The Logic of Truth

Logic of Universe

Truth, as perceived, is never absolute. Truth is perceived from one logical state to the next logical state in a relative manner only. The smooth transition of truth from one step to the next is the harmony that qualifies the truth.

The harmony of truth reflects in the consistency of observations from one moment to the next. When the consistency is missing in observation then there is probably some truth hidden somewhere.

One may have no idea of what the absolute truth is; but one can definitely spot inconsistency when it is present. There is a built-in sense within us that flags inconsistencies.

When we are searching for truth it does not really matter whether that truth is absolute or relative. We just want to discover the missing step, which is causing the inconsistency in one’s observation. When we find that missing piece of truth, the consistency in observation is restored.

Looking for absolute truth may be an impossible task. But looking for consistency in observation is feasible.

Maybe if we start seeking consistency in everything, we may ultimately reach the absolute truth. That is a hope and not certainty.

There may be many levels of consistency in what we observe. Once we have achieved a certain level of consistency, we may know intuitively that there must also be consistency at a deeper level of abstraction. We may now become aware of new inconsistencies at deeper levels. And so we look for deeper truth to attain deeper harmony within ourselves.

Thus, truth is not just one-dimensional affair. Truth is probably two-dimensional, or even multi-dimensional. This may point to the universe having a multi-dimensional logical structure as we see in the subjects of mathematics and philosophy.

The whole logical structure of the universe may be looked upon as one single truth. That truth may be absolute, or maybe not, but it can definitely provide a context in which the relativity and interconnection of all other truth could be seen.

Knowing this overall logical structure of the universe may lead us to the absolute truth.

The absolute truth may be a moving target, but the strategy outlined here, at least, gives us a workable approach toward it.

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