The Human-Centric Fixation

Reference:  Motion and Space-Time

The scientific method searches for truth in the Universe by coming up with a hypothesis from empirical observations, testing the hypothesis by making predictions, and then verifying the predictions. This works to the degree one is objective.

It is much easier to be objective when studying physical objects. This is not so when studying mental objects because the mental processes one uses to study are very similar. This difficulty may be overcome by the practice of mindfulness (seeing things as they are). Mindfulness requires the following criterion.

POSTULATE: Truth is determined by consistency of definitions and data in the broadest context possible.


The scientific observations are reality-centric because rigorous consistency with physical reality is maintained through the use of experiments and mathematical models. Any assumption that cannot be verified by actual experiment is discarded.  Any inconsistency associated with a hypothesis must be resolved before it is accepted as a theory.

When it comes to maintaining rigorous consistency with mental reality, thought experiments become very necessary. But such thought experiments must be conducted for consistency in the broadest context possible.

Reality-centric observations are accepted only after rigorous verification.


It is the human-centric observations that made us believe that (1) Earth is the center of the universe; (2) the Sun revolves around the earth; and (3) the Earth is flat. These conclusions were proven wrong when science established greater consistency in celestial observations through the use of experiments and mathematics.

The human-centric observations are limited to human context. Assumptions are made to compensate for that limitation. When such assumptions are elevated to the level of beliefs it becomes very difficult to correct them. Even when the human-centric observations were shown to be inconsistent with celestial observations, science had to fight long and hard to get its conclusions accepted.

Human-centric observations suffer from belief in unverified assumptions.


Many believe that this Universe was created. When one conducts thought experiments in a broader context, one finds that the Universe could have transitioned from non-awareness into awareness. The Universe did not have to be created. The belief that this Universe is created has never been verified objectively. In fact, the ancient Vedas do not believe that this Universe was created. This raises doubt about this religious belief in creation.

It is a human-centric belief that this universe was created.


Furthermore, the religious belief goes on to say that this Universe was created by an eternal Being who has awareness and intelligence more sophisticated than those of humans. Scientific studies show that human awareness is only a recent development that has evolved from earlier forms of awareness. Ancient Vedas speak only in terms of elemental awareness at the beginning of the universe. It is highly unlikely that a highly sophisticated Being existed at the beginning of the universe.

It is a human-centric belief that this Universe started from highly developed awareness.


It is a religious belief that spirit and matter are separate, and that awareness can exist all by itself. Thought experiments show that awareness arises only when there is relative motion. Relative motion is a material characteristic. We find that awareness and relative motion cannot be separated from each other.  Separation between spirit and matter cannot be verified objectively. In fact, ancient Vedas speak of Brahma and existence to be one.

It is a human-centric belief that “spirit and matter” are separate.


It is commonly thought that an observer must be separate from what is being observed; that an observer cannot observe itself. But we find that the reality-centric observation is essentially reality observing itself. The observer is part of the reality. The observer does not have to be identified with a self. When one observes in as broad a context as possible then it becomes possible to recognize reality for what it is. From this viewpoint the observer is not separate from what is observed.

It is a human-centric belief that observer must be separate from the observed.


It is commonly assumed that “observer” is a being with humanlike awareness. This being is unique, permanent and separate from reality. However, thought experiments show awareness is also relative motion that forms the basis of all reality. Further studies show that human awareness has evolved from earlier awareness. There is no unique, permanent being that is separate from reality. “Beingness” is changing all the time like the rest of reality.

It is a human-centric belief that observer is unique, permanent and not part of reality.


The observer is not some fixed point from which reality is being observed. Observer is part of reality as is that, which is being observed. It is reality observing itself. It is the fixation on self that makes one believe that one is unique and separate from reality.

The human-centric belief is characterized by fixation on self.


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  • vinaire  On October 4, 2014 at 9:50 AM

    It seems that humans first operated together as one on the basis of instincts alone. As human awareness developed migration took place to all parts of earth. Interaction with different geographies and climates produced different races over time. Different cultures came about with further development. Cultures then divided further into political and smaller groups as human awareness evolved in all different directions.

    The Third Dynamic represents the evolution of human awareness into races, cultures and groups.

  • vinaire  On October 4, 2014 at 11:04 AM

    Families have been a product of cultural evolution. It provided an environment in which children could be raised to become productive members of the society. The sex act has always been there to produce future members of the community. The family now provided a better organization of the natural human instinct to reproduce, protect and rear children.

    The Second Dynamic represents a better organization of the rearing of future generations.

  • vinaire  On October 4, 2014 at 1:12 PM

    As human awareness has evolved, so has the ability to resolve problems. With this ability has arisen the sense of knowledge and self. The earliest focus was on areas of basic sustenance, such as, food, shelter and security. Gradually communities evolved around the need to barter. Knowledge then evolved along the line of business and travel. Stars in heavens served as guides to travelers. Major setbacks due to disease and death lead to preoccupation with religion. Religion became a repository of knowledge and a vehicle to address problems of the society. Solutions were increasingly arrived at by individuals and self was increasingly perceived as the source of action.

    The First Dynamic represents the increasing ability to resolve problems on individual basis.

  • vinaire  On October 4, 2014 at 4:29 PM

    As the individual problem-solving abilities have grown, so have the knowledge and awareness of the Universe. Science has focused on improving physical aspects of life because it is much easier to look at physical problems objectively. There has been some difficulty in looking at spiritual problem objectively. However, this difficulty starts to resolve when we look at spirit and matter as one. It is matter that imparts objectivity to spirit. Spirit is not some abstraction that stands alone.

    Problems resolve more completely as spirit is seen to be the essence of matter.

  • vinaire  On October 4, 2014 at 5:27 PM

    We start to understand the Eighth Dynamic more completely as we understand that all the seven dynamics below it are a unified whole of awareness in various forms. But how the Universe of awareness came to be still seems unresolved. This leads to the most basic dichotomy of “awareness – non-awareness.” As long as awareness is there, non-awareness must also be there. It is impossible to have absolute awareness. The Universe comes about by transitioning from non-awareness into awareness and disappears when it transitions the other way. The Eighth Dynamic shall therefore include both awareness and non-awareness.

    The Eighth Dynamic consists of the cycling of Universe between awareness and non-awareness.

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