination, “Who am I?” or “What am I doing?” At that moment a sense of self comes into existence. Until then the ‘free will’ was functioning smoothly and there was no idea of self.

A sense of self arises with the failure and consequent introversion of ‘free will’.

Self is a reaction to interruption of ‘free will’. With formation of self, transformation takes place from objectivity to subjectivity. From this self is then born the idea of a thetan or soul.

A thetan (soul) is an introverted ‘free will’.

This introversion of ‘free will’ brings about a sense of responsibility. The parts of the universe that a person feels responsible for with respect to himself, then become “subjective”; and the parts of the universe which he just let’s be, then become “objective”.

A sense of responsibility comes with introversion and subjectivity.

But, as one practices mindfulness the ‘free will’ extroverts and one can even see the “self” objectively. The person can now calmly look at what is there and resolve inconsistencies objectively.

The concern about “I” or “thetan” disappears under mindfulness.


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