Motion and Space-Time

Reference: Awareness and Motion

In its most fundamental form motion is perceived in physics as a varying field that has wavelike characteristics, such as, wavelength, period and frequency. We may postulate awareness as motion to vary with different wavelengths, periods and frequencies as is the case with light.

POSTULATE: Fundamentally awareness as motion has wavelike characteristics and appearance like that of light.


The wavelength provides a sense of extent. This extent is defined objectively by the dimension of space. Space is not empty at fundamental level. It is filled with awareness as motion.

Space is a measure of the extent of awareness as motion. Space is not empty.


The period provides a sense of duration. This duration is defined objectively by the dimension of time. Time is not arbitrary at the fundamental level. It is marked by awareness as motion.

Time is a measure of the duration of awareness as motion. Time is not arbitrary.


Space and time describe the motion present. The basic motion may be described as a harmonic of light (electromagnetic wave). If there is no motion there is no space and time.

Space-time describes the motion actually present. There is no space-time in absence of motion.


As frequency increases wavelength shortens and recurs at a higher rate. Space and time describing this motion appear as increasingly solid. Layers of this increasing condensation may be observed in an atom. The inner nucleus is much more condensed than the outer electron shell.

With increasing frequency, motion condenses and space-time appears more solid.


The science of wave mechanics explains how certain shells of atoms are formed and how the properties of elements are established per the Periodic Table. Different properties are the expression of different awareness of atoms.

The wave nature of motion establishes the property and awareness of different atoms.


The science of chemistry explains how electrons are shared among elements to form molecules and a variety of matter.  Here we are looking at more complex motion expressing increasingly sophisticated properties and awareness.

Molecules represent more complex motion expressing increasingly sophisticated awareness.


As molecules become larger, the electrons play additional role of forming circuits in outer shells that enable the macromolecules to store and pass information. Macromolecules then combine to form still larger combinations, such as, DNAs in cells that are capable of performing functions we identify with life.

Macromolecules provide still more sophisticated awareness that starts to approximate life.


Further combination of cells produces organisms. The evolution of organisms then peaks at humankind. It is the sophisticated motion at every stage in the structure of an organism that represents its awareness. The sophisticated awareness in humans has the capability of turning inward to observe itself.

This subjective awareness in humans cannot exist without the complex human structure.


Neither this human structure nor its sophisticated awareness existed at the beginning of the Universe. It is the human-centric bias, which projects such humanlike awareness to exist before the Universe.

It is human-centric bias that projects humanlike awareness to exist before the universe.


It was the human-centric viewpoint that maintained, “Earth is at the center of this universe, and the sun revolves around the earth.” The human-centric viewpoint seems to maintain, “Universe is created by a humanlike being called God.”

From a reality-centric viewpoint all reality is awareness. This has been so even before animated life and humans emerged in this universe. Everything in this universe is imbued with awareness.

Awareness is not limited to humans and animated life. Awareness forms the very fabric of this universe. 


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